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  1. I envy you. Bruce, more than any other artist I listen to, has created music that speaks so deeply to the human condition of ageing that new nuances and beauty will reveal themselves as you progress through life. For context, I'm 49 years old. TOL came out when I was 17. I loved it at the time, but only truly felt it and understood it in my mid 20's when marriage beckoned. The Lucky Town album became a whole different beast once I had children of my own. WOAD is an album I keep coming back to right now... 23 plus years of marriage and these songs keep revealing new layers of meaning and insight. This music will continue to grow and sustain you as you move through life. I truly envy the discoveries you will find still hidden within works you may think you already know. Western Stars, even at the age of 49, resonates with me. But I feel this is truly a jewel box that will only reveal it's full emotional treasure as I listen to it (God willing) over the next twenty years. So don't sweat on your current response to WS....youth is your advantage. The day will come, even if it's 20 or 30 years down the road, when this music too will speak to who you have become.
  2. In that case, he's recycling his old material from here
  3. Jesus Was An Only Son is a freakin' bloody tremendous song.
  4. The material produced from the BITUSA sessions is overall stronger, more varied and interesting than The River sessions and would've made a better double album
  5. In 2014, it was 40 degrees Celsius on Night 1 and 43 degrees Celsius on Night 2 and the dude came out on stage in a thick jacket and scarf both nights. Maybe filming Lillyhammer made him permanently immune to heat
  6. I've been rewatching Californication and just finished Season 6. This has had me mesmerized since watching the last episode...
  7. I've kind of lost track here, what's left of the officially released DVD's that hasn't been uploaded to Bruce's VEVO yet? Hammersmith I know for sure. Has Hyde Park 2009 been uploaded yet? The bonus songs tacked onto the Springsteen And I DVD would be welcome. And I don't think the Carousel tracks added to the stand alone The Promise doco DVD are on his VEVO...?
  8. Rumours on the dark side are that it will be a box set of lost albums, or material recorded for albums which were never finished or released, as opposed to the original Tracks approach of collecting outtakes from the released albums. On the plus side, potentially a lot of material that has never been bootlegged or heard by us previously. On the negative, less chance of a 'mopping up exercise' through the years originally covered by Tracks
  9. I think the reason this isn't played live is that this is only one of very few songs where an obvious pre-recorded sample has been used to back the live performance, and certainly the one where such a sample is so integral to the song's presentation. It would've been intensely rehearsed so that the musicians were all in synch nightly with the backing for The Rising tour. If Bruce crafted a future tour setlist that featured this as a staple then obviously it could be done again, but it's certainly not something that could be done with guaranteed success on the fly as a sign request or on stage audible.
  10. Joe Dolce? Classic. I never realised that thing actually registered anywhere beyond Australian shores, much less charted that high in other countries
  11. I'm still wondering if the 23rd of this month may bring us a surprise.... At the very least, a celebratory sale of some sort on the Bruce Nuggs shows .... 70% off for the 70th!
  12. Happy birthday for Monday then, fellow dweller in the lower hemisphere
  13. I've specifically called out Badlands and Spirit previously when discussion of what you would like to see on future tours surfaces in these parts. Both extensions on those two were kind of refreshing and fun when first introduced, but have well and truly outlasted their welcome IMO. The other one for me are the 'short' rockers (well, previously short in their original incarnations). If songs like Out In The Street and Darlington are to be played, play them in their short sharp and shiny 80's format rather than having the band vamp for three minutes on the same riff over and over in an outro. Glory Days is another one where they tend to repeat the same riff over and over in an outro and would sound a bit fresher shortened.
  14. I hope they are the original burps and farts, not newly burped and farted overdubs