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  1. I have also always thought the BITUSA sessions have greater lyrical and emotional depth, as well as musical variety, than The River sessions and would've produced a stronger double album.
  2. Neil Young and Crazy Horse team up for a joint tour with Bruce and the E Street Band, with Nils playing in both bands. Problem solved....
  3. There's a solid side for a further album just there in that list. Janey for me, and I'd vote for it twice if I could. Not only my favourite Bruce B Side, probably my favourite non 'official album' Bruce song and on a good day possibly cracks my personal Bruce Top Ten. Oh, and Janey was actually a hit somewhere that I can't recall off the top of my head. @Lampiprobably has that info on hand...
  4. Well, I guess I can't 100% guarantee it because memory can play tricks but I'm 99.99% percent sure that the show was never officially released. The 2014 tour was a big deal for us in Oz but also a bigger deal for the wider Bruce community with full show downloads becoming available for the first time ever. As such, the fact the second night in Melbourne never appeared for official download created a lot of fuss and discussion at the time which I can recall. Further, because of the novelty of the downloads and the setlist variety for the 2014 tour, I was keen to either purchase or (at risk of perjury from the live recording officials) trade for all shows on the tour. I have the officially released audio for every 2014 Oz show except the Melbourne one. On that basis alone, I'm as confident as the vagaries of memory permit to state this show was never officially released at the time.
  5. We know very little about what may or may not be in the archives from the reported country sessions in 1987 onwards in terms of actual songs. Unlike the period up to BITUSA where outtakes and alternate versions are widely in circulation on bootlegs, any archive material from 1987 on that he may release would effectively be new music to us anyway. I'm not one of these 'give me classic era E Street or give me death' type folks, I'm very interested in hearing what else he has written and recorded in the last 30 years or so
  6. Adelaide and our state of South Australia is currently free of any active COVID cases... we have an empty Entertainment Centre sitting here ready and waiting...
  7. To be fair, I haven't actually bought or heard the Nugs version of the Winterland radio show yet. It was always my favourite radio broadcast, but when it was released it was a combination of both the fact the Nugs one was part two track and part multi combined with the fact it was released alongside something I'd never heard in Night 2 that I used my then precious pennies on Night 2 only. I'll get the radio show one next sale Nugs has. For me, the Passiac radio show Nugs version is better to my ears than the bootleg of that I had. And I concede the mix of Stockholm 88 loses in some respects to the radio mix (the River outro audience sing along is completely lost, that was spine chilling on the radio mix) but overall I prefer the Nugs one there also. But then again I played the bootlegs, well, not exactly rarely but also not to the extent where every sound and nuance is so imprinted on my brain that an alternate mix just sounds alien.
  8. I concede that when it comes to the radio broadcasts the difference in quality becomes less noticeable. I personally prefer the Nugs versions, but I think with some of the radio broadcast boots which some folks may have listened to over and over and become intimately familiar with the nuances of the radio mix I can understand preferring what you have come to love over the newer version.
  9. I guess 29/6/2000 must be a contender for release through the Archive series at some stage anyway...
  10. That version of This Hard Land is one of my favourites. When they did the big digital drop of EPs / B Sides a while ago I wish they had included that limited edition CD also.
  11. I'm a father of two girls who are both Harry Potter fans. This is yet another example of Bruce writing something that makes me just sit back and say " how the hell can this dude just bring a piece of my internal world to life like this". I love the song, but can understand why others might not.
  12. Ha ha, you be careful over there. That place is like the alternate reality Hill Valley of Bruce fandom...
  13. Well, given Nothing Man has already been voted out we clearly are in a state of anarchy here right now in regards to this voting
  14. The Backstreets 'Sad Eyes' interlude in 78 of course included a few lines from Drive All Night. I'm not a Lost Masters scholar, but from what I recall Drive All Night was first recorded during the Darkness sessions. So this effectively inverts the idea in the OP... Bruce is using something in a live version from a song already written.
  15. Or, going back to lilbud's original speculative point, perhaps they have actually tried it again and have indeed irretrievably corrupted a show file(s) while doing so. Really, all these speculative reasons are possible but we just don't know. Would it hurt Nugs or Bruce's organisation to actually give us an update on the 2002 / 2003 issue, even if it's effectively a concession of defeat?