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  1. This is Bruce Springsteen's 70th birthday party, he celebrated with his closest musical compatriots but invited us all along as well. The three old songs are the old photos / videos being displayed. Tremendous stuff. Burnin' Train may be the hardest rocking studio capture of E Street there is. The last 10 seconds of I'll See You In My Dreams where everything drops away and it's just Bruce has slayed me three times in a row now. Roy's notorious flies have made it down under.
  2. I hear the song as a letter to the fandom as well, I'd also taken the leap to thinking the inclusion of the three old songs now made sense in this context. But I hadn't quite made the direct connection between Greetings and this. The first, a postcard welcoming whoever wants to come and immerse themselves in Bruce's world. And now, a Letter from Bruce to those who have for so long done so. Tremendous
  3. It must've been interesting for long time fans. Yes, the warhorses were either gone or rearranged, yet suddenly you had obscure tracks like Be True and Roulette as setlist mainstays. Not to mention, straight out of the studio outtake bootleg territory, the rockabilly version of You Can Look. Then in the second set, a nod back to the Darkness tour with the extended She's The One and then unreleased material such as Part Man, Light Of Day, and the oldie re-write I'm A Coward. Certainly, Bruce as artist more than Bruce as commodity and pretty gutsy for someone who could've easily fallen into the easy cash in at this point
  4. Yes, I hear The Stones more than The Clash on COY. I do wonder, though, if the London Calling and Clash influence played into the decision on the You Can Look arrangement that made the final album. I also hear some Clash influence in the outtakes, especially the ones that only surfaced on The River box. Not even necessarily musically, but lyrically in stuff like Meet Me In The City, Night Fire and Whitetown
  5. From the positive commentary around this board about it, I'm not sure this is the case. But if it is, the Archive series is surely addressing that. Some of the best releases so far are those TOL tour shows. That Stockholm 88 show encore is my favourite encore segment of any show. Just when you think it's peaked and done, Bruce and the band double down and raise it another level. It's incredible
  6. I'm hoping in due course we get a 93 show via the Archive Series featuring this gem
  7. I blame Spotify for my weight gain as I no longer need to get up or indeed move at all to change my music. The beer and snacks I consume while no longer moving has nothing to do with it...
  8. There's a thread trending on this very site that may qualify
  9. Whenever the subject of covers comes up, I repeat this same opinion... But I'll do so again. Stayin' Alive is impressive in that Bruce clearly thought out a rearrangement of the song the suited him and the band he had on tour at the time. Bashing out a straight cover of a 50's/60's oldie, or even a straight cover of something newer like Don't Change or Highway To Hell like he did also in 2014, should be bread and butter stuff for a band like E Street. But to thoughtfully rearrange a song like they did with Stayin' Alive harks back to stuff like I Want You, It's My Life and Trapped as re- inventions of a song as opposed to just recreation
  10. Given the days are getting longer here and this week the first signs of spring are in the air as we break 20 degrees Celsius for the first time in months, are you saying the new album will only be released in the northern hemisphere?
  11. As for the discussion at hand, I'm a live BTR fan. My favorite version of the title song is the live cut used on the box set ( and subsequently in the video clip). There's no doubt some studio enhancements involved with getting that particular take to sound so grand, but I still prefer that to the all studio original
  12. I'm guessing the famous Main Point 75 bootleg where some of the BTR material was played in various stages of development. Aside from Jungleland with a guitar part instead of the sax, there is a Shes The One with lyrics from Backstreets and, most famously, the Wings For Wheels early incarnation of TR
  13. The movie is in Netflix here now, so I put that on last night because I was too lazy to take out a DVD and put it in the X Box player. In my own defence, Netflix is higher definition than the DVD and the thing looked magnificent on the big screen. I've posted about this before, maybe even in this thread, but I will post it again and again and again. But the Moonlight Motel portion of this movie is the greatest song film clip Bruce has ever made. Just watch it... the way Patti is framed in a ghostly light at points in the clip to emphasize the departed love of the narrator. The album version is by far the better audio only experience of this song, but this film clip... far out, it's moving beyond words. It should be up on the You Tube channel as a stand alone video
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