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  1. I've commented elsewhere that I think the live Moonlight Motel really needs to be watched, it is a tremendous audiovisual piece and Patti being included is as much about the visuals as the sound. She comes into frame to sing her parts like a memory popping into the narrator's mind. And the shot late in the song when Bruce is singing about returning to the MM is masterful... Bruce clear and in focus in the foreground, Patti blurry and bathed in a ghostly blue light behind him. She looks like a Force ghost from the Star Wars movies. Brilliantly may be my favourite Bruce video ever, it should be made available as a stand alone on his YT channel
  2. Ah, now this is some good stuff. More layers. The brilliance and cleverness of something that on the surface seems quite straight forward is something else
  3. I'm just watching the WS movie tonight. I think this has been discussed in other threads, but the cleverness of this lyric play is blowing my mind all over again. Which do you think it is? I woke up this morning, with stones in my mouth You say that's only the lies you've told me.. Meaning it's you lying to me that's making you uncomfortable, stop doing it and we can try to move forward Or... I woke up this morning, with stones in my mouth You say that's only the lies you've told me... Meaning you're only feeling uncomfortable about the lies you have actually told me, what else are you hiding from me... Probably doesn't matter... it may well be both. But this is brilliant stuff... exactly the same words could mean the complete opposite, he could sing it with a different inflection each night on a tour and change the song just like that. Fuckin Genius
  4. I have a theory on this whole nothing-before-1975 thing. Completely speculative, based on only tidbits of info I recall reading over the years that I can't source. But my understanding is that around the Reunion tour time or so the E Street Band became some sort of legal entity in its own right, comprised of the band members at the time. I recall it being largely so that Bruce couldn't tour with any random bunch of musicians and brand it as 'Bruce S and the E Street Band'. I wonder if at the time some agreement was put in place around paying said E Street Band entity for any recordings attributed to Bruce and the E Street Band. In effect, any live albums released ( which have all been labelled as BS&ESB when featuring the band so far). As have all the Nugs releases that feature the E Street Band. Everything else released via Nugs (be it solo, Seeger or Other Band) is only credited to Bruce Springsteen. So I wonder if there is an issue around the earlier recordings and how they should be credited. If credited as BS and the E Street Band, people like Nils, Patti, Roy and Max are legally entitled to money on recordings they were never involved in. Equally, labelling them just as Bruce Springsteen is depriving the estates of Danny and Clarence of money they are legally entitled to under any agreements. No idea if this is or may be the case, open to everyone to debunk either logically or on basis of any other knowledge
  5. Gold. But what would you know Paolo dude, have you ever written anything as good as Real Man, or at the very least Piano Man?
  6. My father in law is from Sunderland, I believe he suffers as you do. Well, having me as a son in law is probably his main sufferance but that Sunderland thing doesn't help
  7. Were you also chased by Bookkeeper Dan? Welcome to the Lake
  8. That was the first book on Bruce I ever read after becoming a fan back in the mid 80's. Great book. I found one of the libraries here that had a copy and borrowed it for a re-read about 9 months or so ago. Still entertaining, although now a bit outdated with some of the information proving not quite right based on not just subsequent official archive material like Tracks but bootlegs like the Lost Masters. Still, authoritative and exhaustive for its time and certainly an inspiration in me trying to listen to as much Bruce music as possible
  9. Just watching AC/DC Live At River Plate. Has anyone else seen this? This crowd is f#@kin insane. Whatever the polar opposte of social distancing is, this might be it...these guys are nuts... I'm a low dose AC/DC fan, love listening to a few tunes but get bored after a while. Live At Donnington is my normal go to for a hit of these guys, but this crowd is something else... I saw them at Adelaide Oval on the Black Ice tour, same tour the River Plate show comes from, and our crowd were comatose compared to these maniacs...
  10. At least he still has that Jessie's Girl tune...
  11. Can the E Street Radio listeners let us know please? Although I assume anything even remotely noteworthy will go... errr, will spread quickly via social media
  12. .... my reaction would be 'f#$k, now I need to get Instagram'
  13. Neil Young bobbing up and down, spraying his grunge defining guitar sound left right and centre on All Along The Watchtower while I down a few vodkas. Exactly what I needed tonight. Just a break from that other stuff. The other stuff will be back tomorrow I know. But tonight, the wife and kids are streaming Disney in the other room and I'm watching musicians perform a tribute to one of, if not the, giant of what we hold dear. Just for a few hours, my mind feels at peace.
  14. Like I said, I've had the audio for years. I bought the Blu Ray a while ago and never watched it, thinking visuals wouldn't add much in a one- song- per artist type tribute show. Well, turns out watching and listening to a live performance is better than just listening to the same performance ... who'd a thunk it. Piss poor effort, especially from a Bruce fan. At least I've got there now... Up to Ron Wood's Seven Days now... this was just ok in audio, a bit more entertaining with video also. Mind you, for us Aussies (especially us pub rock Aussies), the definitive Seven Days now belongs to Jimmy Barnes
  15. I've had the original CD for years, but only recently bought the Blu Ray of the Bob Dylan 30th Anniversary tribute show from MSG. Just up to Lou Reed's Foot Of Pride... man, at least Bruce has his teleprompter in front of him. Poor Lou has to look down and right for the whole performance. Looking forward to finally visually seeing the Johnny Winter, Neil Young and Tom Petty / Roger McGuinn performances I've thrashed in audio only over the years