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  1. The sound quality of disc 1 compared to any official iteration of Nebraska always amazed me, especially since I've only ever heard the LM disc in MP3 format. Was the fabled tape that Bruce carried around in his pocket from which they eventually mastered the album a second generation recording? That would be pretty amusing...
  2. No white songs that the wife can see... fair enough. Occasionally waving a white flag that the wife can see, on the other hand....
  3. Warning for the pedantic... this playlist features Incident from Rome 2013 with a very sudden fade where a transition into another song should naturally be...
  4. To a point @Paolo's Circus Storyhas made in (I think) his latest blog, the sound quality of those 2014 releases is a bugger. It really stands out on these playlists when they include stuff from those releases amongst the Archive ones and / or the 2016-2017 shows.
  5. Got home from work on this fine Friday arvo, cracked a brewski and logged onto Spotify for some post work week tunes and I have a 'new music for you' notification for a new Bruce playlist... Songs From Around The World. Another assorted collection from the Archive / Nugs releases. Appearing on whichever streaming service you use soon I guess...
  6. Agreed, there may well be gaps with no footage at all so they decided to drop those particular songs. A few seconds here or there probably could've been covered, but if, for arguments sake, 30 seconds of a song had absolutely no footage available that would probably have been deemed as too much by Thom Zimny and hence consigned the whole song to the scrap pile. With regard to the two up tempo songs, missing footage or single camera footage could still account for those. Imagine, for example, if the only footage available of a dynamic song like Candy's Room was just the close up on Bruce that features on The River. It would visually jar in my opinion. Or, if the only footage is the front-on longer distance camera shot from the start of Drive All Night but the song involves Bruce moving around the stage... Bruce disappearing off screen to take a guitar solo but the only footage is the microphone stand centre stage would just look ridiculous. This is all my own speculation BTW, mainly bought on by me finding it hard to believe that they would simply switch off all cameras and not record 10 selected songs. It seems more plausible that the missing songs involved gaps in footage, extended segments with limited camera footage options or extended portions of poorly lit footage that Thom and Bruce deemed too visually inferior to use.
  7. I think the official line was that these songs weren't filmed (or they didn't have footage). My gut feel is it is more complex than that. The finished product as presented has some clues IMO. The first minute or so of Drive All Night is a single view from a single camera. It stands out for the lack of edits to other cameras / angles which are prevalent throughout the movie (and indeed later in that same song). My suspicion is that for that portion of that song, this was the only footage available. So this may have been the issue with some or all of the missing songs... footage from just one camera as opposed to multiple angles, creating a less dynamic view that was an obvious contrast to the multi angled footage elsewhere. The other element is the lighting factor. There are passages in some of the quiet songs in the final product where all you see are indistinct red blobs on the stage. Given many of the missing songs are quiet ones, perhaps a combination of single shot footage only being available and that footage being effectively long passages of indistinct red blobs in the dark led to a decision not to use it in the final film.
  8. Are you saving your pennies for Cold Chisel's one and only NZ show next year? Where is that place (Tauranga) in NZ anyway?
  9. A week and a bit till I see my third U2 show and finally get to experience this full Joshua Tree concert. Never seen Bad live, I see they included that at the Auckland debut show tonight. Please please please keep it until Adelaide
  10. I'm taking the complete absence of any further Rising show releases so far as all the update we (unfortunately) need
  11. And for mine somehow masquerading as being 'official' Bruce content. Pretty sure despite appearances this is not official Bruce channel content
  12. First Friday December I'm predicting something from 2009 (unless they've managed to extract another 2002/2003 show from the obsoleted audio box). Christmas week bonus show, East Berlin 1988.. what with the 30th Anniversary of the fall and, you know, the whole peace to all folks vibe of the season
  13. Yes, as of this morning it is showing on the Hoyts site here too but no details of which cinemas (I.e. whether all Hoyts cinemas or just select), much less any session times. The Blu Ray might arrive before the movie screens....