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  1. That whole Royal Albert Hall DVD is tremendous. Bling and Dustland Fairytale, the piano based Sam's Town... great stuff
  2. To speed things up, they should both be ditched at the end of this round even if not on equal votes. Whichever is left is next anyway. BTW, Real Man is worst. The worst, I say.
  3. I think some of the footage was from the New Orleans Seeger show which then soon after was put up on You Tube. Otherwise, nothing as far as I know
  4. Exactly spot on. If we were doing a top 5 song performances from all the archive releases, that Price You Pay would be in mine. One of the absolute treasures from this series
  5. Yes!!! It's arrived!!! Oh, sorry, wrong thread... meant to post in the Hyde Park thread that She's The One has arrived...
  6. At the moment... 1. Stockholm 88 2. LA 85 3. 29th or 31st Dec 1980 ( can't split them... literally, whichever of the two I'm listening to is my preferred one) 4. LA 99 5. Leeds 2013
  7. Per Born To Walk's post further up, it's previously every second day and not weekends for other shows uploaded so it could be a bit later than that
  8. That one has been done (except, for some reason, Man's Job)
  9. More importantly, what's next? By my reckoning, this is the last officially released DVD / Blu Ray they have for uploading. Will that be it, or will we start seeing some unreleased treasures like the New Orleans Seeger videos they put up
  10. Given that Nugs have previously indicated that the WIESS show from MSG in 2009 is not available, remixing this show to the standard of other Archive shows would be a very welcome substitute. I'm working on the assumption that we will also get better quality full album Darkness and BTR shows (probably from the 2009 tour) in due course as part of the Archive releases so be good to have the full set in a quality that is at least on par with the 2009 Greetings, River and BITUSA shows
  11. One soft infested summer me and Chewie became friends...
  12. You Tube treatment, that is. London Calling now up on the official VEVO
  13. When people ask what music I like, I tell them 'both kinds... Bruce and Springsteen'.
  14. Not with me it's not. That organ backing on those versions makes this a great third variant on the straight acoustic guitar or piano based non-band versions