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  1. That is awesome. I had no idea it was a cover (of sorts) and I was struggling to figure out how it could be "both bitter and jaunty" but now I know !
  2. The most depressing song ever not written by Leonard Cohen.
  3. Haven't heard every bootlegged version of the song as some of you clearly have but love the Winterland version - when Bruce sings "... and you lied !" you can hear the hurt and anger in his voice as if he's channeling some real life incident ... which he might well have been. Blew me away first time I heard it and it continues to do so. It's a great version. There may be better but hey it's all subjective right ?
  4. Have to say (and obviously I'm biased) Glasgow was superb ! Johnny was on fine form, both on and off stage, the band were terrific as always and it really was a great night. Thanks to anyone on here who was there because the atmosphere was electric and Glasgow showed just how happy it was to get The Jukes back after nearly 7 years !
  5. I've had it as a bootleg for years - excellent stuff. There's another one with Johnny and Bobby which has a superb version of Time Is Running Wild on it. Both worth a few of your hard-earned bucks.
  6. All you Geordies looking for your SSJ fix, pop up to Glasgow. You'll be very welcome.
  7. Just a wee heads up that there are now only 40 tickets left for the Jukes long-awaited return to Glasgow on March 19th. Tickets Scotland is your best bet at this point. This is going to be a cracking night in a brillant venue (converted Church - a bit like Paradiso in Amsterdam) with an atmosphere only a Glasgow crowd can generate. Get your tickets now before it's too late.
  8. It's always a great night with The Jukes in Glasgow and, given they haven't played in Scotland for 6 or 7 years, this promises to be a cracker. St Luke's is a cracking venue as well - wee bit luke The Paradiso in that it's a converted church.
  9. St Luke's. Tickets onsale shortly.
  10. Most of you will by now have noticed that The Jukes are coming back across the pond in March. Confirmed dates are: Cardiff March 17 Glasgow March 19 London March 22 Holmfirth March 23 Official onsale will be Friday (for Glasgow anyway)
  11. Coming to Glasgow on 19th March Eileen?
  12. I know I'm kinda late to the party with this one but could you not have put him in a Mets jersey ... like the signed, game-worn one I have on my wall ?
  13. this one from bergen 2009 ... there are a few more recent versions but the intro on this one is just brilliant and love his vocal as well.
  14. i'm offended by that ! I am offended that you are offended,you shall be hearing from my solicitors messrs Jock,Jock and Jock i'm offended that you're ...... ach soddit - bruce is touring !