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  1. I was kinda "Bruced out" after the last tour tbh. The Broadway thing was unjustifiable price wise and I went to 3 Joad gigs in London back in the day so already knew I prefer full band shows. Not to say I don't like acoustic stuff but a year on Broadway just seemed a bit indulgent on his part. Anyhoo, I like the guy for his music and the rest is kinda peripheral to me. He does a commercial? Big deal. Doesn't make me think Backstreets, Thunder Road and Racing In The Street are any less works of genius. He's human. If doing a commercial is some sort of fall from grace then maybe people are
  2. The cops would be constantly busy arresting 90% of the entertainment industry if that was the case, surely?
  3. Ihave booked 3 rooms in the lea park hotel for the biggest bruce fans in uk to see the band can younmake sure we get the biggest

    we will be at the lea park 6 of us big bruce fans Terri wants a request none but the brave and helen wnts atlantic city go for it big boy

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