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  1. Does anyone have anymore info on the fans tribute ??

    This looks very like the T-Shirts we got made up that Nils tweeted on, it would be quite a thing if we influenced a bit of the show like that

    Just for people who might not know about this, these are the words Bruce said (love it by the way, you must be delighted!).

    He thanked the:

    Ticket seekin,

    hotel bookin,

    money jugglin,

    plane takin,

    train ridin,

    queue formin,

    tramp meetin,

    feet throbbin,

    back breakin,

    burger eatin,

    rain endurin,

    music lovin,

    Boss followin


    E Street Fans.


    That's our T-Shirt alright :)
    Mrs Crusty's twitter has gone into overdrive about this :D

    That is fabulous, I'm so pleased for you.

    I saw Mrs Crusty wearing the T-shirt at Wembley and thought then how brilliant it was. Didn't realise it was your own invention :D

    Now that Bruce has used Pauline's E street fans verse will the royalties cover next E street band tour :D

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