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  1. Strange that........not because it isn't a brilliant album - it is, I bought it the day it came out and I’ve loved it ever since! After that they made one half decent album (FTATR) and after that? They pretty much made the same album ever since….to be fair, I can’t think of more than about four good songs since 1982. And there’s the thing…..their live set since 1981 has been Bon Scott era songs, Black In Black songs “FTATR” and maybe a couple off the latest album. AC/DC have made a 37 year career from one LP and a bunch of great songs from when they really were a great band. If AC/DC had played a live set from Back In Black and subsequent albums from 1981 onwards they’d still be playing the small halls UFO / Michael Schenker / Saxon & their other contemporaries are playing now. AC/DC are now Angus & a bunch of guys – almost a tribute band. They pretty much (apart from Black In Black and FTATR) died when Bon did. Strange, finally, because Back In Black isn't even the best AC/DC album..........it just about makes the top 5. RIP Bon Having said that............BITUSA is one of the top selling LPs and it isn't even in Bruce's top 5!!
  2. Mkhitarian hasn't been all that great for Arsenal...............I'm very surprised that Sanchez has been so poor though.
  3. Well, it usually does Liverpool good!! I''d like a new manager now...........fed up of watching crap, even if it's(slightly!)better crap than the Moyes/LVG years. I can live with Utd not winning stuff, I lived with it for nearly 20 years before 1990, but Mourinho is an embarrassment now and it's time he realised that he is the problem.....
  4. I'd like to see Eddie Howe replace Mourinho............I like the guy and he has done wonders. Keeping Mourinho will mean losing De Gea, Pogba, Martial, Rashford, Sanchez and more........and there is no way of rebuilding with the current owners who just take, take, take......
  5. And grew up in Wakefield.............I take it you were there last night?
  6. So it is acceptable then. Thank you for clearing that up. Idiot.
  7. Oh dear, really? Just how far does your bigotry go? Citeh may have some great players, which do, and play some lovely football but they are also a bunch of dirty buggers..........especially when they're losing it seems.
  8. You were saying?? Chris Smalling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Yep, I overstepped referencing Hillsborough. My apologies for any offence. However you failed to condemn the scum attacking the coach........or is it acceptable?
  10. Oh dear, Liverpool fans revert to Heysel tactics..........and how many are ticket-less and pissed???? Shades of Hills......h too mebbe? Face it, they are a stain on English football. BUT...........it's never their fault!!
  11. Ray Wilkins. RIP 194 games & 10 goals. Fabulous player. Who could ever forget "that" cup final goal??!
  12. Then, perhaps, you go to too many shows? Spend your £100 on supporting smaller bands playing small local venues. Bruce doesn't need your money or your boredom
  13. Rick Springfield - Human Touch For You - Liam Payne and Rita Ora Open All Night - Mark Almond Reason To Believe - Tim Hardin
  14. Or indeed Arsenal or Huddersfield
  15. And, tbh, if they hadn't had those stupid rules in the 90s I think Utd could have won it in 1994 or 1995......