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  1. Beautiful. The last time I saw Danny play with the band was October 30, 2007, in Los Angeles. The last time I saw Clarence play was April 16, 2009, in Los Angeles.
  2. As I always do on 9/11, I started my day listening to The Rising album. When I do that (not just once a year), I always think it might be my favorite of his albums, but then, I end up saying to myself, "If you're not putting either Born to Run or Darkness at #1 and the other at #2, you're doing it wrong." But, I digress. I love The Rising songs. This got me to thinking about the live performances again. The only full Springsteen show I have seen at The Forum in Inglewood was his The Rising show on 8/24/02. It was a beautiful night. A relatively short show by Bruce standards, with 23 songs. What was fantastic is we got 11 of the 15 songs off The Rising that night. The ones we didn't get were Nothing Man, Let's Be Friends, Further On, & Paradise, but we got everything else! This was before "Waitin' on a Sunny Day" was the song for pulling little kids up to the stage. He closed the show with Land of Hope and Dreams. That has always "felt" like a The Rising song to me, and it's perhaps my all-time favorite Springsteen show-closer. So thankful for that night my wife and I had, and for my father-in-law for watching my sons and my, then, 6-month-old daughter that night. Memories. As this piece below pointed out, this was a show that presented a singular message. I would argue with the writer that this wasn't "the first time in his storied career he did that" though. I think the Tunnel of Love shows were very much like that as well. What do you think? Here is the article. Variety article August 25, 2002 I would see Bruce again the following year (almost exactly a year later at a venue I will not mention for fear of triggering JudgeBrown), but, although a good show, it didn't have the same "feel" as that first leg of The Rising. For example, we didn't get The Fuse or Countn' On A Miracle like we did at The Forum. What I'm wondering from you all is... First, just share your memories of The Rising Tour shows please. What did you think? Any personal memories?
  3. I've seen it twice in the theater now. Loved it, a lot!
  4. I love the song too. I have no problem with it being your #1. I saw it twice in concert. It was great. I would love to hear it and The Fuse a lot more. I've near got Further On (Up the Road) live, and would love to hear that one.