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  1. BURNIN' TRAIN - V1 uncirculating BURNIN' TRAIN - V2 3:59 LETTER Note: The first demo of "Burnin' Train" was recorded at Thrill Hill West, Beverly Hills, CA during December 1993. V2 was completed over a five-day period in November 2019 at Stone Hill Studio, Colts Neck, New Jersey, with the E Street Band.
  2. I doubt very much that this type of letter existed back in 1978...
  3. And important day in Bruce's career for sure. I'm still surprised that Bruce wrote so few songs for this album, compared to the dozens of songs he wrote for almost all his other albums from the 70s and 80s.
  4. He played it for a reason: And before the "Glory Days" finale, a fitting benediction and some hometown pride of his own: I wanna say, God bless you and your hometown. And until we meet again, I want to congratulate the United States Olympic show jumping team — that's McLain Ward, Laura Kraut, and my lovely daughter, Jessica Springsteen — on their silver medal win at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. A special shout-out to my great friend and one of the kings of show jumping, Nick Skelton, for his guidance and inspiration. May all of your days forever be glorious.
  5. According to Brucebase : Rainmaker was first recorded in November 2003, at 40 Bellevue Studio, Rumson, New Jersey, with two finished takes.
  6. Bruce has 2 more kids himself. Patti also has 3 kids.
  7. Here’s what Garry had to say in Backstreets magazine #42 in the Spring of 1993: “People ask me if I miss working with Bruce and the E Street Band and for certain reasons I do, but for other reasons I don’t.” Tallent joined Springsteen on stage in Lexington, Kentucky, during the Boss’s recent tour. “It wasn’t a whole lot of fun,” continues Tallent. “It got me thinking that maybe the band should have ended after the Born in the USA tour. Even the Tunnel of Love tour wasn’t the real thing. The magic was gone. It really was.” Does Tallent envision an E Street Band – Springsteen reunion sometime in the future? It’s the furthest thing from my mind,” says Tallent, smiling. “To tell you the truth, I hope if the call came, that I’d be so busy with my own projects that I’d have to turn down the invitation. We all have to move on, and that’s what I’m trying to do.”
  8. About the mono vs stereo debate, here's what Brucebase has to say : Two acoustic takes were recorded around January 3, 1982 at Springsteen's home in Colts Neck, NJ. "Pink Cadillac" was one of the few songs from the acoustic Nebraska not to be recorded with the band in the May 1982 sessions at the Power Station, but V3 was recorded on May 31, 1983 at The Hit Factory in New York. Officially released in May 1984 as the b-side to "Dancing In The Dark". V3b has the complete ending, V3c is a mono mix that for some reason was only issued on the Japanese single. Included on a 1984 album artwork prototype, in place of both "No Surrender" and "I'm Goin' Down".
  9. I've always suspected that there must be alternate E Street Band recordings of this song. I mean.. it's such a stripped down version. They must have tried it in a fuller arrangement. Maybe someday we'll know.
  10. Glad to hear from the point of view of someone who was already a fan before BITUSA. I wonder... What did you think the 1st time you heard the album? And the title track? Did you think he hit it out of the park with that song/album? By the way, the BITUSA tour began 37 years ago tonight, June 29th, 1984.
  11. I think Power Of Prayer was the 3rd single. I'll See You In My Dreams was the 4th, in a slightly different version than the album version. (At least for the female backing vocals at the end.) Bruce Springsteen - I'll See You In My Dreams (Lyric Video) - YouTube
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