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  1. Another cover of Born In The USA :
  2. I love it when Bruce shouts. So, to me, Living Proof and Better Days are 2 of his last great Rock vocals. After 1992, his voice lost a lot of its power. He tried to sing about the same loud way on Last To Die, but his voice wasn't as powerful in 2007.
  3. For a long time, Bruce was selling twice more albums in the USA than the rest of the world combined. Now it's like 3 to 1 for the rest of the world... (Earthslayer was very good at publishing that kind of data.)
  4. 1- Tucson Train 2- Western Stars 3- Stones (Too bad it's so repetitive. But still, it's very catchy.) 4- Sleepy Joe's Cafe
  5. Seems like the japanese chart has been published. Madonna at #11 Bruce at #16 (Not Bruce' strongest market…)
  6. Looks great, but... Are we learning anything new ?
  7. Why do they say "complete take" ? It sounds a lot like the 8+ minutes version below. So I believe this is the edited album version, but without the fade out. i hope that someday, we'll hear the other take they did.
  8. Who sings this song ? Thanks.
  9. Bruce has been saying the same thing (Seeger Sessions II) since 13 years.
  10. The melody of Living In The Future is similar to the one of a Gary US Bonds song called Out Of Work.
  11. That was the date of the 2016 postponed show : January 23, 2016 Update: Jan. 24 at MSG postponed Madison Square Garden and Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band must postpone the performance set for tomorrow (January 24) due to a Tri-state travel ban and safety concerns from severe weather.
  12. I prefer 2 box sets. Nebraska is supposed to be 2 CDs, so yes, Electric Nebraska would be a possibility.