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  1. I'll start... "A coyote with someone’s Chihuahua in its teeth skitters 'cross my veranda in the night" Could anyone else in this world sing a line like that and make it sounds so good? (rhetorical question. No) What are your favorite examples of this?
  2. Great post. I feel you brother. Have the same reaction to this record. I'm 48 - been divorced for a few years and feeling old and hopeless/hopeful at the same time. This is my "old man" record too. The video for Western Stars is an homage to being old, weathered and still cool as hell. He moves and carries himself like a stiff old man and it's somehow beautiful and inspirational.
  3. I have been amazed at how CLEAR the vocals are on all three tracks. Starting with The Rising production, the vocals got clearer and elevated from the music, but there seems to be an even newer technology used for this album. The vocals are so clear it's jarring.
  4. Thanks to everyone who voted for my version of Empty Sky. So close to getting that awesome t-shirt! This song means a lot to me as I was present at the World Trade Center the morning of 9/11. Anything I ever sing from The Rising album is coming 100% straight from the heart.
  5. I'm clearly in the minority here as I don't really think it's a good/memorable song. The chorus and overall feel of like Hello Sunshine and TGMM immediately hooked me and I wanted to listen to them over and over. This one - not so much.
  6. Agree with all of this. This album is such a weird mix, and the title track is among his worst IMO (used for political stuff too ugh) . But the collection of songs you reference are so layered and synched up in terms of theme. The weirdness of Queen of Supermarket and Outlaw Pete overshadowed a lot here too.
  7. I'm 48 years old and thus am starting to realize that this could be the most romantic line ever written. Particularly for those of us that are too damn tired to drive all night to buy shoes. That is all.
  8. I'll do Empty Sky for the contest. Thanks!

  9. Kind of a closed environment here for us members of Greasy Lake, but since you asked... It's a mashup of Born To Run and Take on Me. You will either think it's cool and listen to it multiple times, or it will make your ears bleed...
  10. Wow. This is...interesting... RuinedMusic2000_-_Ruinedmusic_-_07_Born_To_Take.mp3
  11. How has no one mentioned ONE STEP UP? Saddest song ever. Literally about depression!