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  1. Great points. I would add however that some of the songs share that point of view but then point in the direction of the character rising above it i.e. Badlands, Racing in the streets etc.
  2. Yes! That’s the secret to growing old gracefully.That’s the secret to growing old gracefully
  3. This is just such an amazing line about the feel of growing older. Also picturing it within the message of One Step Up signifying a stale relationship. Brilliant.
  4. Can someone post a link to BITUSA starting without them? Have to hear this!
  5. I have an extra ticket. "Face value". Let me know if you want it.
  6. I know many of you will find this inexplicable, but it is possible to love and respect the man and his music, but be opposed to his political views. Bruce is a poetic musical genius sent to us from above, but a useful idiot dope with his politics (IMHO).
  7. Thanks for posting this. I knew Alex Cooley and love the fact there's a typo. I bid and won it on ebay!
  8. Dude - it's Bruce Springsteen. there should be nothing "secret" about if you were trying to open a museum about him. Further, your lame screen name and lack of understanding of his album names show you're not exactly someone who is deeply passionate. Why don't you give up the ruse and tell us what your real intentions were. Woke up and realized that you could make a quick buck by getting a famous person's handwritten artifacts and putting them on Ebay I'm guessing. Nice try. If I'm wrong, then tell us more about this awesome super-secret museum you're creating. If not, get lost!
  9. I'll do Empty Sky for the contest. Thanks!