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  1. I’m reminded of https://youtu.be/OztB98Odm1M
  2. Two nights before this show in Belfast, Bruce played with Joe Ely in Dublin, and I met him briefly after that show. It was interesting times and I asked Bruce if he would play This Hard Land for us in Belfast and dedicate it to our delicate Peace Process. I can't tell you how much this release has helped restore my faith after the fracas of the last few days.
  3. No, not that one, BruceWho, I'll give her enough credit for that. No someone else entirely. But I do think that the heat and the drink and the Irish are a dangerous mix, ..... just thinking back to Slane in 85 and not making excuses for anything Kingstown Girl.
  4. Yeah lovely song and sounded great BUT those silly cows chattering / laughing..............!!!! (one of my pet hates). Yes of course but i guess quite a few in the crowd that early have no idea of that song.....and alot if they dont recognise the song...... You are more understanding and tolerant than me ha! - I think it's out of order both to artist and crowd around you - and theymust know that in 5 mins or so they will have 2 hours to chatter before the gig proper starts!, some people just can't shut the F*** up it seems!!! I see a nice bit of "shut the F*&K up" ing going on from the short haired blonde in the front row of this little clip. That's would have made for an interesting wait between the acoustic and main set. I also think I recognise one of the voices doing the chattering
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