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  1. Great to hear the band together on this. 2020 is on the up!
  2. Yes. I didn't make a note of the setlist but it was very similar to the last show in Asbury Park but without Tenth Avenue and I Don't Want to Go Home (oh, and Bruce ).
  3. I've just been lucky enough to see Steven and the Disciples in the North West of England for the fourth time in the last couple of years. This show was exceptionally good, the band were superb, the crowd were great and the band responded well to them. They seem to have a real bond with Liverpool and long may it continue. This was up there with some of the best concerts I've ever seen.I've seen a lot of shows since the late 70s including about 20 E Street shows. There were maybe four songs repeated from the last tour so it was a very different show. The new songs were well received. For me the highlights were Forever (because it is one of my favourite songs by any artist) and Los Desparicidos because I've not seen it live before. If you are thinking twice about paying £42 or whatever for this show and you can afford it - don't! Do yourself a favour and have a great night watching a great act and listening to a group of hugely talented musicians.
  4. I have a similar story. We've just got a pup and the kids thought they were being clever saying no to the names 'Bruce' and 'Clarence'! Meet Frankie!
  5. ^ Agree with all this. Visited for the first time back in 2007 for the Magic tour show with some doubts about what to expect and had a great time. Had an even better time last weekend and the welcome was so warm from everyone. Would have no hesitation about returning again.
  6. Thanks! Was just about to post here as well. I have got a single in the best upper tier block for sale. It's in Row F in block 327. Please PM me if interested. Prefer to sell to someone who has been around here for a while UPDATE - ticket sold to long time laker!
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