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  1. Gold/Platinum FoS tickets?

    On balance not for me. In my experience those areas tend to be filled by bucket list/one and done audience, resulting in lack of atmosphere and endless chatter during songs that they are not familiar with. Resulting in poor night for fans of artist and I would imagine a less inspiring night for the artist. Of course they have the compensation of a bigger fee I would guess.

    If they were to be in place for 2022 Would this effect the number of gigs you would attend? Is 1 night in pit worth potentially 2 gigs in cheap seats or standing area? Without a limitless budget I will need to ponder this but imagine more Bruce rather than close up Bruce will be the winner.





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  2. On 8/21/2020 at 9:17 PM, Captain Chaos said:

    I was some way back. I remember a catastrophically bad version of Sandy (top 5 Bruce song for me) and just in general a sluggish, bloated show.

    The Crystal Palace show I saw more than made up for it though. Think that was before the Manc show but couldn’t swear it. In general I’ve caught a few so so Manchester shows with the exception being the incredible Ethihad Wrecking Ball gig which is possibly my favourite Bruce show. 

    I love how everyone has different experiences of the same gig. 
    I really enjoyed the cricket ground concert and one of my fave moments was Sandy. Never really liked the song before but the summer heat perhaps maybe made me hear the song in a different light. Only to be put off it again when Tony Blair picked it as his desert island disk.



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  3. I love Live in Dublin but did not enjoy the Manchester show at all. Blamed the in the gods seats at a terrible venue but looking back I think it was probably due to the fact my dad had recently passed away and I was still getting over that. Will give this show a go and would like to see him come back for a similar tour.

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  4. Finally got round to watching this! Thought the musical interludes were a bit rubbish but overall enjoyed the movie with the use of some of the lyrics being super imposed very effective! Thought the lead and young actors did a good job and the period details bought back the dark days of Maggie convincingly.

    Finished watching it and came over to the Lake to find the posts on new album hints from Nils. 

    Hope he is right as a tour next year is probably exactly what we all need right now.

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  5. The Whistle Test I saw Bruce on first was I think a new years eve compilation, couldnt tell you what year(early 80s?) Annie Nightingale spent the whole show saying they had rare Springsteen footage and not too miss it. Last song was Rosalita and Bruce being mobbed by girls! I was hooked from that day forward. 

    Anyone else catch that TV show and can confirm what year it was?


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  6. Racing in the Street - BS

    Couldnt love you more - John Martyn

    Move on Up - Curtis Mayfield

    Whole Lotta Rosie - AC/DC

     That’s the way - Led Zeppelin

    Slippery People - Talking Heads

    America - Simon & Garfunkel

    The man with the child in his eyes - Kate Bush

    Truth - Kamasai Washington

    The Way I tend to be - Frank Turner



  7. Racing in the Street

    Atlantic City


    New York Serenade

    Kingdom of Days

    Thunder Road

    Long Walk Home

    Drive All Night

    Hello Sunshine

    No Surrender


    no particular order and a few could be swapped out depending on my mood. 

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  8. Really enjoyed interview and the show as a whole. Will try and listen more.

    His reflections on the Album, film, Broadway and memoir made me realise that for someone so obviously creative the usual album tour cycle must feel so limiting by the time you are 70. And that these last few years projects have probably revitalised his passions and that hopefully we will get a great new band album in the next few months.

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  9. On a Glastonbury discussion board I frequent, there are a couple of mentions of Bruce touring next summer. One from someone in a ticketing agency who says he will be all over europe next year and the second from a booker at Anfield who stated they are trying very hard to get him.

    Some hopeful types are putting his name forward as a potential headliner based on this type of info.

  10. I have been listening to the album in my car the last couple of days and what really stands out to me is how much I love his voice on this album, really suits the lush production and catchy melodies. IMO it is also a very consistent album with perhaps no all time greats but no duds. Too many of his recent albums have been hit or miss for me.

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