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  1. 31 days plus bank holidays so approx 7 weeks. very lucky!

    How you get by in the USA i dont know! Mind you with us leaving EU soon we will probably be closer to your generous allowances soon! Especially as half our new cabinet published their opinion that we are some of the laziest workers in the world a few years ago!

  2. Just about recovered from this years Festival. Weather was the best I have encountered(not a drop of rain), lots of friendly smiling patrons, great food and best of all a wonderful choice of music covering all genres.

    Highlights for me were Michael Kiwanuku, Jade Bird and The Cure. If you have not seen The Cure set I urge you to catch up on the BBC IPlayer. Probably the best sound mix I have ever heard at an outdoor venue. Bruce needs to get away from stadiums and hire their sound engineer.

    The Killers would probably have made it in my top 3 but althogh excellent it was not as good for me as their "secret set" in 2017 which blew the rafters off the John Peel tent. Judging by comments on various Glasto forums it was very well received!

    Other wonderful sets by Lizzo, Lukas Nelson, Frank Turner x 2 and the Proclaimers made it my favourite festival of the 6 I have been too.

    I wish Bruce had not missed his opportunity in 2009 to set the place alight due to his poor choice of setlist but one average concert every 40 years can be forgiven. He at least made some memories through his appearance with the Gaslight Anthem. 


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  3. I have listened to album twice now and am pleased that positive reviews have not been misplaced. Only song I dont like is Somewhere North of Nashville, as a poster said up thread the vocal on that song is awful and does not fit the rest of the album.  Standouts for me from the non singles are the title track, The Wayfarer and Stones.  Just what I needed to take away the damp and cold of this past week. looking to forward to paying on my record player tonight whilst supping my JD.

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  4. As others have said this is very much in the WOAD oeuvre and thankfully the Kingdom of Days quality rather than Outlaw Pete or Queen of the Supermarket. Not as fond of it as Hello Sunshine but really enjoy his singing and makes me excited for the album. Hopefully all tunes will be of the same quality as these first 2. 

  5. IMO his concerts could be even better with an ounce of visual flair. It amazes me that someone who can paint a picture with words and music has a total blind eye to the visual.

    His album covers are apart from a couple of winners hopeless, his videos the same! 

    In concert the opportunity has been missed to maximise the experience and impact for the audience. Whereas I could forgive this in his earlier days and small venues, from 1984 onwards and particularly since 2000 with the improved technology available I can not. I do not expect Pink Floyd/U2 levels of pyromania but a decent lighting and screen display would enhance the show.

    I expect people will say that he wants to showcase the music and writing and visuals would take away from this. Rubbish, if that was the case stick to small venues. I fear it maybe a case of tightfistidness and not being able to give control over to someone who has visual flair.

    Still the best gigs around but oh what it could have been!


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