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  1. I realise that the world has more important things to deal with at the moment and that there remain huge production and distribution issues in many countries, but.... Surely a more substantial range of T-shirts, hoodies and other memorabilia could be come up with for Bruce and the band than the paltry range currently on sale (don't get me started on that Wintergarden shirt!). I thought at one time they said bands made more money from T-shirt sales etc than other income streams. With not being able to tour surely they'd like to sell us something in the meantime (until we get another box se
  2. Coventry in 2016 for me. Having been lucky enough to see the MSG full River show in 2009 it didn't bother me to not get the full album again, but I know others understandably felt differently. So I got For You, Something in the Night, full band Born in the USA, Travelling Band and that was fine by me. I still have a bucket list of half a dozen songs I'd like to hear, which range from Highly Possible to Never In A Million Years, but if I don't get to hear them it won't be the end of the world. I've been thinking since the 80s that this might be the last time I get to see them and one day it wil
  3. An ideal scenario for me would be Tracks 2 box autumn 2021, E-Street tour 2022 into 2023 and USA box released autumn 2022 while the band are already on the road, so that they can then slip some never-before-played-live USA outtakes into the set list. Including the live world premiere of Unsatisfied Heart, of course
  4. If Bruce and the band are serious/confident about being able to tour in 2022 you would hope that conversations may already be taking place, premature as that may seem to some at this stage. Only 2 of Clapton's four scheduled Royal Albert Hall shows planned for this May have been able to be rescheduled for next year - the other two are cancelled due to lack of available dates. This is going to become more and more of an issue next year as new tours jostle for position with rescheduled ones. https://www.royalalberthall.com/tickets/events/2021/eric-clapton/
  5. Reading and Leeds festivals have said that they are going to go ahead and sold out on that assumption, but there is no guarantee that they will. If the last year has taught us nothing else it should be that there are no guarantees. Recent announcements are driven by eager concert promoters who have basically had zero income for the last 12 months and now are hoping that they can now get some, essentially by selling tickets and getting the revenue now in the knowledge that, if the shows don't happen, either they have to refund (in which case they've still had the money for several months) or th
  6. Printing "featuring the E Street Band" on the tickets can't exactly have added to a sense of "we're all in this together" among the band members either. Suddenly they were officially a backing group. A shame that by the tour reached Europe and stadiums something of the original concept of the tour had been abandoned in favour of playing the anthems.
  7. His legal representatives have been prominently listed on the credits of every album for quite some time now. More prominently than some of the recording staff. No doubt they are on the case.
  8. I don't have a problem with this. It's not Bruce standing there with a bottled beer saying "drink what the Boss drinks". It's a piece of social commentary, entirely in keeping with the themes of his radio show, with a commercial angle tacked on.
  9. Maybe revisiting the pre-Greetings material ahead of the Letter to You sessions has made Bruce re-evaluate its merits. Stuff like If I Was The Priest was going nowhere - he went to court in 1998 to stop unauthorised release of the Hammond-era material, yet has done nothing himself with it in the 20 years since then other than to leave it languishing in the vaults. If Tracks 2 is, as some had hinted at, likely to focus on more recent (and unbootlegged) material then including a lot of wordy 50-year old songs as part of it wouldn't seem to make a lot of thematic sense. And we know Bruce likes to
  10. Rosalita: "She'll be there in that Chevrolet restaurant upstairs". For many years I was baffled as to what a Chevrolet restaurant was. And as WIESS didn't have lyrics on its sleeve I had no way in those pre-internet days of being put out of my misery.
  11. Agree that Rainmaker is rather plodding and that House of a Thousand Guitars is to my mind simply wonderful. Rainmaker reminds me of the parts of Into the Fire when the full band kicks in. The lyrics are great but the chorus doesn't quite work. I know Bruce mentioned this as being a song written some while back, probably around the Magic era - does the fact that Toby Scott is credited as engineering on this, Burnin' Train and One Minute You're Here mean all 3 are older songs? And no Soozie at all on the album, for the first time since - well, pre the Reunion era I guess.
  12. To those who have already downloaded this show I am guessing that this is considered an improvement from previously available versions? Somehow the words "Mixed by Jon Altschiller and mastered by Adam Ayan" fill me with dread based on some previous experiences. Mr Altschiller seems to sometimes forget that there are any guitarists on stage in the E Street Band and Mr Ayan is often intent on brickwalling the sound beyond belief.
  13. If the "Letter to You" album was recorded in 5 days in late 2019 then it doesn't seem as if it was this that Bruce has been working on this year that's kept Patti out of the studio on occasions. More likely Tracks 2 tweaking. Based on the single it's a typical example of the simple basic lyric writing style that Bruce has adopted in recent decades. The 3 older songs are going to sound rather out of step with them as they're from that phase in the 70s when he wrote a lot of words.
  14. First use of the phrase "mongrel trees" in a contemporary rock single?
  15. The suggestions I'd heard about Tracks 2 was that it was probably post-1987 material (and probably complete unreleased albums) so these songs in their original form wouldn't have made the cut as they predated that era. Song for Orphans with Roy on piano? Fine by me.
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