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  1. Maybe revisiting the pre-Greetings material ahead of the Letter to You sessions has made Bruce re-evaluate its merits. Stuff like If I Was The Priest was going nowhere - he went to court in 1998 to stop unauthorised release of the Hammond-era material, yet has done nothing himself with it in the 20 years since then other than to leave it languishing in the vaults. If Tracks 2 is, as some had hinted at, likely to focus on more recent (and unbootlegged) material then including a lot of wordy 50-year old songs as part of it wouldn't seem to make a lot of thematic sense. And we know Bruce likes to
  2. Rosalita: "She'll be there in that Chevrolet restaurant upstairs". For many years I was baffled as to what a Chevrolet restaurant was. And as WIESS didn't have lyrics on its sleeve I had no way in those pre-internet days of being put out of my misery.
  3. Agree that Rainmaker is rather plodding and that House of a Thousand Guitars is to my mind simply wonderful. Rainmaker reminds me of the parts of Into the Fire when the full band kicks in. The lyrics are great but the chorus doesn't quite work. I know Bruce mentioned this as being a song written some while back, probably around the Magic era - does the fact that Toby Scott is credited as engineering on this, Burnin' Train and One Minute You're Here mean all 3 are older songs? And no Soozie at all on the album, for the first time since - well, pre the Reunion era I guess.
  4. To those who have already downloaded this show I am guessing that this is considered an improvement from previously available versions? Somehow the words "Mixed by Jon Altschiller and mastered by Adam Ayan" fill me with dread based on some previous experiences. Mr Altschiller seems to sometimes forget that there are any guitarists on stage in the E Street Band and Mr Ayan is often intent on brickwalling the sound beyond belief.
  5. If the "Letter to You" album was recorded in 5 days in late 2019 then it doesn't seem as if it was this that Bruce has been working on this year that's kept Patti out of the studio on occasions. More likely Tracks 2 tweaking. Based on the single it's a typical example of the simple basic lyric writing style that Bruce has adopted in recent decades. The 3 older songs are going to sound rather out of step with them as they're from that phase in the 70s when he wrote a lot of words.
  6. First use of the phrase "mongrel trees" in a contemporary rock single?
  7. The suggestions I'd heard about Tracks 2 was that it was probably post-1987 material (and probably complete unreleased albums) so these songs in their original form wouldn't have made the cut as they predated that era. Song for Orphans with Roy on piano? Fine by me.
  8. I was firmly in favour of Tracks 2 coming this year rather than a new album, simply because I was drooling at the thought of all that material suddenly being out there in the public domain officially. It's been a long, long drought, as someone once sung, and now the rain's pouring down on our roof. But I can sort of see that it makes sense to do the new stuff this year and the box next, because sadly it doesn't seem like the band is going to be playing this material to us live for quite some time yet. The rain can pour down on my roof next year. However if it is aimed at being relevant at the
  9. A great show in horrendous conditions. I remember driving towards the stadium and you could hardly see it through the rain and Mancunian murk. More like February than June. But a solo piano Promise and a Prove It with 78 intro more than made up for it.
  10. From a selfish point of view I'd have preferred the Hammersmith Seeger show as it was the one I was at and it was Bruce exorcising the ghosts of 1975 in that old building. And it had "Long Black Veil". How I love that "Long Black Veil".
  11. So we nearly got a more extensive series of Patti shows back in 2004 before Bruce put a spanner in the works. I can almost hear it now, the scene in the Springsteen kitchen - "Who do you think you are, Mr Bruce Springsteen, interfering with my tour plans?"
  12. According to the Brian Hiatt book "One of my favourite ever songs", Weinberg notes.
  13. I think it was only the third and final Wembley show on Saturday the 6th that started at 4pm - the others started shortly after 6pm I think (so as not to exceed curfew). Wasn't the Saturday early start caused by needing an early finish ahead of Leeds the next day? If so times had changed by 2009 when he played Glastonbury till the wee wee hours and then went on to Hyde Park the next day. By which time he was Hoarse in Hyde Park
  14. Two interesting facts emerge about Queen's legendary (and rightly so) performance at Live Aid from the Days Of Our Lives documentary:- That according to Paul Gambaccini Freddie performed that day against doctor's orders because of a throat infection. Makes his performance all the more remarkable, and That all the other acts had sound limiters working to reduce the volume when they played but that Queen's sound engineer removed them when Queen took the stage so that they were louder than everyone else on the bill
  15. Side 1 The Ties That Bind, Two Hearts, Cindy, Restless Nights (have to include that for Steve ), Stolen Car. Side 2 Roulette, Be True, Fade Away, Out in the Street, I Wanna Marry You, Stray Bullet. Side 3 Meet Me In The City, The Man Who Got Away, Loose Ends, Drive All Night. Side 4 Living on the Edge of the World, Jackson Cage, Night Fire, Sherry Darling, Independence Day. Side 5 You Can Look (rockabilly version), Hungry Heart, The River, I Wanna Be With You, Point Blank. Side 6 Ramrod, The Price You Pay (with extra verse), Cadillac Ranch
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