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  1. Anyone else think the fact that the Sherry Darling No Nukes video is premiering today may rule out an Archive release today as well? One thing at a time seems to be how their minds work.
  2. So if the April Croke Park dates are for Ed Sheeran and we believe that Garth Brooks is after securing as many dates there later in the year as licensing and residents will allow, what does that leave there for Bruce? Is there an alternative venue of that size?
  3. If I remember correctly Wembley had a strict 10.30 curfew. It was the same in 1985 for Live Aid. Twickenham is the same to keep on the right side of local residents.
  4. But sadly he never releases it. Each time the opportunity to release it he opts not to and falls back on releasing material we have all heard time and time again. Will I buy a No Nukes Blu-Ray/DVD? Probably (although the mention in the announcement of Sony's Premium Content Division handling the release makes me think of an organisation designed to see how much they can get away with charging before there's uproar. Will I play it more than once if so? Probably not. Another missed opportunity goes by. And what of the "album set in the west"? I can't imagine that having any significant E-Street involvement so it's hard to see that getting released prior to next year's hoped-for band tour. So much effort yet so little output.
  5. I remember a quote from Bruce about some of the songs on the Nebraska record, and Johnny 99 in particular, that (I'm paraphrasing) these songs were about what happens to individuals when their sense of connection to their friends, their families, their loved ones, their jobs, their community and what essentially gives their lives meaning, fails them. So it's a warning sign both to individuals and to a society that allows it to happen.
  6. Interesting that the njarts.com review of the opening night of "Springsteen on Broadway" mentions that when Patti joined him onstage he "made sure to plug her upcoming solo album".
  7. Whilst any live version of Racing in the Street is more than fine by me, I would love to hear the Racing '78 version as on The Promise, but I think it was Roy who said how difficult it is after years of playing the "official" released version to suddenly get the 78 one right and put your hands in the right place on the keyboard.
  8. I'm sure they think that we can only cope with one piece of Bruce news in a week - any more than that and it will "dilute the brand", to use their corporate speak. Broadway one week, Killers collaboration another (which was only mentioned in an interview, rather than by press release anyway). So maybe this week for an archive release? The None But The Brave podcast has confirmed that Rising tour releases are an impossible wish - yes they could solve the problem if Inc spent $$$$s on it, small change to them but for relatively little financial reward so they won't bother. Why would they do so when they have shows from other tours available for release? Except as part of his eventual "legacy". One of his most important tours, certainly post-reunion, and there's little or none of it officially in the public domain.
  9. While it may look as though Bruce is being deliberately vague in saying that the vault release will come out this autumn or next year, it may genuinely be that as yet they don't know whether it may be subject to the ongoing production delays that many boxed sets are still subject to. The John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band and George Harrison All Things Must Pass reissues have come out months later than originally expected. Also the original Tracks in 1998 didn't have a vinyl issue, as far as I can remember. Vinyl was effectively dead back then. It's hard to see them not going with a vinyl version of whatever is coming down the tracks this year. And therein lie a lot of the reasons for production delays. https://superdeluxeedition.com/feature/a-pressing-issue-how-the-vinyl-revival-has-caught-out-the-music-industry-during-the-pandemic/
  10. This isn't for me, anymore than it was back in 2017-18 on the first run. The CD of it is one of the least played items in the Springsteen canon for me, less than Human Touch even , but I'm sure it's different if you're there on the night. I seriously doubt this was one of the "big surprises" he had in mind earlier this year. Revisiting a revisitation of your past doesn't seem like a big surprise to me. This was a man who wrote in 1995 of "always moving ahead and never looking back", well he has spent quite some time looking back in the rear view mirror now. But what else could he do this year? Band touring seems to be not before 2022, we suspect he has Tracks 2 or the album-set-in-the-west to come out but so much product is being delayed by record company production issues due to the pandemic that who knows what if anything is scheduled for this autumn? Maybe Patti just wants him out of the house - perhaps she is fed up with him sitting in Stone Hill Studio adding more 2021 vocals to old recordings and talking about "the lost hip-hop relationships album from 1993-4" that he put on the shelf, where it still sits. That shelf must be near to collapse by now with all that it has on it. Plus Patti wants to finish her own album too . I suspect this is just a short-term thing to get him used to performing again after a long lay-off and, as others have said, to support a re-opening Broadway. Then surely it's time to be a prisoner of rock'n'roll again and to rage against the dying of the light as he does on the Letter To You album. If he's still doing Broadway in a year's time though this board will spontaneously combust. And I for one will bring the gasoline.
  11. Sadly according to the None But The Brave podcast they are thought to have little from Europe 1981 other than several of the Wembley shows. A shame as the tremendous re-interpretation of Creedence's "Run Through The Jungle" deserves an official release.
  12. I enjoy it but don't think it's quite as good as Bruce thought it was. It doesn't help that it's not really an E Street album but became the basis for a massive E Street world tour. I suspect it would otherwise have emerged as a solo album with guests had we not lost C and Bruce then understandably felt the need to re-establish E Street again for himself and his audience. Some good to great tracks (We are Alive, Jack of All Trades) but such a mixture of styles that you suspect it was pulled together from a range of projects he may have worked on over a long period of time, including the lost "gospel" album. Not only the rapping for the fanbase to deal with but use of samples as well, almost as if he was trying too hard to consciously be "current". And like American Skin on High Hopes I can't see why they should feel the need to record a studio version of the decade-old LOHAD - in previous times if Bruce had felt an album needed a certain type of song to fit the album's theme he would have written a new one.
  13. If I understood it correctly Bruce re-discovered Janey Needs A Shooter, If I Was The Priest and Song for Orphans while trawling through material for Tracks 2 and instead gave it to the band to play on the LTY album. Chances are he listened to a lot of other old material at the same time and who's to say he has not recorded them anew with just Ron Aniello and maybe Patti also contributing? We know he likes adding modern vocals to old tracks to release them, even if this habit isn't to the liking of all of his audience.
  14. Roulette and American Skin I still hope to get, and think there's a realistic chance of doing so. Others on my list less so - Nothing Man he never seemed to quite embrace on the Rising tour in a full band version and apart from the title track, Lonesome Day, Sunny Day and the occasional Mary's Place he rarely returns to that album which was very much of its time. Streets of Philadelphia is hardly a regular in Europe and again isn't something best suited to the full band. And sadly I fear that hell will freeze over before I get to hear the E Street Band play Zero and Blind Terry
  15. You would like to think they are realistically planning something, possibly a couple of alternate scenarios for how they could tour next year, depending on how circumstances change. There are too many acts looking to be fitted in for 2022 shows to be able to schedule things at short notice like he did in 2016 when he expanded the River tour. If they opt to (or have to) leave it till 2023 then I think that may be E Street done - one last dance in the big stadiums is the least they all deserve.
  16. I realise that the world has more important things to deal with at the moment and that there remain huge production and distribution issues in many countries, but.... Surely a more substantial range of T-shirts, hoodies and other memorabilia could be come up with for Bruce and the band than the paltry range currently on sale (don't get me started on that Wintergarden shirt!). I thought at one time they said bands made more money from T-shirt sales etc than other income streams. With not being able to tour surely they'd like to sell us something in the meantime (until we get another box set!). Taylor Swift could open a department store with the merchandise she sells in support of each album release. https://storeuk.taylorswift.com/ And I'd still like that "This Is Not A Dark Ride" shirt from the Tunnel tour. And how about a Moonlight Motel shirt with the lyrics on the back please?
  17. Coventry in 2016 for me. Having been lucky enough to see the MSG full River show in 2009 it didn't bother me to not get the full album again, but I know others understandably felt differently. So I got For You, Something in the Night, full band Born in the USA, Travelling Band and that was fine by me. I still have a bucket list of half a dozen songs I'd like to hear, which range from Highly Possible to Never In A Million Years, but if I don't get to hear them it won't be the end of the world. I've been thinking since the 80s that this might be the last time I get to see them and one day it will be, but somehow I still have faith that they will return, if they can. And as we know faith will be rewarded on this train.....
  18. An ideal scenario for me would be Tracks 2 box autumn 2021, E-Street tour 2022 into 2023 and USA box released autumn 2022 while the band are already on the road, so that they can then slip some never-before-played-live USA outtakes into the set list. Including the live world premiere of Unsatisfied Heart, of course
  19. If Bruce and the band are serious/confident about being able to tour in 2022 you would hope that conversations may already be taking place, premature as that may seem to some at this stage. Only 2 of Clapton's four scheduled Royal Albert Hall shows planned for this May have been able to be rescheduled for next year - the other two are cancelled due to lack of available dates. This is going to become more and more of an issue next year as new tours jostle for position with rescheduled ones. https://www.royalalberthall.com/tickets/events/2021/eric-clapton/
  20. Reading and Leeds festivals have said that they are going to go ahead and sold out on that assumption, but there is no guarantee that they will. If the last year has taught us nothing else it should be that there are no guarantees. Recent announcements are driven by eager concert promoters who have basically had zero income for the last 12 months and now are hoping that they can now get some, essentially by selling tickets and getting the revenue now in the knowledge that, if the shows don't happen, either they have to refund (in which case they've still had the money for several months) or they carry it forward against tickets for next year's event, in which case they can sit on the money for 12 months. These festivals and the Isle of Wight Festival, which has kicked the can down the road by hoping to take place in September, are selling tickets to a far younger audience than an E Street tour would be. Bruce isn't going to tour isolated countries in his key markets - the logistics of touring on that scale would surely require Europe as a whole to be on firmer footing re vaccination, a lifting of restrictions and a fall in infections before a trip to any specific country would be considered.
  21. Printing "featuring the E Street Band" on the tickets can't exactly have added to a sense of "we're all in this together" among the band members either. Suddenly they were officially a backing group. A shame that by the tour reached Europe and stadiums something of the original concept of the tour had been abandoned in favour of playing the anthems.
  22. His legal representatives have been prominently listed on the credits of every album for quite some time now. More prominently than some of the recording staff. No doubt they are on the case.
  23. I don't have a problem with this. It's not Bruce standing there with a bottled beer saying "drink what the Boss drinks". It's a piece of social commentary, entirely in keeping with the themes of his radio show, with a commercial angle tacked on.
  24. Maybe revisiting the pre-Greetings material ahead of the Letter to You sessions has made Bruce re-evaluate its merits. Stuff like If I Was The Priest was going nowhere - he went to court in 1998 to stop unauthorised release of the Hammond-era material, yet has done nothing himself with it in the 20 years since then other than to leave it languishing in the vaults. If Tracks 2 is, as some had hinted at, likely to focus on more recent (and unbootlegged) material then including a lot of wordy 50-year old songs as part of it wouldn't seem to make a lot of thematic sense. And we know Bruce likes to tell a story with his releases. So perhaps we are going to get Bruce doing a Taylor Swift and releasing, with immediate effect, an online release of a collection of these songs, with physical release on CD and vinyl to follow.
  25. Rosalita: "She'll be there in that Chevrolet restaurant upstairs". For many years I was baffled as to what a Chevrolet restaurant was. And as WIESS didn't have lyrics on its sleeve I had no way in those pre-internet days of being put out of my misery.
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