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  1. I'm not sure if this is worth a separate thread, so I'm going to follow the 'Scotland' link in here... Celtic Connections are doing a Springsteen-themed Roaming Roots Revue this year. Essentially a tribute show by the great-and-good of Scottish folk and indie. I've only been to one of them previously, but it was a pretty good night (the theme was 'Troubadours' for that one and it opened with a Bruce tune!).
  2. I can't be bothered with Record Store Day but I was incredibly tempted by the Otis Redding at Monterey 12". I've got a bootleg of an older release with Jimi Hendrix's performance on the other side but I don't think I ever made it to that - The Otis side was just too good not to hit repeat on.
  3. I'm not surprised he's going, but it seems a bit odd to head there before the summer. Leicester aren't in danger of relegation, Celtic are on course for a treble treble, so why not take the glory rather than stumbling around the middle of the EPL table for a couple of months?
  4. Glad to see this. I'd somehow avoided going to any games featuring Rangers for most of my life, then went to a couple in quick succession the year before Old Rangers went bust. The bullshit from their stand was above and beyond anything I'd heard before or since. It was a vast majority of their away support and so unsubtle I can only assume the SFA, SPFL and the various TV companies have created a special audio filter just to block it out.
  5. Yup. You never had to search far and wide to see evidence of this. Obviously the sexual element of these allegations are particularly troublesome, but he seems to have been a fucking arsehole to almost everyone he's encountered during his career. I've always been a fan without being a devotee. I'm not sure if that'll mean it's easier for me to give up on his music, or if it means the art/artist separation is more straightforward. Either way, he's not getting any more money from me though. I am interested to see if the press start holding the untouchable classic-era stars to account though. There are some utterly messed up stories out there and none of them can be dismissed with "it was a different time".
  6. It might be YouTube themselves. They're constantly updating their audio/video recognition databases with new files. I recently spent weeks arguing with them over music my company commissioned. Multiple emails along the lines of "Yes, I know this music is copyrighted because we own the f***ing copyright..."
  7. I got my names mixed up and thought they'd signed Kevin McNaughton. Given McNaughton is 36 and semi-retired playing for Forfar Athletic, Macaulay Culkin might have been a less surprising deal.
  8. I'm worried the promoters are being a bit too optimistic with those venue sizes and prices. I hope I'm proven wrong, but £40 per ticket while trying to fill out Glasgow Academy will be a struggle.
  9. Hmmm... I still have my problems with this album. One of the big ones was that my least favourite songs were used most heavily during promo, so hopefully that will resolve itself with time. Also, the show I went to was a huuuuge letdown after the London O2 Magic show and almost resulted in me skipping the Hampden Wrecking Ball show - still the best concert I've ever been to. Some good tunes, but I still haven't made peace with that period.
  10. The same reason so many famous men wear wigs, I guess. I saw a reaction tweet to John Travolta's new un-rugged look where someone recounted an anecdote heard from a famous actress. She mentioned being in a make-up trailer with a guy who had a bald cap placed over his wig for a role, just to avoid any uncomfortable questions.
  11. I always wondered how many folk in the audience recognised that. I'm a big Joe Strummer fan, but I'm guessing his solo career isn't that renowned amongst the Glastonbury crowd.
  12. Who would be in your four piece band - with or without E Streeters - and what instruments would they be playing?
  13. I'm a fairweather archive listener and I'm sure someone else has probably asked this question on one of the other 232 pages but is there logic behind what's picked? Or do we know what shows are almost certainly going to be released (if not when)?
  14. I do love a good predictions thread. Hoping for tours, boxsets, etc, although, more than anything, I just want some brand new music to listen to.
  15. Top post. The O2 Arena show was my first Springsteen concert (and therefore the best concert I'd ever been to until Hampden 2013), so I've got big love for this album.