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  1. Never a fan of the River arrangement on the Reunion tour (not 29 of the 30 times I saw it anyway) but listened to July 1st show again the other day and was blown away by the musicianship of it. I remember at the time seeing it as Bruce's way of rescuing the song from the fans rather than leave it be a boorish singalong song and to draw attention to the lyrics and the arrangement made the song become less about 2 young people and more a vignette set within the context of a community/the band
  2. I'd love them to do a series of five-night stands in arenas in major markets. A different city every fortnight. Reduces carbon footprint and probably means one city per country in Europe & you'd need an arena block booked for 12 days London, Paris, Stockholm, Berlin, Madrid, Milan, Dublin Boston, NYC, Philly, Atlanta, Chicago, Seattle, LA Sydney, Tokyo Throw in an occasional solo gig in each city at a smaller venue. Scope for multiple guests.
  3. I'd prefer an ES Band show that concentrated on reworking his post 1992 material with the odd classic interspersed or thrown in at the end
  4. Hoping the new album is called Magic 2 Would be very prescient as was the original album from 2007
  5. Not all bigger stadiums though Croke Park Camp Nou Anfield St James Park White Hart Lane
  6. Anyway I've just downloaded the free Chicago 2016 show instead. Bonus comes in handy. I seem to have discarded my Oklahoma City show from the same tour
  7. So strange it's as if there is a bigger announcement on the way over the weekend?
  8. Also the little nod to Van Morrison "Here Comes The Night" in the middle of Backstreets Such a cool show to listen to
  9. 16/12 Wow! Point Blank is almost stream of consciousness, best version of Rendezvous, Darkness is amazing They have to release Paramount and Seattle if they have those
  10. First Friday in January likely to be an under-the-radar release? Rising Wembley Arena?
  11. Same here. Saving the 16th for a few days till I get a clear uninterrupted run Xmas Eve after the pub
  12. Every Darkness tour show is worthy of release. The more we get the less demand there'll be for sure but demand WILL be there for any and every Darkness Tour show. Hope we get releases from all other tours throughout 2020 though
  13. I picked up the 15 cd Darkness Radio Broadcast a couple of years back and it was only 15 quid. Was worth it for me to have Atlanta finally and also jems versions of other shows. Packaged quite nicely too. Seen it advertised recently for nearly 50 quid. Avoid as earlier stated is mainly just rips of bootlegs available for free
  14. I've picked up the two Roxy shows having previously avoided them due to thinking the boots were fine. nonebutthebrave review helped with that still not upgraded the radio show from Cleveland 78 - will probably get that next year when they have a sale if folks deem it worth upgrading from the boot