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  1. The final show of the Joad tour 1997 could have done without the duets with Elliot Murphy nice enough guy but sucky songs "Blowing down that old Dusty Road" especially after I'd already heard them ball it out in Brixton. Mind you the Joad tour probably wasn't the setting for Incident or Kitty's Back or Restless Nights I never liked the Reunion Tour arrangement of The River either although it sounds lovely listening back. I know he was trying to rescue the song from descending into the boorish singalong it had become especially in Europe and it allowed Clarence to open up but I didn't get
  2. The second show at Villa Park got added quite late in the day from memory. So late in fact that locals/fans didn't know about it and ticket sales were quite a bit lower than the sold out first night. I wonder if there was also an issue with sales in South Wales
  3. The most recent three or four are partcularly good. Took a couple of episodes to warm up. Thanks for posting the files
  4. Just listening to the Nugs official release of Detroit 1988 Rosalita has just finished and I can't make out what the record company has just given Bruce Can anyone suggest what he said it was?
  5. Cheers, just done a quick comparison Prove it all Night runs 10 mins 3 seconds on the 'The Magic Of Rock 'N' Roll Music' (Jersey Devil Records - Silvers) version but only 9 mins 34 seconds on the (Carlo B Monte Tape) (mrclst Transfer) version so it is likely this tape is slightly fast. Not the end of the world I enjoyed the fast version so much back in the day and it still sounds amazing. There is a vast difference in the sound though. Sure the faster versions are noisy as hell but there's way more life in them than the other versions. If anyone can point me in the direction of a cor
  6. My cassette was a recording of the 1990 CD "Live in Troy" so might be a dumb question but was it the original tape that ran fast or did the "I Have A Dream" CD make it run fast?
  7. Thanks a bunch for this. Troy has been my favourite Darkness show to listen to since like forever or at least the Walkman cassette days. It always ran too fast from my memory. Please can someone assure me this recording has the correct speed as it sounds just as raw and loud and exciting as the old cassette I had which ran fast. I think this one is correct speed but my ears might be deceiving me. Some of the other versions with newer corrected speed sound a bit flat to me
  8. Yep, the 2000's and 2010's feels like a single decade to moi Despite so much happening
  9. https://www.greasylake.org/the-circuit/index.php?/forum/9-the-circuit-bruce-springsteen/ Episode 5 is fascinating
  10. Possibly the highlight so far this fourth episode. Especially Bruce telling the former President his (elongated) draft dodge story. The President! Slow start again but it has become a very good episode - probably the best so far
  11. Congratulations to Prince Charles on securing the 2024 Republican nomination by the way
  12. Contrary to wide misconception Bruce is neither liberal nor left wing. His song 41 shots is a brilliant example. It's not right or left. Download and listen to Atlanta 2000 Night 2 - one of his most powerful performances IMHO Point Blank - 41 Shots - Youngstown - Murder Inc = amazing 4 pack All songs that sit well outside the narrow confines of petty Democrat/Republican party politics Admittedly 2004 changed all that but anyone who supported Bush or more latterly Trump isn't seriously listening to or engaging with Bruce post 1975
  13. I think when Bruce does projects like this I doubt he's necessarily looking for approval from obsessives on boards like this Like much of his career span he's reaching out once again to as wide an audience as possible albeit a 50 something liberal-conservative middle class American audience in this case There's a few bits and pieces and it is quite listenable
  14. Beautiful hushed version of My Hometown. If someone could create a version without Bruce's commentary pretty please...
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