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  1. I think when Bruce does projects like this I doubt he's necessarily looking for approval from obsessives on boards like this Like much of his career span he's reaching out once again to as wide an audience as possible albeit a 50 something liberal-conservative middle class American audience in this case There's a few bits and pieces and it is quite listenable
  2. Beautiful hushed version of My Hometown. If someone could create a version without Bruce's commentary pretty please...
  3. 11/24/1975 Hammersmith Odeon just arrived today. I've had Shit Hot and Rockin for 25 years but the version of Lost in the Flood here just mindblowing. Wow!
  4. Theres an amazing version of Twist and Shout on the Ames Iowa 1984 show somebody recently posted on the bootlegs thread. Heartily recommend that show amazing sound & atmosphere However I'd steer clear of the big covers for this project. Twist/Santa Claus/Raise Your Hand etc... some non-fans see Bruce as a corny jukebox covers merchant. The covers he made his own, different thing altogether - Trapped, It's My Life, Who'll Stop The Rain - then throw a couple of curve balls in there - Sad Eyes and The Wall
  5. Is it you baby or just a bridge in disguise? It's rainin' but there ain't a cloud in the sky Musta been a tear from your eye Everything'll be okay If only thought'a felt a sweet summer breeze Musta been your science degree
  6. Same here just now. Can wash the dishes to this. You can't wash the dishes to Western Stars Utterly fantastic set of songs and performances
  7. So rather tantalisingly we're half way through? Anyone care to hazard a guess at the other eight?
  8. Says Vol 1 so more 78 to come methinks/hopes
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