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  1. Regarding the subscription pop-up in the Nugs app, I emailed them a week ago to ask about this and was told it’s a bug with the latest version of the app, and that the next update should be soon and fix it.
  2. Just saw this on Twitter. My heart sunk when I saw Bruce had had done a commercial but....I like it. Doesn’t feel like it’s advertising, has a nice message, I can get on board with it. Also helps greatly that it’s going to be shown as a one-off on TV and not repeated for most the year.
  3. I already had a ticket for the following nights River show. Queued up all day to get a ticket at the box office for this show and met some great people. They only started selling the tickets as the show started so by the time I got to the pit they were half way through Kitty. A shame to miss the first few songs, but Wild Billy through to NYCS was worth the admission price alone, and the rest of the show wasn’t too shabby either!
  4. I loved this tour so happy enough with the release, but after missing it from Live in Dublin how the hell have they managed to find the one show on the tour without John Henry?!?
  5. I think i know what you’re talking about and believe it’s just badly mixed. Like you say, it’s fairly rare but whenever I come across it it’s always there for repeat listens, and I listen through headphones and speakers at different times with the same result so it’s nothing to do with the equipment you’re listening through. There’s one show I listen to a lot with a really bad case of it between two songs that really should be heard seamlessly but right now I can’t remember what it is so maybe it doesn’t bother me as much as I thought!
  6. There’s an Instagram account for the movie that posted a month ago that it will be released at the New York Film Festival, which is scheduled to take place at the end of September and most of October.
  7. Still no John Henry?!! It’s an outrage! Very happy to see more tracks from this great tour though, I often find myself giving Live in Dublin a listen.
  8. Didn’t want to start a whole new topic for this but can’t find anywhere else to put it! As the title says, the Sessions tour show in New Orleans is currently half price amongst other artist shows to celebrate 50 years of the Jazz Fest. Been on my list of shows to get round to for a while, hopefully this helps others out too!
  9. Nine Lives

    I am in New York for the week and would love the ticket if it is still available? Happy to meet outside or during day?



  10. Always interesting how tastes differ...I listen to Barcelona live more than anything because you can hear the energy of the crowd. The worst thing to me in a live recording is not hearing the audience.
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