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  1. Didn’t want to start a whole new topic for this but can’t find anywhere else to put it! As the title says, the Sessions tour show in New Orleans is currently half price amongst other artist shows to celebrate 50 years of the Jazz Fest. Been on my list of shows to get round to for a while, hopefully this helps others out too!
  2. Nine Lives

    I am in New York for the week and would love the ticket if it is still available? Happy to meet outside or during day?



  3. Hi all, sorry to put this here but in case not many people saw the post on the Ticket board, my girlfriends had something come up so I now have a spare balcony ticket for tomorrow night for face value ($75). PM if interested (dog spotting included in price)
  4. One ticket this Wednesday as girlfriend's had to drop out. Face value ($75). PM if interested!
  5. Haven't seen this posted and it's only on sale until midnight tonight, but for anyone like me in the UK that hasn't got round to buying it the Ties That Bind blu-ray box set is on sale for £54.99 on the UK Amazon site. Best price I've seen it by a long shot so hope this helps someone out there! Haven't compared but may well work out a good deal in other Euro countries too...
  6. Always interesting how tastes differ...I listen to Barcelona live more than anything because you can hear the energy of the crowd. The worst thing to me in a live recording is not hearing the audience.
  7. Followed the link in the text. Accepted the code but just this error message after that.