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  1. Back in the day, I'm embarrassed to admit that I thought Glory Days contained the immortal line " I'd stop by and have a few drinks after she purchased a bed " !
  2. Thanks for posting. Great show from a very underrated artist! NEW ALBUM PLEASE , PATTI ??
  3. Hi Everybody, Sorry for being so late to post on this thread, I don"t get online too much these days after suffering some serious internet " Hacking " problems / intrusions. Anyways I just wanted to say to you all " PLEASE STAY SAFE AND WELL - YOU ARE THE BEST, NICEST BUNCH OF PEOPLE ON ANY FORUM, ANYWHERE !!" And to all the key workers outhere, especially the Legends in the NHS, medical and caring professions... THANK YOU !! from the bottom of all our hearts!! xxx
  4. Its too f***in close to Donald Trump for my 5.25 Mill !!!!!
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