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  1. LA? Obviously, not a Bruce song, but my ipod was shuffling as I walked back from the shop and this beaut came on. Not listened to the whole album for ages. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-fIV8ZyRLBA
  2. This isn't going to be everyone's cup of tea, but I quite enjoyed it as I'm not a huge fan of mainstream Hollywood pics. This could be deemed as wholly uneventful, but the people and their relationships is the story. It's subtle. I like that. The lead lady is a new one to me and I thought she was really good. I was trying to place the music and face of the son, Jack, while watching it. It dawned on me, eventually, that it was Ryan Bingham ( the singer/songwriter)
  3. Can't be bothered to retype what I already said in the last episode of this topic, so here you go.
  4. I know he loves it here, and it is a beautiful spot, but as OK as he says he is with it in the book, he must think " sheesh, will you all stop staring!" I'd be looking too, of course, but I feel kind of sad for him in these pics.
  5. Yup. I have his first album. He is good. It's just not really what I listen to though, so didn't get played a lot.
  6. I heard Bruce, Mellencamp and a bit of Brian in the vocals, but does the guitar riff not remind you of BTR? I know the notes are different, but the whole vibe just made me think of it. I'd not heard of him until earlier tonight. I might have to have a listen to his album.
  7. Listen to this. Does it sound just slightly familiar to you?
  8. I was in bed last night, listening to some Big O tracks and, as always, being in total of awe of his voice. It made me think of Bruce 'trying' to do In Dreams at the pre-show in Belfast It was a great start to a fantastic show. Loved it!
  9. A pure stroke of luck! Someone at BTX posted that link and I remembered it being among them. Good gawping material. Guy took some good pics.
  10. Currently listening, and better still, watching Brooklyn shows.
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