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  1. Yeah CNN says Bruce admitted that he took 2 shots. An officer confirmed he witnessed him take only 1 shot and then get on his motorcycle. Sources close to Bruce have of course also said he was offered the shot from the fans. So were the fans arrested too? Were there fans really there? I am hoping that wasn't made up by Bruce and his people. Because it does seem also odd that 3 months ago this happened, fans were taking photos with Bruce and Bruce was arrested. What Bruce fan wouldn't instantly take to the internet to talk about this when it happened? Did the fans leave before the arrest? Police said Bruce had the empty bottle.
  2. Not sure if it was posted but Rolling Stone in the past 45 minutes added some more and CNN said his court appearances at the end of this month... https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/bruce-springsteen-arrest-1127186/
  3. My big question is...why did this take 3 months to leak? Celebs are arrested all the time for being drunk. The media, sites like TMZ instantly report on it. So how in the hell did Bruce fly under the radar for 3 months? Bruce arrested in NJ in November but we find out about it in February? Come on! Now we have new reports saying he took 2 shots, had an empty bottle. This is said to be from the police report. No mention of fans any more. So Bruce on his motorcycle went to the park and got wasted? Just doesn't seem Bruce like. Of course I don't know Bruce but still something doesn't seem right. It really sounds like a cop arrested him for no reason, tried to cover his ass and he clearly was in the wrong here and they tried to keep this under wraps. Now it has leaked with different accounts. Also...where is the mugshot? Again celeb mugshots get out pretty damn fast. I just never have heard of ANY celebrity arrested and it took 3 months for that arrest to be made public
  4. Didn't see him... he was playing the part of the ghost by not being on stage.
  5. I am sure they needed that live fix last night but 2 songs and I am betting they were ready for 3+ more hrs. Bruce has often sounded a bit off, rusty when doing shows like this. Last time on SNL he sounded rusty. At 71 though he still looks and sounds great I think, as does the rest of the band. Not to mention they didn't perform until after midnight and it has been 3 years since he performed like this. Rust is expected for sure. It just makes you want this damn virus gone even more now so we can get live shows again. We need it...Bruce for sure needs it!
  6. Sure. I mean is it no longer the ESB minus Clarence or Danny? Or when Max (who wasn't an original member) had his son fill in? Those shows were odd without Max. Or when Steve, also not an original, wasn't there due to filming or when he quit? Gary is the last original member of the E Street Band (not counting Bruce) and sucks he wont be there. First show he has missed correct? I am sure everyone is so ready to get out there and play.
  7. Letter to You, Ghosts or Power of Prayer and hopefully Merry Christmas Baby Would LOVE to hear Janey Needs a Shooter though considering it's length I doubt it.
  8. So I assume Letter to You along with maybe Ghosts or The Power of Prayer? Possibly the end credits doing Merry Christmas Baby like they did in 2015 with Santa Claus is Comin' to Town? Hopefully they will actually by 12/12 still be able to do with due to the virus. I am sure the entire band is ready to finally perform again!
  9. I pre-ordered mine from Wal-Mart's website when it was announced and the album is no longer on their website. The vinyl version is but the CD is not. I wont let me cancel my order so I guess I will see tomorrow if it's ready for pick up or if I will have to just go back to the limited music section and buy it HOWEVER I asked an employee last time I was there and he said the album is not in their system so Wal-Mart might not get it! The vinyl version wont be available until 10/28 btw. Below is the original Wal-Mart link for the CD which is empty now... https://www.walmart.com/ip/Bruce-Springsteen-Letter-To-You-CD/329941643
  10. Yeah but guys like Nugent, Limbugh etc said the same thing about Obama and Obamacare if passed. Both sides do it. If you read the article, Bruce was joking.
  11. 1. New York City Serenade 2. Tenth Avenue-Freeze Out 3. Backstreets 4. Rosalita (Come Out Tonight) 5. Badlands 6. Drive All Night 7. Thunder Road 8. Thundercrack 9. Streets of Fire 10. Frankie It really is ever changing outside of the top 4. NYC Serenade is what truly got me into Bruce. That first time hearing that song so many years ago made me know why this guy was The Boss. Glad I FINALLY got to hear it live on his last tour and for the first time since the 70s he played it here in DC.
  12. First comment my dad made was that Bruce has dentures. Why his jaw looks different and when he talked he slurred his speech a bit. He said Joe Biden's jaw looks different now due to dentures and you notice him slur his words at times. We need this virus to go away so Bruce can do what he does best. Bruce is Popeye and the stage is his spinach. Sitting around the house like this is something I am sure makes him antsy like it does for all of us. He sounded great though. I don't think anyone is being negative. Bruce is nearing 71...still looks in great shape.
  13. I showed it to my dad and first thing he said...Bruce might have dentures now. He said when he talked his voice slurred a bit and could be why his jaw looks different. He pointed out Joe Biden, who clearly has dentures, has a different looking jaw that a few years ago.
  14. So have plans changed because Bruce himself said that his 2017 tour would not be with the E Street Band. He said the reason he did The River 2016 tour was to tour with them again because it would be a few years inbetween tours, he was doing a solo tour
  15. Never cared too much for the original version so saw little to no need to re-recorded it again. This version is better, might be even better live however I can't believe this is the first single from the new album, which both Billboard and Rolling Stone are saying is likely. High Hopes sounds like it could've fit on Wrecking Ball so if the sound of the new album is similar to WB that's fine with me, great album however hopefully something new is released as the first single and hopefully Dream Baby Dream is NOT on the album!! High Hopes is no We Take Care Of Our Own as a kick off single.
  16. A Good Day to Die Hard SO HORRIBLE!! Every critic was right and cant believe they are making another one. The first three were fun, even the fourth, which didn't feel like a Die Hard movie, wasn't too bad but this one...feels nothing like a Die Hard movie at all. The problem...they changed the John McClaine character too much. It feels like every other Bruce Willis action movie. This is 40 The unofficial sequel to Knocked Up. Love this movie. Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann, who played the same couple in Knocked Up, have such great chemistry and it's a Judd Apatow movie so usually it's a winner. Leslie Mann, Appatow's wife, is arguably the funniest female actress around today and Rudd...I love his brand of comedy. Oh and the two little kids, Apatow's real life daughters, steal every scene they are in. There is also a funny scene involving some Philadelphia Flyers players...i'm a huge Flyers fan!
  17. One of the best setlists by far of the tour. What a mixture. Bruce threw alot of curveballs tonight and wasn't even in a baseball stadium. I'm exhausted from just looking at the setlist.
  18. Living on the Edge of the World!!!! This is actually one of my favorite Bruce songs and it was finally played...and two shows after DC damnit!
  19. Listening to the stuff he did with Gary U.S. Bonds. Such amazing music and I would LOVE to hear a full album like that from Bruce. That music pretty much was Gary U.S. Bonds And The E Street Band. Bruce has played some stuff from those records live (Jole Blon) and Out Of Work was pretty much reworked and retitled Livin' In The Future. With Bruce covering a song like Higher And Higher it would be nice to hear a album of music inspired by songs by Jackie Wilson, Gary U.S. Bonds etc.
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