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  1. @Daisey Jeep thanks! better than ever actually. I discovered new way of life, happier than ever, healthier than ever, couldn't be better, cheers!
  2. This let to some confusion. I was asked the same question via email a couple of times so I give the answer here as well: The complete Leeds show (new edit with nugs audio) does not exist and I never dubbed the old video with nugs audio.
  3. For me it was the last time I filmed a concert from the pit start to finish. after this show "fans" pointed their fingers at me. What lovely people...
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZyjCQ34Ne4I
  5. @doesthisbusstopI am especially happy to hear thisI received not much feedback regarding the Hammersmith blu-ray (everybody only commented on how great Barcelona and New York look and how good the new song order of New York is). I guess that is because the improvement on Hammersmith is less noticeable (mainly better dynamic range in audio and just a little better picture because is now in 1080i and I used a denoise filter and made only a slight color grading adjustment) so I am quite happy to read this feedback ;-) Just a little correction thought: the blu-rays are in 1080i not 1080p, New York is 720p Happy watching!
  6. I think I have to put this one to the end of my queue. I want to finish my 2016 show multicams first. Those are "in my head" and I am in the flow with those. When those are finished I wanted to fully concentrate on Leeds (this one I am currently working on just here and there) but maybe I "squeeze" in Passaic some time in between any of those.
  7. you and me propably reading different threads then and no, I am no sensitive person, maybe but in other life circumstances, not in the virtual world
  8. what do you mean? the same handful of guys can use bad language and bad words on a daily basis and f**k with everyone but never anything happens to them
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