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  1. I think I have to put this one to the end of my queue. I want to finish my 2016 show multicams first. Those are "in my head" and I am in the flow with those. When those are finished I wanted to fully concentrate on Leeds (this one I am currently working on just here and there) but maybe I "squeeze" in Passaic some time in between any of those.
  2. It's been forever on my to do list: My personal version of Live in New York City. I have a 720p capture from Palladia TV which has better resolution than the DVD. I still wonder though if someone still got this beauty on their tivo and could "get it out" of there and do a better transfer but the only person I know who has it does not have the technical capability to transfer it (you'd need a HDMI splitter that disables the copy protection and a HDMI capturing device). Well, if no better source available I will go along and create the blu-ray from what I got. I mean, the editing is done already, so... I was always bothered by the official release. Such a big opportunity wasted. The songs they didn't include, the horrible song order, the many fade out and fade ins between songs... I put the songs in new order. Now Bruce's sweating evolves chronological. LOL. There are no more audio fades. I hate fades at a live releases! I fixed the interrupted transitions from Out in the street into Tenth Avenue (or was it Badlands into Out in the street or were there bad transitions between the whole three-pack-combo?) as good as possible regarding the material at hands (man, I wish I could have access to Bruce Inc's masters). The official release and lots of the editing looks like they ruined it on purpose. I mean how come you put a fade between songs that transition into each other? Even if one song is from another show the transition can easily be done and MUST be done. Nothing though I can do about some of the shaky camera angles. You may know what I am talking about. On the 2016 tour it was the most noticable. The camera from mid center behind the pit focusing on Bruce was so damn shaky. In my books and to my understanding at any high budget production things like this don't happen and get addressed immediately. But it is a problem Bruce Inc. is not addressing since at least 16 years. On LINYC there are two cameras focusing on Bruce from the sides that are both very shaky. I was bothered by this back then and still am today, today even more because my TV got bigger and you notice it even more...still, the images they filmed at these shows very well represent the live legend of Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band.
  3. the best you have ever seen? seems like you haven't seen about two dozens of my full show multicams then which are by far better than this Rome multicam. my Rome is coming end of this year by the way and will be much better than what is/was already out there ;-)
  4. There are so many people and companies who own rights. There are so many automated filters. Neither Bruce or JLM or Sony or Columbia or Nugs have anything to do with this "new player". A totally random act. Videos with cam audio, crystal cat audio and almost any other audio source have been taken down. All by some automated filter. When Downtown Music did this two years ago I filed a complaint and all my videos were restored. Not going to do it this time. It was fun while it lasted and everybody knows where to get the blu rays anyway :-)
  5. that is the kind of feedback I really love. you gave it a close look and a close comparison. the speed up you are referring to: almost all cameras back then filmed with 50 frames per second. as the new format I chose 24 frames per seconds. that means frames are being dropped. that might be what you see here. even I didn't notice that before but now see it. that is a little trade of though for the new look and keeping the footage in progressive scan for a blu-ray, only blu-ray format/resolution supported is either 1080p progressive scan with 24fps or 1080 interlaced with 25 (PAL) or 29.97 (NTSC) frames per second. a 25 fps video would make sene of course, because it is much easier and "cleaner" to drop each second frame but 25fps means it is PAL and the blu-ray can't be watched on NTSC systems so I am going for 1080p/24 like on all my latest blu-ray releases.
  6. Dubning sound... Done in no time. That is the easy part
  7. Here is the new one with new audio: http://youtu.be/YSDR8K3P26k