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  1. Fortunately not. Why is that? I'd pay a great deal of money to hear Bruce (and any of my favorite bands) play some of his unreleased songs... Because most unreleased songs are unreleased for a reason. I go to gigs to hear songs that I know and love. Perhaps I should have said 'premiered' unreleased material. Floyd were playing fair chunks of Wish You Were Here and Animals live well before they were released. These weren't out takes. Bands wouldn't do that these days simply out of fear of the internet etc
  2. This might have been the tour I saw at the Liverpool Empire when I was a wee lad. They played a first set of Raving and Drooling and You Gotta be Crazy (later renamed for Animals) and Shine on You Crazy Diamond Second set was DOTM followed by an encore of Echoes. Can you imagine a major band these days playing a full hour of unreleased material live? Shame the live version of Echoes from this tour has never been officially released - though I do have a soundboard version from the 'Cruel but Fair' bootleg. and yes side one of Atom Heart Mother is brilliant
  3. I agree. Brilliant. Proper rock music with long guitar solos. Love it. Although strictly speaking that's from a Dave Gilmour solo show with one other ex Pink Floyd member.
  4. You bet! "If" and "Fat Old Sun" are just perfect...! God, DSOTM and WYWH at one show... I was born too late... Not sure about that. See my post above re. 70's gigs. It was like watching life size cardboard cut outs (drummer excepted) with lighting effects. But they sounded great.
  5. Personally I never liked the Syd Barrett stuff much. Pretty certain he only played on their first album and early singles but I might be wrong. I never liked that whimsical style of writing. For me Floyd proper started with Dave Gilmour.
  6. I liked them up to Animals. Later stuff was ok. Gilmour is a great guitar player. One of my favourites I saw them live a couple of times. Liverpool Empire November 1974 and Bingley Hall 1977. A lot of nice lighting effects but not the most charismatic performers I've ever seen. I love the Animal Instincts bootleg from 1977. Shame we only have this as an audience recording.
  7. Porcupine Tree. Proper music by blokes with long hair and beards. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FpdA5j5eGbo
  8. I like it.. It's good sign that he's focused on recording full band stuff rather than mumbling over an acoustic guitar.
  9. I've noticed Europeans tend to dominate the Bruce forum but Americans dominate the Underworld / Fight Club where they debate and argue US politics type stuff which no one else understands or really cares about.
  10. Oh, Julie Burchill eh? She and her "right on" mates at the NME trashed anything that didn't fit their views. That's why serious rock fans bought Sounds or Melody Maker. The following week Nick Kent also in the NME used a review of a Ry Cooder album to call out Burchill for her River review being really quite off the mark and patronising. NME subsequently gave good reviews to all Bruce albums - except Human Touch - which they called a "load of old boss". I didn't always agree with Burchill and co. but at least they wrote challenging reviews that made music fans think about why they were slavishly devoted to making music artists ridiculously rich even when their product was sub standard.. Most music journalism these days (e.g. Uncut, Q, Mojo, seems to deliberately play up specific types of artists so their carefully targeted readership will carry on buying their magazine. I guess that's why the Clash,etc still appear on the cover of Uncut at least once a year.
  11. Quote: For the record, The River was universally loved by fans and critics when it came out. Those live shows are the stuff of legend, especially as it was a kiss off to the old Bruce. Next time we saw him he was a muscle bound bona fide superstar. Rosalita too has always been loved. There was a lot of controversy when he finally weaned himself off it in the late 80s. Not strictly true. Julie Burchill totally took the piss out of it in her New Musical Express Review. In particular the lyrics.
  12. I think I've heard/read that argument once or twice (maybe three times even) whenever the issue of Bruce re-hashing old material was brought up. Wasn't "Wrecking Ball" originally a song written specifically about the demolition of a football stadium? No offense though. Just sayin'. I always saw Wrecking Ball as a song about growing old, the ravages of time etc inspired by the demolition of Giant's Stadium but with wider more universal associations. Never quite got High Hopes when it was released back in '95 but the recent live version on YouTube is great.
  13. Sounds like normal healthy single guy behaviour to me.. But the 'bad' desire things sounds like a bit of a Catholic guilt thing going on. I think this is where the therapy thing should have stepped in.- or emigration to the UK where we tend to love a good no strings attached guilt free shag.
  14. What about that bit in Wreck on the Highway where he climbs in bed with his 'baby' after witnessing a fatal crash? Is that creepy Paedophile stuff too? Doesn't he actually marry a 'little girl' in Stolen Car? And what about that 'little girl' in Two Hearts? What was she crying for? Did creepy Bruce offer her some sweeties? And that 'little girl' on the strand in The Price You Pay with the baby in her hands? was it her baby? Was she a 'little girl' if she was able to conceive? There's also a 'little girl' in I Wanna Marry You who is also a single parent.. Was Bruce the 'Daddy'? And didn't he give a 'little girl' away to Gary US Bonds? Grooming for sex I call it! C'mon guys it's standard cliched rock n roll writing and nothing else. You are reading too much into it. Deeply Flawed Individual? No more than you or I. Deeply flawed use of the English language? Yep!
  15. There's a note to self on the Darkness box set - 'rent Badlands movie'. There's all manner of references to films and novels throughout his early and later work. Nothing wrong with that at all but I took going to 'dark places' as implying that he was kind taking his inspiration from living out on the edge a bit which I don't think he did. In fact he strikes me as the kind of suburban white guy who would run a mile from the 'edge' the moment it appeared. Nothing wrong with that either. I do likewise. Though I do wonder how he researched Reno.
  16. I think he watches movies, reads newspaper articles and - sometimes - books and steals ideas from them. Hats off to anyone who can earn millions that way.
  17. Which 'dark places' - I think Bruce writes very much from the sidelines.
  18. I always wait till the box set is released before I watch GoT and other American series I like. That way you get to judge things in their entirety rather than episode by episode. Like watching a 10 hour film. There's bound to be some weak or quite moments but taken as whole really good.
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