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  1. Any palestininan nation would associate itself with islam. Looking back at the texts it would be theirs. Israell faces violent, racist fascistic extermination if it lowers its guard. Bit like loiw part of Holland defending against the storm of increrasing floods.
  2. Whats wrong with zionism, fundamentally.
  3. Decomposing, with any luck.
  4. Wonder was she having the "Did you ever get aroused when Bugs Bunny dressed as a girl bunny?" conversation.
  5. I'll have a White Russian.
  6. No not since the 60's.
  7. There seems to be a real issue with Scooter borne criminals AND acid attacks in London at the moment. These guys seem to have combined the two. Its particularly an issue for me as I have to go up there and worse friends who have to go there on public transport. i think, if its not already regulated, the buying & possession of these types of acid will have to be looked at by legislators soon. As for scooters, I really dont know. They are so maneuverable the police cant catch them, and if they do pursue, the rider or pillion will remove their helmet at which point the police have to call off the chase. I think the answer may be in surveillance and intelligence. But saying that, the police have had massive cuts recently and many crimes are simply not looked at other than to issue a crime number. That is something that will have to be looked at.
  8. I'm not sure if this all will impact on the security of any Radiohead gigs in Israel, or outside for that matter.
  9. You have no large predators or venomous snakes in NZ do you. what about dangerous insects?
  10. We get periodic electoral registration forms here sent to addresses and you are supposed to remove any people non resident and confirm any people still living at that address. Its a compulsory thing but you can do it online if there are no changes. Not sure how often it happens but seems less frequently than elections/referendums these days.
  11. Do any states record "who" an individual votes for as opposed to "whether" they have voted or not? In the UK its theoretically possible to tell whether an individual votes but not necesssarily for whom.
  12. I would suggest that in the UK at least the combover reached peak development in the mid 70's. "AHHHHH Woud that it were, would that it were... Fathers and older sons only!" This was probably the "scramjet" point of combover research, further work being put into plugins, clippers, or plain hatwearing.
  13. Same down here. Essex accent is different from 2 different Kent accents, London has about 6 accents minimum. I had a Devonian accent as a child but now its a bit estuarine.
  14. Accident of birth is a real thing with this. If we had had gender based equality of sucession in the 19th century then when Queen Victoria died she would have been suceeded by her eldest, Victoria II, then within the year her eldest would have suceeded her, Kaiser Willhelm of Germany!
  15. It is devilishly hot at the moment, even in the UK. I expect to hear of heathland fires here soon. But our forests dont seem to burn as much and i dont think we even have any water bombers.