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  1. This is really sad. She was no age and had kids. Spookily I was watching an interview on friday she and (i think) Noel had given to the bbc recently about their reforming and Dolores spoke about her back problem, apparently a disk issue caused by carrying her guitars. She did seem a bit "not right", a bit demure, maybe a bit frail looking, but perhaps thats how she always looked. I had been watching videos on youtube and that led me there.
  2. The brutal execeution of that young priest seems to match my recollections of descriptions of "hanging drawing and quartering", whereby you would be hung until nearly unconscious, then cut down and revived, your genitals cut off and then thrown into a fire in your sight, then you would be disembowled whilst still alive, then beheaded your body cut 8nto 4 and these remains displayed around the country. Was kind of the x-factor of the day.
  3. Hi I am using a new phone to access the site and none of the hyperlinks work in landscape mode for me. I have a note 8, went from a note 3 which worked perfectly. Anyone know if there's something I need to do to fix this?
  4. OK cool, I thought it would be weekly. I,m grabbing two to four as we speak!
  5. Are there more than one episode available now???
  6. I saw this, mostly about the period 1856-1960 this ep. Good stuff, I didnt know a lot about the earlier history except the Dien Ben Phu debacle. I should say as well as the timeline narrative there are interspersed witness testimonies from different periods, but not confusing.
  7. Possibly these undead may not be able to swim but if they cannot drown they would be able to walk along the sea bed or simply raft like fire ants.
  8. The ads are annoying esp on the all4 app as they go loud and quiet.
  9. He got outvoted by the "lets use an etch-a-sketch" school of thought.
  10. Maybe this explains why this series has been a bit flatter this time, the last 2 episodes have a LOT of CGI in them which must have blown the budget/post production time. Dont explain the writing though - but the shocks are still there I guess.
  11. I think you were meant to think he might, but he didnt???
  12. Exactly, I would rather lounge on my couch and watch a high quality feed with the rest of the masses than refresh, refresh hunched on a chair watching via the internet. Yeah I'm not a fan of streaming.
  13. I think they are rips from DVDs that were circulating amongst production crew so 640/480 or whatever.
  14. Thanks for the heads up but I'll wait. Hope I haven't revealed anything important to you before you watch. Enjoy. No worries mate, I never read anything before I've seen the latest episode! I made an evening out of it and watched 4 episodes in a row, now I have to wait for about a month, damn! Yeah I saw em sunday and now I cant evdn talk abut it till may or something. Bloody leaks.