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  1. Greyhound. Horribly inaccurate. Stick to the cruel sea.
  2. Watched "The death of Stalin" last night. Very good, loved Buscemi as Kruchscev.
  3. Yeah it's a series, in the vein of "Making a murderer" Drone shot of the towns water tank? TICK!
  4. I was looking at a report on a crashed c130 and it had the same range of recorders, so it seems they Rnt concerned. Well you live and learn.
  5. I would have thought this could be a security issue if one went down behind enemy lines, no?
  6. I bingefied tiger king on Netflix today. It's got everything you want from a netflix documentary, drone shots of forests, twangy guitar soundtrack, people speaking on phones from prisons, reporters outside provincial courthouses, the list goes on.
  7. I was thinking with the last show I saw whether youd want to have inflight recorders on military Blackhawks. These wernt presidential flight as some junior engineer had swapped them due to a technical issue, due to them being worn from Afghan service?
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