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  1. The first album where there were internet leaks illegally ....I remember having The Rising and Lonesome Day on a mixed CD i made before the actual release
  2. AND Held Up Without A Gun on the same page ...Thanks for the heads up
  3. I thought that might have been sarcasm but wasn't sure ....Love the new Avatar btw !!!
  4. Another Internet Moderator abusing his power ...Typical ....Incredible Story ..... The fact that it was important enough for the Mom to schlep around with her is almost tear inducing. The internet is a crazy place ....It really DOES create bonds and do good things ....
  5. And only one Stand On It .......Apparently that only became a tour regular for the last 3 weeks or so
  6. Two Caddies, a Ramrod and the coveted closing slot for the great,great Sherry .....what a summer night in the swamp .....
  7. I think a lot of this is for his legacy. We know he is disappointed with how much prime audio/video doesn't exist ....This partial show .... in what i am assume will be in stunning video quality ...does apparently exist ....it would make sense that he would prefer to not look like an asshole.
  8. My first time seeing a theatrically filmed E Street Band .....The Section of the film with "Quarter To Three" grabbed me by my throat and never let go ...i couldn't believe what i was seeing ........High quality footage of this would be nice to have i think !!!
  9. I can only answer this with one word ....HORNS !!!
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