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  1. I would like to write the setlist I am actually panicking a little though. The prices....the availability .... The fact at just how old so many of us are ...This really COULD be it....i will have to arrange my work schedule ...to the point that i may risk corrective action if they don't work with me...this is too important to me and i'm too close to retirement to care .... My son is 24 ...he has not seen Bruce since he was 17 .... he will be involved in Grad School during this tour and i really want us to see another show together before we lose anyone else. .. I have not seen a stadium show since October 1st 2003 and i know this time i will have to breakdown .... I did hear that the sound at Metlife in 2016 was pretty incredible though .... Setlist ? .... I am sure i will have complaints....even at shows i've raved about i've had complaints .... I think its just natural if you have seen someone double digit times .... But there is not enough time left to worry about what i hear anymore ..... I just want to hear the sound of the ESB again.
  2. The Symphonic crescendos definitely make it less boring for me .... They draw me in.
  3. So after 5 pages of discussion my original premise may be wrong ..... Although not completely implausible as we each bring our own lifes experience to the song ....But as Westcoastgirls friend said .... Its about how it makes us feel .... And this one definitely made me feel. Pardon me .... I need a shot of Sherry Darling or Jole Blon or something to cheer me up
  4. Thanks Dan ....Fairly straightforward set list so i don't feel TOO bad not going. Just hoping they don't do a full album Exile on Main Street tour.... I'd have to hit the 401K for that one i guess
  5. Good thing he wasn't formerly on Fantasy records. Because I think Saul Zaentz might have sued him for the stealing the first line of Your Own Worst Enemy for Chasin' Wild Horses. But its his music and he has every right to lift it. I actually liked the connection. Brought me back to an album that has some of my all time favorites on it.
  6. Good one Jimmy .... I didn't love my Mom's NKC album ....it was slow and boring ...but love the one you posted ...and this one ...in honor of the first day of summer ( or winter for Daisey )
  7. Its an album about aging so i relate .... and i think i'm a sucker for strings. Also based on my ranking of Bruce's other solo material my expectations were not through the roof. I think its impressive for a man writing music for 50 years. I feel like masterpiece is a rating that should be bestowed over time. But for the moment i am enjoying having new music from one of my favorite artists.
  8. Lol .... i was very fond of my Moms Dean Martin albums
  9. Its ambiguous ( the best lyrics can usually be interpreted in more than one way ) ....But i think people who are ( ahem ) older and in a long term loving relationship will see it that way ....even if it makes me super uncomfortable to think about.
  10. A little early in the game for me still Eileen ... But i don't think i'm going overboard calling this my favorite "solo"album. But favorite in a completely different way than i usually enjoy my Bruce .... It makes me sad .... But there is an empathy there for all of us long time fans as we and him all get older. While there is certainly nothing on this album that will replace Open All Night, Long Time Comin' and Johnny 99 for me this is much more relatable for me than an album with serial killers all over it.
  11. I'm sure there are multiple meanings .... But is memories through the eyes of a widower one of them or am i just being morbid ?