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  1. Loose Ends was perfect also .... Bruce was in great voice and the sax solo was amazing..... Do we know if that was Eddie that night ?
  2. I'm a Rocker as the opener....i love that .....i wonder if that was the only time he opened with it ?
  3. Great point .....we are lucky to have him ..... I do think Bruce has stayed clean for the most part though ....I'm sure that helps !
  4. Thats cool ... A later release .... I wonder if there are old Grass Roots singles re-released on RCA also ?
  5. Sounds like Bruce was there for both of us at a tough time in our lives Daisey .....one of the reasons we love him so much.
  6. Dont want to be morbid ....but the year The River came out ..... I did indeed pack my pa and my aunt to the Cadillac Ranch....was a bad year made more bearable by Bruce and my Bruce girl .....
  7. I would be so happy for you to get an Archive release .....I have been very lucky in that respect ...... I think my 5 favorite or best shows have been released ....the only thing really left for me would be my first show ..... And i am jealous of your description of the sound at moncton ..... sounds incredible !!!!
  8. Tough question ...... Sort of like Cadillac Ranch .....absolutely rousing rock and roll .....but with overtones of death
  9. 36 hours and four flights each way. You are my hero !!!! I get annoyed if it takes me a few minutes to get out of the parking lot for my 15 minute ride home
  10. I was just awakening to Pop/Rock in 1971. It started with 45's. I think the first two were McCartneys Another Day and Three Dog Nights monster hit Joy To The World ......All 4 Beatles were releasing music...What Is Life ....It Don't Come Easy...I had a 3:35 single of Won't Get Fooled Again ( damn what a hack job lol !!!) .....Didn't take long for me to become a music maniac.
  11. I was horrified he had fired the Blood Brothers....I missed two keyboards ....i missed the sax ....But the Bandleader ..... he was a decent entertainer and i enjoyed the shows
  12. Thank You for including the date ..... I almost fell for it ....I'm a big fan of Strutter
  13. To Paraphrase : This is his last chance You tell him i ain't no bum Cause you and me were gonna make it Rosie ....in 2021
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