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  1. The only thing i was familiar with was this...from a 2 cd set of Bruce covers ....always loved this
  2. And maybe a little Something In The Night ...its quite the darkness mash up !!!!
  3. Streets Of Fire/Racing In The Streets/Backstreets ? I'm trying to put my finger on it also ....such power !!!!
  4. Exactly ....The sounds of Roy's piano in Bruce's music is one of the most consistently beautiful things in music ..... it gets me every time. I've lost John Lennon, Freddie Mercury, Jerry Garcia and George Harrison and it has in some way diminished me.... To get this album from someone so important to me musically at this phase of life is truly a gift.
  5. Well ....in all honesty you may be right .... Those subtle E Street touches make the song so beautiful...Takes it to another level for me .... The One Minute/Ghosts/I'll See You In My Dreams Trifecta is one of the most thematically moving things i have ever heard .... And you can totally borrow table setter lol
  6. Not ready to make that call yet. I really do love Magic .....But time will tell.
  7. Maybe Miami will have more of a say in the setlists this time. Assuming there is a this time of course.
  8. Dan they used to refer to that as Bruce Juice on the radio when they played some ESB in the morning. Enjoy ( and i think you will )
  9. I can't stop listening to Burnin' Train ..... Between that incredible intro and what i am assuming is Bruce harmonizing with himself on this line "I wanted you to heal me but instead you set me on fire" I am completely blown away I'll See You In My Dreams left me a complete pile of blubbering mush the first time i heard it. Hey i liked the Banjos .... and i know a lot of you love acoustic Bruce ..... But this is the kind of music that made him a superstar...The reason we are all here.
  10. I don't know German .... But i love the two songs you singled out .... They are both fantastic.
  11. New Years Eve to my recollection was 8:30-1:25 although i could be off on the 8:30 ......... but the intermission was quite long ....
  12. Thanks for the reminder Marnix. I can't even begin to express how much this album means to me. A roller coaster of all of life's emotions good and bad crammed into 83 incredible minutes.
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