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  1. 15 !!! Thats impressive....I think only 4 for me.
  2. ...The clips of Him and Patti are quite heartwarming ...
  3. BTR/She's The One Badlands/Adam Crush on You/You Can Look Roll Of The Dice/Real World Girls In Their Summer Clothes/I'll Work For Your Love
  4. That is a truly amazing Bruce moment. Lauren somehow had something to do with the setlist that night. I am sorry for all who loved her.
  5. A Train Wreck i guess .... But an interesting Train Wreck nonetheless
  6. I'll be the weirdo in the room . Out of the "big 6" The jazzy WEISS is definitely my least favorite .....and Incident didn't pop for me until it was the B Side of "Fire" .... Part of it might have been the novelty of a 10 minute single .... But i was taken by the Romeo and Juliet vibe and the beautiful melody .... and for a lot of "old-timers" on this board AMIW's quest to finally hear the song live is one of the things i loved about this board ..... I finally did hear it myself .... twice to be exact .... the first time at Nassau in 2008 .... But the WIESS show at MSG ....It was mesmerizing ...The tear inducing beautifully melodic guitar solo that i truly never wanted to end. An Epic tragic love story ....
  7. An Ipod Through I Tunes .... where do i find this option ?!? Sound check i guess ? I had gone in and manually adjusted some playback levels ..... But its sort of tedious !!
  8. Great Point Lampi .... There was no internet when this show took place and i honestly knew little about it .... But in retrospect a hugely important transitional moment for "The Boss" who was ready to be Bruce for awhile ....and they are charging two dollars less which is cool. Not my favorite version of "You Can Look" though
  9. TV Movie and full band Real World hell yeah to both
  10. Yes !! ...Two of my friends went. I heard from both sources that the sound was excellent which is good news for the hoped for ESB shows next summer !!! ( one of the people that saw the stones had previously raved about the sound for Bruce at Met life in 2016 )