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  1. Oh that sax solo.......its classic tear inducing e street.....I'm separated physically from my baby right now because of an accident and covid and just the thought of the song is making me tear up.......
  2. That's crap....are they using decline of advertising due to covid as an excuse ?
  3. Right ? Yeah none of us were thrilled about the break up....but the man had always given us so much every time. 4 hours with the intermission every show. Add that to the fact that it was a benefit for a girl who had tragically died at 21.....my wife and I wanted to hide under our chairs.....
  4. Bruce in something to prove mode for what is starting to look like the last time........8 years since the legendary European summer of 2012.....2 more years than there was between the other band and the reunion.....and time marches on......for all of us
  5. lol.....I guess I was being flippant.....working on an iPad mini while in a rehab for an injury so didn't write a lot.....I mean my god Mike Campbell ( that bum !! ) is on that list.....but in reality I really know nothing about Peter Green..... And i was sort of a casual FM fan.....but I have always loved Lindsey.....his songwriting particularly ....but when my wife and I finally saw them in 2016 Lindsey's guitar playing actually stole the show.......
  6. I voted for Lindsey because he wrote Monday Morning lol
  7. Thanks Daisey.....was fun to read my 13 year old commentary lol
  8. I was there...first Bruce show in almost 8 years....couldn't be at all critical ....sort of like making love for the first time 8 years ....hard to complain I would think.....my sister had bought tickets for my wife and I for our anniversary.....it was her first Bruce show ....Bruce was in an incredibly playful mood daring the audience to boo his LA references..... i remember being blown away on darkness by the female gospel vocals.....and to get open all night.....not completely electrified....but maybe to this day the closest we have.....the Howard Johnson reference.....I was gone.... the opening of the second set sealed the deal for me....with Bruce dropping in another personal subltlety in 99 with his "listen up buddy you can take my advice....from somebody who's been down that aisle...once or twice".... Yeah I wanted two keyboards...yeah I wanted say....and until they left the stage I died for the Detroit medley But itwas Bruce in New Jersey on a Summer Saturday.....and there was no place I'd rather be
  9. Took our 8 year old son to his first Bruce show on 7-24. He rode the Ferris Wheel in the parking lot and was very excited when he saw Clarence. Clarence was also the last thing he saw as he fell asleep during the Sax solo on Jungleland. My 7th ESB show and 11th Bruce show. My first She's The One and No Surrender which made it a memorable show. I also recall it was the first show in 3 or 4 where it didn't rain. It was a beautiful summer night. I was one of the people disappointed by the show on the 26th. It was my first Adam Raised a Cain. He opened with it. That was my highlight.
  10. Out of that entire list i have one Pink Caddy ....Oh and 3 Santa's I might have to check Bruce Base for Johnny Bye Bye .... I may have seen it
  11. You are Correct !!! Stand On It for me. And maybe a good time to agree with what RJM said ..... I might be willing to agree that Janey is "Best" .....But its not my favorite. I absolutely LOVE Janey ....But when i turned over that Glory Days single ....My head exploded !
  12. I Wanna Be With You, Held Up Without A Gun, Be True. Ricky Wants A Man Of Her Own, take Em As The Come Party Lights And Meet Me In The City work for me .... Lot of love for Roulette and Loose Ends from many members. Not looking foward to the removal of Crush On You of course
  13. Missed this first time around ....The Legendary Rude Motherfucker Show .... We did love Settle For Love and Jole Blon .....but i felt like a little of the air came out of the show after "the incident on 33rd street"