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  1. Played every night in the encores ? ....Considering i went to six shows and he "closed" with it twice ....I guess i need a fact checker ....Twitter is gonna get me
  2. Why yes ..I am a sucker for the Bagpipes ...why do you ask ? I really guess i have no way of substantiating this ...But i always thought Bruce became a fan through his son who attended Boston College.
  3. As a fan of the DKM i was very excited to have a friday night concert .... But when they went to the wide shot of the deserted stadium it was sad ....
  4. I wasnt 100 percent sure the video was perfectly synced so they cut away...maybe ...Wanted Badlands but was thrilled to hear Bruce and Dropkick do the song that Bruce closed with every night from 2007-2009....Also loved the tour of Fenway at the beginning ..... My euro friends please feel free to substitute your favorite iconic footie stadium ..... But i certainly appreciated the effort .....
  5. I have their cover of Badlands on my Ipod ....they do the '78 intro ...kind of hoping for that one !!...And dream pick ....fields of athenry
  6. I ADORE the multi instrumentalists with punk energy ....saw them 3 times and they rock hard ....Captain Kelly was awesome !!!
  7. First Beatles Song # 23 Oh and since we are where we are ...First Bruce song # 166 https://wcbsfm.radio.com/blogs/joe-cingrana/1011-cbs-fms-2020-memorial-day-weekend-top-500-countdown#//
  8. I have to admit the strings are gorgeous ....
  9. I'm sure it was just me ....But it almost didnt feel live to me.