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    And poor Old Dan Tucker is right on the border of top 5 for me ....always makes me smile and tap my feet

    Thunder Road is maybe the best song written by anyone ever ..... and yet ...It does a bit of a slow build .... I wonder which song has opened more shows ....TR or Badlands
  3. New archive - June 24th 1993

    Great Stuff looking at the collectibles .... I was always to cheap and poor to get involved ....That vinyl 57 channels with the small hole ...very cool ....I am sad though...My musical mind is slipping ....I have the CD Single...and i don't think i would have remembered that Part Man Part Monkey was the "b" side ....and that sort of crap trivia is important to me
  4. New archive - June 24th 1993

    I don't like Seeds .... THIS version i liked.
  5. New archive - June 24th 1993

    I wonder what that Federici guy was doing in 1992 ?
  6. The Calvary Reviews - My Blessings On Broadway

    What a great review. Our childhood never really leaves us does it ? No wonder everyone is crying.
  7. Magic now available on HDtracks

    Great Album ....and this sax solo live ( at about 4:04 was one of those Clarence moments for me .....) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DQ3b4GaRhyM
  8. Favourite Archive Series Release?

    I'm half with you .... Thought i was the only person that didn't love NYCS
  9. The Calvary and the Sunny Day Girls

    Sadly i always feel like returning from a trip hits you twice ....when you get home ....and then when you go back to work .....
  10. 5 Hour Clarence Documentary

    Sound is wildly uneven ....but had a lot of bootleg video....Largo '78....Paris '85....Some Red Bank Rockers and of course photos and interviews ...Its cool to see Bruce explained through the eyes of someone who had a front row seat ....Clarence said the played Sing Sing in 1971 and he shared some "interesting" anecdotes ....
  11. The Calvary and the Sunny Day Girls

    You ladies have at it then.
  12. R.E.M. Where to start?

    Life's Rich Pageant ....They lost me with Monster ..... Which was kind of a shame because i ignored New Adventures In Hi Fi for years .....and really liked it when i did hear it ..... But overall i like their "middle" period the best ....so Life, Green and Out Of Time i guess if u make me pick 3
  13. The Calvary and the Sunny Day Girls

    Indeed ...I'm about 0 for 10 in the poor mans lucky seat lottery ..... And i can't think of a better laker to spoil it for those of us that want it spoiled than Cal. Hopefully soon.....
  14. Top 100 from ESR

    I am not spending a lot of time scanning the list for Stand On It I don't often find myself reaching to listen to Thunder Road these days .... But in a poll for greatest song ... I'd vote for it everyday and twice on Sunday ....
  15. Favourite Archive Series Release?

    Stockholm '88 Meadowlands '84 New Jersey '93 Tower '75 and of course IF it had been released Tempe '80 which would be 1st or 2nd with Stockholm. Full disclosure i haven't heard Paramus but i am a big believer in at least one show from each tour .... and it seems most people prefer that to The Agora ...