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  1. No Birthdate on Roys wiki page ... But they will basically all be in their 70's by 2021... Lets keep our fingers crossed.
  2. Depressing to think Bruce is done rocking .... i know he has stated he will never do a farewell tour ...but at some point i think Landau will run the numbers for him
  3. Me Too .... Thank God i never got involved in any bar room wagers over who sang Candy O or i would be broke
  4. Sadly i don't remember the moment.I remember my cousin playing some songs from BTR for me and not liking his voice. Somehow though between that and 1978 i was at Sam Goody's the day Darkness was released and Badlands began my obsession. But there must have been something before that June day in 1978 that grabbed me and sent me to the record store on release day. Maybe Bat Out Of Hell ?!?
  5. Probably !!!! As much as i loved them i wouldn't have had a lot of reason to thinking about the subject in the last 30 years ...Ric was in the You Might Think video ...so he was the singer lol ....
  6. Actually i have a big one that i think i figured out just last year .... I worshiped the Cars first two albums ....and thought Ric Ocasek sang all the songs .... I thought it was interesting that they had a frontman with such quirky looks ....a phrase apparently not usually associated with Benjamin Orr i would think.
  7. Sounds more like Christine ...Lindsey does have a seriously high voice though.
  8. And he's home. Iceland looked absolutely gorgeous. He said Amsterdam was sleazy ...and he wants to move to London ...He had a ball .... Saw a Man City win .... ate too much Fish and Chips .... and decided he really likes scottish women. He was very impressed with your fine city. Anyway thanks to all for your advice and camaraderie. A relieved dad is happy to have him back and thrilled he had the experience.
  9. Makes sense .... However i actually do not know how to sort by upload date order ...i do appreciate it though !!!
  10. Been searching for this damn thing for 9 days with no luck. You must have mad google skills. Thanks BTW.
  11. Whining I know .... But i do wish i could buy ( or even hear ) Stand On It by itself
  12. A lost classic stones Riff .... IF i had a complaint about the show .... Its that my 3 favorite Talk Is Cheap Rockers were gone in the first 10 minutes of the show .....
  13. Love so many Grateful Dead songs ....THAT is not one of them.