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  1. Of course i do sweetheart....Sorry....i couldn't help myself .
  2. Small contribution made ....In Pounds apparently ....I was a little confused. I know You and Ray will make the right call .....But i am horrified to learn of the disease she had ( almost wish i didn't know) and of course research to fight it is the first thing i thought of. I wonder how long she knew and was still so upbeat and positive here .....
  3. Got 'em both 7-25-92...Missed Clarence and a second keyboard but a great Saturday night in New Jersey
  4. That IS cool...Those lyrics are my favorite !!! ..... I LOVE the Seeger version ....But I WISH they had let the rock and roll jam of this one be extended
  5. Awesome ....I had literally thought yesterday i should PM you and ask what you thought. He should know how much she brightened this place. Although i suspect he had a pretty good idea.
  6. You had the most amazing Bruce Tour guide ..... a truly awesome Jersey Girl taken WAY too soon.
  7. I am beyond sad. She was maybe the single most positive person i had the pleasure of running into on this board in my 13 1/2 years. And based on Rachel's stories that was not a put on. That was her. And that was the woman i had the pleasure of spending way too little time with after the 1-27-2016 River show that we both attended. I had always hoped we would meet again. There was a discussion going on last week about the possibility of recordings of the River tour from Northern New England in 1980, but since the furthest north it went was Boston there was speculation that maybe they mean
  8. In reality I have no idea what kind of time and money it would take ....and i dont want to spend Bruce's money for him ....But of course i agree ..... Its an important part of a rich legacy and thank god we have one .... But certainly there needs to be at least a couple more
  9. Damn if Johnny Rivers didn't have himself a rock and roll band 50 years ago....Great clip
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