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  1. As always, i can count on you for solid info...Thanks Lampi !!!!
  2. Kind of ...But my god it does scream out PLEASE TOUR !!!! Also ...January 25th and no mention of an Archive release. They must be REALLY working hard on that Veterans Show from '81.
  3. I try to tell people who don't know anything about ABBA that they are not Disco. This song does not help my case
  4. I've often thought an ABBA drinking game could be fun. Every time they sing the letter "S" where it sounds like a "z" in America but they dont sing it that way ....we drink......Or maybe a bong hit for those so inclined The word music is a classic example ..... I could get pretty banged up listening to Andante Andante.
  5. Expresso Love Please ....My god almost the whole album.... Yes to Warren ....Disorder In The House ! Ball Of Confusion was a great suggestion. Ill go with "Rip This Joint" for my suggestion. And of course i'd like to see them cover Detroit Medley
  6. Maybe with Bruces '70's voice. Neither him or Meat can sing that song now . Jungleland on Crack .... But at least we got to hear Max and Roy play it !
  7. Such a great great song ..... This song .... done by one of my true rock and roll heroes at the Beacon .... was one of my true Holy Shit moments ( you know...before i could cheat and look on the internet )
  8. Hard to say living in the USA. I had never heard the song BY ANYONE until the opening of Live Aid ....It was a great moment sitting in my pajamas and starting my Saturday like that ....But i pretty much love every version of that song !!! Of course this doesnt suck either lol
  9. Love Hyde Park ..... Good Lovin', Hard Times ....and Brian Fallons enthusiasm on No Surrender ... And of course the HUGE outro on Racing.
  10. I love Creedence and John Fogerty .... But my god has a cover ever so overshadowed an original ? ( Maybe Some Dylan....But even there not to this extent in my opinion )
  11. When you think about how many beloved rock stars are over 70 years old its very scary
  12. I guess i have a few .....But the first one was : I Can't go on like this I'm Thirty Years Old My Hearts startin' to go on me I can't .... I can't Now i don't want you to beg ... I don't want you to beg Don't You Know that i danced til' quarter to three