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  1. Brilliant place to cut the video
  2. Especially since we already had an acronym in place (ABDM) .....One of the reasons Ann Jones is one of my new heroes .... She voted her heart and let the chips fall where they may .... AWESOME post Lampi ....on December 4 1980 i held hands and swayed in the dark to Drive All Night ....and then danced like no one was watching for 15 minutes to the greatest rock encore ever performed ....with my future girlfriend and future wife .... The connection is the thing.
  3. '81 ? ..... I saw two shows in 1980...tried the mail order thing for Jersey in July 81 and got shut out ...
  4. I feel a little like Hillary after the election. Looks like its almost time for a concession speech..... Damn Quinnipiac polls said Detroit Medley was a lock. At least Trapped is a much more worthy winner than the other half of my analogy. Sad ....But satisfied that after 5 months ....two incredible songs slugged it out in the final. Did anyone who saw The River tour REALLY vote against Detroit Medley ? I seriously need a demographic study ...because that part at least is hard for me to believe.
  5. You can yes. I will admit waiting on a few earlier rounds to see how the voting was progressing. Not the case in the final of course.
  6. Obviously accepted .... And just as obvious...Who'll Stop The Rain is freakin' incredible .....especially the versions when Clarence was still on top of his game ..... And THIS
  7. I think i am numb from seeing so many songs i love left on the side of the road to get TOO upset ....I am surprised ....Honestly thought The Medley would win easily ...and i was clearly wrong ..... Maybe it still comes back and wins ...maybe it doesn't ...But i clearly underestimated the popularity of Trapped... I DO think Paolo might have miscalculated by letting us see how the voting was progressing.... Considering the movement had an Acronym (ABDM) .... i do wonder if Trapped got any protest votes .... But i'm not sure .... The song is clealy quite beloved ...and a worthy winner if thats how it plays out
  8. Terrible getting old....Took me 20 hours for the word i actually wanted .....Integrity.
  9. Geez Dude....I knew i was sort of being a wise ass when i posted this .... But thats kind of strong
  10. And Seven Nights to Rock has been pulled up. There seems to be something wrong with 7 Nights ....
  11. I'm quite sad that 7 Nites is getting shut out. I guess that once again shows how incredible the covers are.
  12. 1984 for me ..... a LONG time
  13. As one of the leaders of the ABDM Movement, your strength of character to vote for YOUR song ...is admirable.