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  1. And due to the vagaries of the calendar today is even Sunday. I know i felt that for the Nov 7th and 8th anniversaries.
  2. The end of an era for sure. While i guess technically The Carousel show was the actual last time Bruce and Clarence shared the stage, for all intents and purposes this was it. I wish it could have gone on forever.
  3. I guess unneeded ...but not necessarily uninteresting .....They pick some songs from the 21st century where you had soozie playing anyway and amp it up .... maybe even a DVD to hold us over until we ( dear god please ? ) get to see that magnificent new album rocked live
  4. Yikes .... I thought we were just banging out a quick album ... I didnt sign off on a tour
  5. Had no idea about Neil ....Thats great ....although samples sound sleepy ....I would not want Bruces album to sound like this.
  6. I want to know who played the piano !!!!!
  7. Interesting question ..... Charlie is awesome ..... I'm not smart enough to say if one is technically better .... or maybe as i have heard others say that Danny just had a feel .... that he always knew what and where to add something. But to me The ESB was always about Bruce, Garry, Danny, Steve , Max, Roy and Clarence.... The Magnificent 7....The Original Blood Brothers ..... I saw Bruce twice in 1980 and was upset in 1984 that Steven was gone. Now i'm in my 50's and we are Burying an original member. It sucked emotionally. I always wished he had been at the MSG River show in 2009. He should
  8. First time since 1984 that "Jungleland" and "Racing In The Street" are played in the same show.
  9. Probably my second favorite song on the album after Thunder Road ..... Didnt get to see it performed live until 2003 at my 11th Bruce show ....i was so happy.
  10. An Album by Hole higher than Goodbye Yellow Brick Road ..... I would prefer a list of the top 500 that ends in 1989
  11. I like the guitar solo which is reminiscent of the intro to Jole Blon ..... Honestly the song is close to perfect .....I do wish they had one last Piano note at the end ...the last high note i hear in my head .....
  12. Wish you could have been there the night before .....They did your WIESS proud ...and a fairly long Kitty that was swingin'
  13. The River was announced the Monday before the show .....at about 6PM .....It was like The Gift Of The Magi for me .... I was going Saturday .... to see what was my least favorite album of the big 7 .... the announcement made me sick .....But luckily Stub Hub bailed me out ...and even at non objectionalble prices .... I guess my second favorite Bruce show after the NYE 1980 one ....a great great night
  14. So beautiful ....So moving ..... The perfect closer to what Bruce was trying to say with this album. And absolutely my favorite song on the album .... I've made it through a few times without getting emotional .... But not a lot of times. One Minute You're Here/Ghosts/I'll See You In My Dreams ....Absolutely Perfect ..... These concerts were going to be so good
  15. Also Behind the Stage that night. It didnt seem to affect the sound. I had been lucky enough to lose my Incident 0-fer at Nassau Coliseum on 3-10-08....But this was other worldly. The Old Garden where on the right night the sound good be terrific. Over all this weekend was about THE NEXT NIGHT for me ...This show was .....as Andrew used to say when he would write the setlist Some Songs Incident On 57th Street !!!! Some Songs But This Incident was one of those lump in the throat please never end ESB Moments.
  16. Apparently im a fan of Broooce .....Bruce not as much.
  17. So many great songs ..... I'm actually surprised that Priest is winning so easily !!!!
  18. I went with I'll See You In My Dreams ..... NOT voting for Burnin' Train was hard ..... i almost sat it out ....
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