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  1. Upon further review ....They can keep the Bumble Bee song
  2. AND YES !!! That is one of them ....excited !!!! Now i need Rikky Rock N Roller
  3. From ABBA Undeleted ? There are some awesome snippets hiding in there
  4. Missed this yesterday .....I was at college in 1980 ..... I remember walking to the local record store as soon as class was done on the day it was released .....And then sweating for a month as to whether My old RA in my dorm was right that a couple of the kids in his new dorm had two extra tickets for the Buffalo show ..... Turns out he was right....They did ....but it was a long couple of weeks to get them in my hands !!!
  5. And you bring up another interesting point. Some of the "who cares about Brown Sugar" crowd include in their logic that they never need to hear that song again ....or they never liked it in the first place ..... So good for you ....but in a way you don't have a dog in the fight ......But in my case ....its an all time favorite ....Id prefer to see Sympathy For The Devil retired lol I'm just "meh" on Money For Nothing ......So it doesnt upset me that much ..... But the old Nazi analogy ...first they came for the Polish people ....But i wasn't Polish so i didn't speak up .....Might have some connection here ... Anyway ...as always i have no answers ....Just chiming in
  6. Its funny ....They used to call them Sky Boxes and i always found it interesting that the most expensive seats for the most well heeled clients were all the way upstairs ....Sadly for me and my limited budget they figured this out and all the new arenas and stadiums put the luxury boxes BELOW the cheap seats ....I have been to 3 shows i think at MSG since the big renovation ....all in the 200's .....and those seats kind of suck ...... As for the 18th ...... I got You Can Look ....which was the first River Rocker i had gotten outside of the regulars/semi regulars on the reunion tour (Ties, Two Hearts, OITS and Ramrod ) since 1984.....and Tougher Than The Rest for my wife ...... and i was also quite excited to hear American Land when i actually knew what i was listening to ....We were there when it was played for the first time ever to open the Seeger show in June of 2006 ....we loved it .....but had no idea what the hell we were listening to .... I checked Backstreets the next day and their Setlist had the opener listed as "??????" ......
  7. Big Shot ....I was at tomorrows show ...... Crap seats ....But had to be there ...... My last show with the whole band
  8. And i'm still going with "Scarred Old Slaver" ...but the stones were always hard to understand
  9. A little tough on the ears ....But what a rock and roll Artifact .....And i love the dance floor ..... See now THOSE people are rocking AND rolling ...not just rocking ......
  10. The Women whipping is the only thing i find completely horrible ..... Who heard this song when they were young and naive and just thought Mick liked black girls ? And maybe a little S&M ...not that i knew what the hell that was at 13.
  11. One of my all time favorite songs ....One i never get sick of. But certainly hard to defend. You make an interesting points. I am a fan of something else that is hard to defend these days ...Thoroughbred Horse Racing. The More concessions the sport makes to PETA they more want. There agenda is not to make the sport safer. It is nothing less than the flat out abolition of the game. With the world abandoning physical music ..... Just imagine how easy it would be to just remove Brown Sugar from streaming services. How many books will we burn. I love the song so much ....and of course had no idea what the hell they were saying ....I think a flea market was selling a used book of Sheet Music for Hot Rocks ..... I took a peak and was like Holy Shit .... THATS what they're saying ?
  12. Not sure ...i thought i read that Keith was asked about it
  13. Lot of Stones songs i love ..... But this ones my favorite of the war horses. The world has become a very interesting place.
  14. I understand .....But it makes me sad too https://nypost.com/2021/10/13/rolling-stones-retire-classic-rock-song-brown-sugar/
  15. And thanks ..... I dont think i had thought of this song since the advent of the compact disc
  16. Trailler Deserves its own thread .....My eyes got a little moist
  17. Not sure why i should be ..... But i am shocked !
  18. Why the man co wrote Good Morning Judge .....Maybe at least 3.3
  19. I dont know at this stage of his career ....and taking into account what part of Bruce's oeuvre it is that makes me a fanatic .... i'm not getting another LTY ....... I'd like to see Bruce with the band with my Son one more time before its over.
  20. Afraid to say anything. Or maybe i will just go with "I say yeah yeah yeah wooooo"
  21. And Happy Goofy Bruce at his finest ..... I laughed out loud at those dance moves ......
  22. Sport Coat Bruce at his absolute best ...So happy they are releasing this ....
  23. So i would clearly be tuned in !!!!!! And Thank You
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