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  1. I really like Let It Be .... I'd always wished they finished Maggie Mae ....But yeah ...The Blue and The Red are pure gold .... Talk about all killer no filler ...
  2. Maybe some from the same show but different boots .... But apparently i have 32 Detroit Medleys
  3. One could make the case based on Bruce's post BITUSA output that Bruce fails to understand the importance ....
  4. I was so excited about getting Adam since i hadn't heard it live and didnt even have it on any type of Bootleg....My favorite angry guitar track
  5. Checked I Tunes .... The Blue Album has the single version.
  6. I had mentioned some crazy differences on You Can Look also ....The ones on You Can Look i suppose could have been intentional .... That organ on PIAN is epic though.
  7. Oh man i'm embarrassed ..... I have NO recollection which it was ...and my god ...i was young for beatlemania ....and got the Red And the Blue ......life just doesn't get better than that ...( although in the same vein ....Hot Rocks was pretty good too )
  8. He does ....a few actually .... I would recommend Lucky One
  9. Thanks Dan .... I've always loved the sound of the guitar on the single version ( and yes ..it was the one I heard first )...It almost doesnt sound like a guitar to me ..... Such a cool sound.
  10. Nice to see another Mavericks fan here. Their concerts are great and Raul is the best singer i've ever seen live.
  11. Jerseyfornia posted some good ones ..."All You Ever Do Is Bring me Down" has become my Detroit Medley of the last 12 years ...he almost always finishes with it ... here is a live version
  12. Actually .... Neither was i lol .... I think he added it to the set when they played The Stone Pony ..... I have seen Raul Malo either solo, with his solo band or with the Mavericks a LOT ...second only to Bruce .....The best singer i have ever seen live and always fun .... But very eclectic ....My wife said i know why you love this guy ...he is a cross between Dean Martin, Elvis Presley and Ricky Ricardo .....i cracked up because i knew she was right .....
  13. I love Independence Day .... But i think the true genius of the song hit me some 33 years after it came out when i became the father in the song and my son was leaving for college.... How did he ever do that ? Talk about his magic trick ...wow
  14. This .. I cant go on like this ....I'm 30 years old ...My hearts startin' to go on me
  15. Love seeing The Mavericks getting a little shout out here !!!
  16. And any other song comparisons you'd care to add. I'm having a hard time right now. Maybe its like the two Buffalo 2009 Bootlegs where in reality i wanted a little of each .... The CC Boot was all power ....and Roy was next to inaudible .... On the other hand Hoseramas mix had nothing buy Roy .... It was an interesting listen .... But so odd ... Anyway two things to listen for if you have both .... The Piano on the intro of the 2015 version is off the hook ....and quite muted on the 2019 version On the other hand the part where Bruce sort of speaks in the middle of the song Steves voice is almost disarmingly prominent .... Anyway the 2019 is the much cleaner mix .... But i do feel like based on a small sample that i may have been cheated a little out of Roy and his old west piano.
  17. Phantom Dan at 3:30 is one of my favorite PIAN moments along with Bruce and Stevens yeahs at the end of the song on LINYC .....
  18. Steves Vocals on the last 90 seconds of the 12/29/80 OITS brings a huge smile to my face ....very entertaining.
  19. Well .... yeah .... i certainly wouldn't have been scrounging around the scalpers outside the Coliseum on New Years Eve if Buffalo wasn't one of the greatest nights of my life ..... But the whole walking away dejected because i couldn't afford a ticket turning into the gates of heaven opening for us for what was certainly one of the great rock concerts by anyone ..... Buffalo poured the foundation. Nassau built the Monument
  20. JJ if it wasn't for my nassau show i might not give a shit what he was doing .... That night cemented my fanaticism for life. Its a little embarrassing but we were on our way out at 1:20 AM after Twist and Shout and had to scramble back for Raise Your Hand .....