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  1. Lifes Rich Pageant is a classic example of why sometimes trying to fill an 80 minute CD is a bad idea. A 37 minute knock out punch
  2. They both had their time at the top .... From Night at The Opera until my first Bruce show in December of 1980
  3. U2 does nothing for me ....But that version of Bad with imbedded Ruby Tuesday blew me away. Queen are arguably my favorite band ever ....and yet the whole Live Aid reaction confused me somewhat.
  4. Ironically your opinion on Queen was very popular in America when i was young .... My thinking that Queen were the next Beatles was the unpopular opinion. My love of ABBA as a teenage boy couldn't have been less cool. I feel vindicated on both fronts .... although the Freddy front man stuff actually annoys me a little ...I like him more playing piano
  5. I believe its been referred to as "The Hoedown Version" ....My Wife and I heard it the 1st and went bananas.
  6. Most drunken nights of my youth ended up with White Castle and this....Now they're both gone For my personal taste in music ....The mixing of the piano on Europe '72 was amazing. RIP Robert.
  7. Well that ....and the fact that it sounds INCREDIBLE lol ....
  8. The Menu on my Second Disc doesn't work ..... Not terribly annoying for the concert songs ....But i think i usually just have to push buttons and hope to get to the bonus feature ....
  9. Maybe not recently .... But yes i think it has been lol
  10. Judging from facial expressions ....Goofy hats are fun .... for the person not wearing them
  11. The Hillbilly Shakespeare !!! I guess i didn't realize that Hank Williams died at 29. Episode 3 was awesome .... So many Hank songs that i took for granted. Jambalaya, Hey Good Lookin' , Cold Cold Heart, You Win Again ( which i knew from The Deads Europe '72.) I only had one song that was actually sung by Hank on My Ipod ... It was the closing theme from "The Last Picture Show" .
  12. I am !!!! Like Milk through the nose laughing.
  13. I know i grew up pre cell phone video .... But sure i have done it ....By myself ....in the basement ...and i most assuredly didnt tape it and post it on the internet ..... I enjoyed the carnival scenes ...if that was Bruce in the video i would like it
  14. God this girl is adorable ...Any of my Euro friends know anything about her ? Is she considered talented or just a producers flavor of the month ? My wife discovered the song on a commercial ....Thats how we find our music these days
  15. Dead at 75 ....Thanks for those amazing albums.
  16. Hour special on my PBS Channel coming up ....Looking forward to it !!!
  17. Hoping hes at least got one ticket to paradise. As BD said .... It was quite quick. I had known he was having issues. But this was still a bit of a shock. Nonetheless i guess we have to come to terms.... Behold the killing fields that lie before us: Bob Dylan (78 years old); Paul McCartney (77); Paul Simon (77) and Art Garfunkel (77); Carole King (77); Brian Wilson (77); Mick Jagger (76) and Keith Richards (75); Joni Mitchell (75); Jimmy Page (75) and Robert Plant (71); Ray Davies (75); Roger Daltrey (75) and Pete Townshend (74); Roger Waters (75) and David Gilmour (73); Rod Stewart (74); Eric Clapton (74); Debbie Harry (74); Neil Young (73); Van Morrison (73); Bryan Ferry (73); Elton John (72); Don Henley (72); James Taylor (71); Jackson Browne (70); Billy Joel (70); and Bruce Springsteen (69, but turning 70 next month). https://theweek.com/articles/861750/coming-death-just-about-every-rock-legend
  18. I've always wanted to see Weezer .... Love Green Day ...know very little about Fall Out Boy ... https://www.billboard.com/articles/columns/rock/8529609/green-day-weezer-fall-out-boy-billboard-cover-story-2019
  19. Late as usual ..... Happy Birthday Daisey. Very nice of Bruce to release a classic Darkness show with a really long Kitty in honor of your Birthday. Hang in there ... Spring is just around the corner !!!
  20. Funny how personal mixes can be .... Candys Room.... "She has Fancy Clothes etc" .... The 9/20 show has the piano is epic ...9/19 not as much ....
  21. Certainly in the hunt. Probably WAS my favorite at the time because i just couldn't listen to MCOR after the 9/11 telethon. But 18 years down the road i'll give MCOR its due as an E Street Classic. Further and Sunny Day are probably my other Desert Island songs.