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  1. Awesome !!! I used to be so excited by the Bruce.Net Videos ...and this one is no snippet .... The whole song !!!
  2. Fine .... Its early ...But here is my annual depressing ( but awesome) contribution. What i believe to be the last time that Scooter and The Big Man ever shared a stage ....some time i wish we could have that 11 years back
  3. Well sure ..... now that we've got the horns
  4. OOH ...One more thing ..... one of my internet buddies was at the show and she had the same reaction that night that i would have been so let down Was getting Merry Christmas Baby instead of Santa ...and then it had to be so awesome to realize you were getting the whole holiday set ........ In fact that whole Restless Nights to Boom Boom set is unreal ...then to get Long walk Home and a brilliant non acoustic i'll work for your love ....must have been a great night ...
  5. For those of us that weren't lucky enough to be there for it .....The silver lining was a wonderful bootleg and video
  6. Missed this thread somehow......Picture was posted on Willie Niles Facebook.... Significant show at the time ( and a killer "I'll Work For Your Love" ) and sadly even more significant in retrospect.
  7. I'm sure he puts on a great show .... But i would know about 5 songs lol Happy Thanksgiving BD.... Hope you are doing well
  8. Not even Slippery When Wet ? I thought everyone had that .....And yes my wife and i own a copy !!! On Vinyl ....somewhere in the basement.
  9. I just spent what i think is an absurd amount of money for Elton John ..... And will probably do the same for Bruce ..... Although it will be for ONE show .... The prices definitely make multiple nights impossible on my budget. But the fear of it being "The Last Time" is a pretty motivating factor. At the same time i do try to scratch the itch with musical evenings at reasonable prices to balance out the absurd prices.
  10. I see Crush On You had already been retired I have to also say ...having listened to the New Years Eve Boot so many times ( too many ?!?) ....I find Hungry Heart coming between Caddy and Sherry a little disconcerting.
  11. Im super late to the Dwight Party ..... The man makes fabulous records. Showed little to no personality in concert and played for about an hour and 20 minutes for 120 bucks...hes no Bruce lol ...But man he does recreate 20 of his hits perfectly. Love this one so much. Give it a try.
  12. I'm sure there are multiple meanings .... But is memories through the eyes of a widower one of them or am i just being morbid ?