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  1. Technical Help

    I thought my paranoia was in overdrive. Wouldn't be hard but I'm almost glad someone else is having similar problems.
  2. Silvia I was asking, and asked on the Technical Forum help. Coz WTF? The site works on every other computer but my home computer and cell when I'm at home. Something is seriously weird.
  3. Nils' vocals on If I Should Fall Behind, especially that version where they're all standing 'round the mic are unbelievable.
  4. You seriously think medication for depression speeds up the aging process mentally?
  5. Was a moment, that's for damned sure. Most people have teared up so far over his father but I was cryin' for his mother.
  6. Not to mention now I don't have to write one coz I can't anyway (board won't work for me at home). At this point all I'm in the mood to say now is that the lighting is awesome, the vocals are awesome, the arrangements are utterly fantastic, namely Land of Hope and Dreams- wow - have heard that tune so many times but what a stunner, and The Wish is a stellar highlight in a night full of 'em. When he talked of knowing for the first time what it felt like to be proud of someone, his mother when he was seven years old, thought I was gonna lose my shit. And most importantly, Bruce is one of the funniest folks on the planet. He had that theater roaring.
  7. Technical Help

    I know the board has been experiencing problems lately, but it works fine for me from my work computer but as soon as I get home I can never load the page on my desktop for some reason when every other website I go to works fine. Won't work on my cell either which is very strange. Is there some sort of setting issue my dumb ass doesn't know about?
  8. Reportedly Rick has been recently very outspoken with respect to his own depression. Don't think he'll up for the task.
  9. What time does Bruce and Patti arrive?

    Right around 7 when I was there. Might have been a few minutes before. We met a guy who had been waiting since 4, which is probably why he was the first in line to get his photo with Bruce.
  10. Could be indeed. We all know the rumors pre-River tour and what some of us saw with our own eyes but once he hit the stage on that tour I saw no signs of aching pains. Last week not so much.
  11. Agreed, unfortunately. Don't want to be a wet blanket but people were commenting how Bruce looked to be struggling getting out of the car and walking towards the theater pre-show. Could be anything but he or no one else is growing any younger and the physical demands of a full scale tour will get to be too much. I'll also say that Patti was much more flexible during her bows and movements on stage.
  12. I'm pretty old but a silver haired Emmylou is certainly not a bad thing. Too bad I can't write and sing like her.
  13. I never said they spoke like me.