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  1. Love the line from Arcade Fire, "Afterlife, oh my God what an awful word"
  2. For some reason, every time I read or hear his name I think of the great movie Death to Smoochie.
  3. He also said Bannon played a big part in Trump getting elected. What?
  4. Think I've counted this new dude say he loves the President three times in ten minutes.
  5. Anyone catch Zoomanity, the Cirque thingy? We got tickets (free) for that, heard it's hilarity.
  6. Due to the disgustingly hot weather, packing for a little vacay has never been so damned easy. Not sure I even have to throw a pair of jeans, my comfort clothing, in my carry-on as if I have any exposure to the outdoors I'll die. So sunscreen and some shorts and a bathing suit (if I even use it) and a hat are required, not much else. Hopefully I can meet up with Mission Man for a bit and he can meet my crazy-ass friends.
  7. No one will probably know what you were talking about seeing the thread is more the DP discussion and whether we should start killing teens now.
  8. Finally caught part 1, one of the best hours of music tv I've seen. I want that Mr. Postman mix. Lotsa Bruce coverage indeed, but I enjoyed all of it. I respect Dr. Dre.
  9. My thoughts as well.
  10. Good show on HLN right now depicting the murders. Don't remember this Glen Rogers fella.
  11. I'll take a helluva lot more than a fiver.
  12. I'll take yer word for it, RB. I gotta lot of toxins in me bod.
  13. Now why hadn't I thought of that? Some skinny dipping in store perhaps? I kid.
  14. And found time to write a book on how he did it if he did. Or something like that.
  15. No, I'm saying my plan for a cocktail at the pool is out. The whole reason I'm going is for the free room, can't let the opportunity go, the rooms online look bigger than my house.