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  1. No, I'm happy with my smaller boobs. More comfortable and clothing fits better.
  2. I wasn't talking about weight gain bigger boobs, I was referring to work done. Hell, maybe she and Bruce have gotten work done together, they've both had it as has millions of others so it ain't a big whoop in the slightest.
  3. Your body is a wonderland... Argh! Detest that song.
  4. Can't stand him, but will give a listen with an open ear.
  5. Patti's hair looks tremendous styled like that. Might have to copy it. Jessica is once again, drop dead gorgeous. I think her mom has gotten some extra boobs along the way, definitely.
  6. I think he's going on Kimmel next week.
  7. No idea either but when you know can you lemme know? Although I thought it was coming on the 25th. That's what google said. Oh and I see rosie's "British daughter" has scored once again. Woot!
  8. Judging by the photos posted on this thread alone, apparently he can.
  9. Haven't watched, but are you saying that they were nearly in tears over the Western Stars trailer? Is this gonna be a tear jerker or what?
  10. Considering how much I love this tune album wise, so excited. I love it to death. Makes me heart swell.
  11. I've been directly in front of him a few times now, he doesn't look very tall to me, ever. But neither are a lot men, who the hell gives a shit. Not as if they had a choice in the matter.
  12. Wow! So cool. Anyone who thinks he doesn't let his hair grey, well here's some proof showing otherwise.