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  1. Now that I've seen the inside pics of Miranda Lambert's home, I am drooling it's so damn gorgeous and cozy. The kitchen with the red in the cupboards and most of those bedrooms are sublime.
  2. Don't particularly like Glenn Frey's former home either, but I can see how that suited him. Not keen on the Spanish style architecture in Los Angeeleees.
  3. Cozy is where it's at. Speaking of, don't ask me how I came across this link but after seeing Jon's home I got in the mood for looking at other houses so when I saw the link stating that country singers' have expensive but modest looking homes I took a peak and check out Miranda Lambert's awesome house, now that is cozy. I love it, love some of the other homes too but some of 'em are cheesy, George Strait's house to name one example. And I love Faith Hill and husband's historic home. Wow.
  4. That is a good way to describe it, too museum, I can see that now. And it is so damned big, sure the rich have these houses, but why does someone want or need all that space? I would think lots of room are never entered unless one of the maids goes into clean it. Was also thinking why he's moving, then I thought that is probably only one of his mansions.
  5. You'd need a few bodies to mow that lawn, though the surrounding greenery is drop dead gorgeous. So is the kitchen and circular stair case, but I do think some of the furniture is tacky, and those gold curtain thingy's have got to go in one room in particular.
  6. Was just thinking about this album the other day - I loves it.
  7. I too believe he's still on the cigs, dunno why he'd even quit now really, he might as well enjoy what he's got left, there's had to be already so much damage. And maybe he'll be one of the lucky ones to not have the cigs demise him earlier. Don't think the search engine here is great, especially since the upgrade so lots of stuff won't be found. Is he marrying Meg Ryan still?
  8. Phew, there's been so many threads on him here, probably a few started by me, so when I saw the thread title I got a little worried, his age and all. Count me in as a big fan.
  9. Old codger. Saw this earlier and thought it so cute there's a scrapbook included by Mom Adele.