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  1. Wow, just now recognized Bob Geldof. Pure white hair I wasn't expecting.
  2. I love Ricky Martin in this sharing the same stage as Bruce and having so much goddamned fun. It's actually a joy to watch him in this. I highly recommend everyone watch the above. So much heart.
  3. I can't believe how good this is. My God, thought it would be weak but hell no. Way different than the Elton John and Gaga Don't Stop.
  4. For those who may share in the mindset, for better or worse, of course "we" do.
  5. Joyride was a monster hit back in the day, remember the vid quite well. Long battle for her.
  6. Haven't watched any vids yet but I read that The Eurythmics were stellar - better than anyone that night. I'd go see 'em if they tour.
  7. I'd never heard of it til Leonard Cohen was on the cover going back a few years - must be bigger in Ontario coz my dad got it somewhere and held onto it for me. I've yet to lay my eyes on a copy of it here. I'm assuming Bryan Adams is actually the Bryan Adams we're talking about seeing as he takes photos.
  8. He recently said again on Marsh's show (think it was on there) that he wants to do another Seeger tour. Not surprising, he loved that almost as much as some of us I believe.
  9. Horns and banjo all the way to Sunday.