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  1. Don't think I'm thrilled with Bruce's overly buoffant hairdo. Just needs patted down a bit. Coz what he's got left is sitting a tad too high, could be the wind.
  2. Don't think anyone is surprised at why, but we're talking about his speaking voice, not his singing voice, which still seems to be in fine form. Someone earlier said he's sounded weary for a long time now, I agree.
  3. The title is perfect. Born To Run would be oversaturation, we already have an album and a book with that title.
  4. Same, insofar as how timely they unfortunately are.
  5. I laughed so hard when high schoolers were telling Jared no one is listening to Bruce anymore but dads - the irony of course being that that was 1987 and here we are in 2019 with him still going strong. Loved the similarities between the father-son relationships too, can see right there how Bruce gave his permission happily for the music.
  6. If you're a creeper for going to the movies solo then so am I, went to see Blinded yesterday, probably had a better time by myself as a diehard. No one in my circles would get out of it what I do anyway, so best heading solo for these things. Don't need to worry about anyone else.
  7. Especially Hitch Hikin'. Sounds magnifique.
  8. Ha, he so does. He's sounded that for a while now though, it's shocking to me in a way how strong he sounds on Broadway through the spoken parts coz his speaking voice normally ain't that strong, it hasn't been for a long time, so it sounds. Even when he calls into E Street. Most voices do go lower with age, his wouldn't be any different so dunno how he can still sing so great.
  9. Oh and the music was fabulous, 80s stuff that I loved then and still love a lot of it now. I didn't see beforehand that Cutting Crew was played, blast from the past. And it showed how many different styles of music were listened to, suited the diversity at the school, when the camera shot around to all the different "groups" the music suited the people from how they danced to what they were wearing.
  10. Talk 'bout looking in the mirror - when Javed and his pal go to Asbury and come out with the Boss' cones (will only ever use that term coz they did) and pose around the 10th Avenue sign I grinned so big and wide. They both were fantastic. Was seriously worried at one point is was going far too into high school musical cringe territory but it pulled itself together. Echo what so many have said, loved the lyrics on the screen while he was processing them, adds a whole new depth to it.
  11. Was just going to post that I have the whole theater to myself but a few scraglers have sauntered in. Got my necessary and required feast and some tissues in case I need 'em. Probably will.
  12. Same. Don't think it even entered my mind to care if others thought what I liked was cool. Still don't give a damn.
  13. Oh and the clip of Bruce and Patti at the table with some beers is adorable. Love how he includes her, she's a big part of the story.
  14. My fucking God. Here was me thinking 'bout being excited to drool over his 100 year barn - love the Seeger Sessions dvd for the scenery alone - but how good does Hitch Hikin' sound? Hello Sunshine sounds good too, so does Patti harmonizing in the brief clip. Those boots do look gold.