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  1. Literally just read that Jim and was coming to post. Fuck.
  2. These vocals ain't too bad, studios never cease to amaze me. Song is so long, I can't decide right now whether I'm in or out. Think I'm in.
  3. The guy calls into E Street Radio, which is rare, and it's a load of shit? Hope that post is in jest and I fell for it.
  4. I wouldn't want Bruce to feel forced either, which is why it's neither here nor there whether he or any other artist says/sings anything. He could be terrified, I didn't even think of his son working on the front-lines because of this. Thanks for the link janey, I will have a listen to that.
  5. Truly. David Byrne is now doing the same, run on Broadway with his Utopia show (of which I heard is beyond brilliant) and a live video is coming so that's to Bruce's credit only in the sense that I believe he's been the first artist to do this.
  6. janey, did you hear what he's been listening to as of late?
  7. Are you talking about What Have I Done? Heard that the other day, great freakin' tune that is. Disgusted with the shut up and sing brigade.
  8. I find this interesting, any examples of what music especially he's been enjoying recently? I love hearing his ever evolving tastes. Would be nice to know which books to actually.
  9. You're making herd out to be a bad word when it is not. For example, in philosophical terms all it means is collective behavior or many doing the same things, it does not mean "sheeple horde."
  10. I was lost on that part myself. Musically I agree with the premise, most artists pay great attention to what others are doing, but we're talking about a pandemic here, not whether or not Guns were the first to put out two albums at once.
  11. Who said anything about people trying to hijack fame on this? Guess I missed this part myself.
  12. Excuse me? The title of the thread was "what will Bruce do" so I responded why does he have to do anything? Other than the causes he supports he normally doesn't tweet about it or speak up , which I outlined. And gimme a break insinuating my herd comment was dismissive of other artists, which I also outlined a few times I know why they're doing it, doesn't mean others are going to to do the same, nor should they expected to do so. So you didn't miss any part about any artist being "obligated."
  13. I think it's equally as silly to call it attention-seeking, they're celebs and always in the center spotlight. Moreover, a lot of them have had to cancel tours and as if they don't get bored like the rest of us, some of 'em are likely pining to hit the road now with this disruption in their lives. When Trudeau started a challenge to Canadians to stay home Ryan Reynolds and Seth Rogan both had pretty funny ones, not cheezy at all, yet when they posted their clips to stay the fuck home, some went after them and said how easy it is for the rich and privileged to stay home so folks will not be listening to them, no way, no how. I know lots will suffer hugely in financial ways, but Jesus Christ, can these celebs not say anything without their fortunes coming up? So what if they have money, what the hell does that have to do with the virus, encouraging some to stay home? They're not saying anything the politicians aren't saying. I guess some just can't stand that others have more.
  14. I mentioned Sandy, the others are non-emergencies, they're causes he supports annually or whenever they happen.