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  1. How do I delete my post? Anything not to do with Bruce or his music is not allowed so I need to delete or I'll be dust in the wind. I don't see that option here.
  2. No, that's more complicated than thought. I don't partake in any reporting or telling people to break rules so I don't know what any of that means.
  3. That's not the point, why would it be so confusing to post on a thread? I don't care about people seeing it, it's about expressing myself. Why would I post if I can't express?
  4. I've replied yet they're deleted. So we can or cannot post?
  5. Are we allowed to post on the thread yet our posts get deleted anyway? I'm so confused.
  6. Speaking of statements, Peter has been quite for a long time now, glad he's got something to say: https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/peter-gabriel-george-floyd-1008805/
  7. I finally watched the Amadou episode last night - horrific stuff yet when Bruce is watching news footage of George Floyd's death, which we all know he is whether he's homewordbound or not, he's probably thinking "here we go again" but is too exhausted and disgusted from it all to add something to social media about it. It's not as if he can re-write American Skin.
  8. Dunno if I'm allowed to discuss this but my answer is "no," - he's spoken out for years now, we know how he feels on things and he doesn't have to make a statement every time even if other artists are doing so. Which doesn't mean I wouldn't be happy if he did, just that I don't think he "should." I mean if Taylor Swift wants to say something as it's been stated she's regretted not speaking out before now, then great. I don't think Bruce should do anything he's not ready or wanting to do or had done before, regardless of what others are doing.
  9. I know many here despise Mumford so this may not be for you but it's new to me and I'm so impressed. Musically, this is awesome and the fusion is indeed a work of great musical minds. Costello is so good here, almost top-notch really. What a great little treat to come by:
  10. Oh silly me, I thought you were implying if we loved the orchestra music last summer we can't like some DMs. Glad you're above that, 'tucky.
  11. Live in four hours? I won't be home from work ready with doobie and beverage in hand by then. Repeat it will have to be. Excited to see Bruce rock now, been a while. Woot!
  12. He's almost 80? Jesus Christ we're old!
  13. I thought of you when I saw this in RS, if I recall correctly you're a big fan of the band. So them and Bruce on a double bill for you, woot! I'm excited to hear him rock - been a while.
  14. Well here it looks like they're looking at a "major overhaul" for long term care homes, I'm sure most countries have had to say the same. I've got a proposed solution, if here for example there was much better home care resources for people they could keep a lot of older folks at home longer. But no, they cut and cut and gut that too.
  15. I know you guys have the NHS, what about the LTC homes there tho, are they private too?
  16. Somethin' else that gets me goat 'bout this - funny how during a pandemic governments rush to pay the long term care home workers' up to three or four more dollars an hour but somehow they can't be paid that for the work they do every other day they go to work? If they were paid a decent wage to begin with, people like Nils and I'm sure countless others wouldn't have to sue their asses.
  17. Read this earlier and started wishing someone here in Canada would do something similar, just disgusting what's happened during this pandemic to long term care homes - can't even imagine having a loved one in there. When they were under public health they didn't have such large problems, but start going private and underpaying your nursing aides and look what happens. That's when they started plummeting here anyway, once they went for profit. A disgrace throughout.
  18. I love learning nuggets of rock n' roll, had no idea that royalties are split four ways between the members - now that is leveling the playing field, I can dig it. Kudos to Coldplay for that too, I just don't wanna hear them all that often coz some of their tunes can really grate on me nerves. Not Fix You and The Scientist though, brilliant songs. Melissa Etheridge just played Fix You with her daughter for lockdown day - sad to even say her name right now with what she must be going through.
  19. Was thinking of PMing her recently, just wanna see how she's doing. If she doesn't show up here, I'm still going to PM her.
  20. Oh my God. Terrible, terrible news and a bit shocking albeit I knew pretty much nothing about her kids, except that David fathered two, I believe, and I saw her singing with her daughter for a lockdown video just last week. Heartbreaking. She seems like such a good person too, heart and soul, though no one deserves such a tragedy. Thinking of my love for PRR.
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