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  1. Wasn't even gonna listen to this interview until I read the article about it, didn't know she hung with Bruce & Patti on weekends in Jersey town. Pretty cool what she has to say if anyone's interested.
  2. Me neither. T.Rex is essential listening, had no freakin' idea they weren't in. One of my favorite bands to this day. Might have to have a Rex Friday night with some beverages and blessed herb.
  3. Can you imagine Australia right now with no firefighters? One example of course out of zillions as I can't imagine any place without, but without them the whole continent would be on fire. Anyone who risks their lives for their job to save others, heroes.
  4. Saw that earlier Scott P, was going to post it. Pretty cool.
  5. Cool, glad you mentioned this BD, didn't know about it. So they played two shows last night on HBO? That is the guy from Bloodline, only watched the first season of that though, heard it dropped off badly in following seasons.
  6. All true and me too - zilcho need to not indulge in my fandom until I take me last breath.
  7. Tell me about it. Having good genes for anyone including rock stars matters not when the big C wants to get you. Hate that mutherfuckin' disease.
  8. Just came across a few vids and holy fuck.
  9. I don't want to have an unhealthy obsession toward anything or anyone but I am a music obsessive in general with Bruce at the top. For instance, you know you're obsessed when a musical great dies and you always have to bring it back to Bruce. Case in point - today when workmates and me heard on the radio about Neil Peart and saying though we weren't big fans how sad the news was, I had to mention how they're dropping like flies so not one day can I take having Bruce alive for granted. I coulda just said sorry to hear about Peart but I associate all the older greats to the old codger himself.
  10. This is what I tried to argue with my therapist. No luck for me, I got the intrusive, unwanted thoughts speech obsessions are. Not that he has any problem with my obsession for Bruce coz it's a source of joy. Wanted thoughts aplenty.
  11. Obsessions are also intrusive, unwanted thoughts so not exactly the best word to describe anyone's love for him. But I'm still obsessed.
  12. I don't describe it by listing any songs. I describe it in the sense that he nourishes my soul full stop.
  13. Just got back from lunch and Rush was playing on the radio, had no idea until I read this. So very sad. Rush have toured this last while and I think they remained close throughout the years. Regardless, shocking news and another one gone.
  14. OK, that is simply all kinds of awesomness right there. Can you imagine fireman and Vet Bill to have made buds with Bruce during the afternoon? Bruce is a flat-out ordinary dude.
  15. Introduced himself as Billy, that is hilarity.
  16. The opening TR in London on the Wrecking Ball tour was one of the best versions I've heard of the song with respect to later career years. Stunner of a version. Thanks again to sweet keys Bittan.
  17. Nothin' beats that damn acoustic Tenth Ave. Yowza.
  18. Same. Hearing it every night when I attend shows is likely akin to Sunny Day for others. ZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzz.