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  1. Still haven't seen a thing on this but do you mean color or bouffante, aka big hairspray hair? Coz I don't ever remember a grey Jon Bon.
  2. I have one hobby, music. I'm repeatedly told tho I ought to engage in some "projects." It's not like I'm crafty or handy so not many projects out there for the likes of moi.
  3. The reaction likely comes from the surprise, like I said, he's not one I thought of as having lost any vocal awesomeness, Paul I expected. Until last weekend.
  4. Still admire him too for going completely natural with his har coz a heartthrob like he was, that could be a hard thing to let go for many.
  5. I used to think bringing the cameras along was a bit much myself but now I think who the hell cares -different people do different things so whether it's to gain more publicity or not, I really don't freaking care as the outcome is what matters. He's done a lot of good indeed that boy.
  6. Like when Morello or Sting or Bono come up, they can't help themselves and have to say something negative at every turn. Goes for males and females. I like Melissa but can't stand that Thunder Road cover from her Unplugged show. She can rock pretty good tho..
  7. Yep, that's it, that's why so many artists have drug problems. Also why so many regular working folks with day jobs also have a lot of drug and addiction problems.
  8. Yeah, I only meant how emotional draining Broadway was for him, talking about his mom, his dad, etc., - he told Howard Stern that. Plus we saw his tears. But performing in general as you point out, there are major differences between a performer and the blue-collar worker.
  9. Haven't heard it yet but that's nice to hear. Maybe acoustic is the way to go for him so he doesn't so shot voiced.
  10. For the record, there was no limo when I was there. He drove a SUV. Himself and a driver on another night.
  11. Except that you and others are completely missing the psychology of it - emotional draining which it was by his own admission can be more overwhelming than physical draining. Some of you actually sound bitter. But maybe it's just a matter of having no understanding of the emotional part on the psyche.
  12. I would add that it's all how you perceive what he's saying - Jertucky, I don't read his words as saying that Bruce's work has been an "insurmountable task." As someone said on this thread, he's 70. So for working straight late 60s, it's a lot. We're tired when we're old.
  13. Do you think he needs to waste print by pointing out the difference for maybe the first time in musical history that he knows Bruce's work ain't equivalent to the factory worker's work? I've never seen any artist do that. We know.
  14. I'm sure Steve knows the difference between artists' work and someone like we poor cogs in the machine. They're still working, it's a fact there, Jack.
  15. Cool, I didn't even know she had a daughter. I mean it's not like I know her or anything but having known her stuff for so long now, never heard this as a sidenote either.
  16. If I find something funny, I have the same sense of humor as anyone else.
  17. Hardly, but if I did, so what? You comment on all my comments!
  18. This is more tiring than everything was better in '78.
  19. Yep. Think many of us here cringe at the idea of a Vegas res but watching Joe Elliot of all people talk about it on BJ's Life on The Road, it's hard when you age so the appeal of something like Vegas is that the fans "come to you." He had had it with the toll of touring for a while. Touring for a lot is hard freakin' work.
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