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  1. Well that's Bruce who said it then, not Steve. Besides, Bruce has said plenty what is and what is not part of the "job." Work is work. Different headaches and different piles.
  2. What should they say when musicians are working? That's their job, they don't work in factories so why would Steve have to explain that? Working four to five years for a musician straight through is a lot of any artist, some of you with your resentments sound just a bit silly.
  3. Made me sad too, and I have nothing major invested in either of them as musical favorites. So it's not them that make me sad, it's the harshness of age.
  4. Many picks from folks have been so overplayed for me, Free Bird for example, that I can't really list a lot of the same but this is a gem of all gems.
  5. Yeah, travel doesn't take a toll on someone's fatigueness. And please spare me the Broadway comment, I'm not a dipshit.
  6. I couldn't stand Keith Urban's performance. The clones were kinda cool but that twangy, country sound didn't serve Higher Love to me, thought he sounded awful.
  7. As someone close to me said, Elton and Paul's voices have left the building.
  8. Definitely The Rising release. He'd been on the back burner for so long with so many artists coming out decade to decade, I had lots of time to consume other great stuff. Then when that album came out I could do both, listen to the great stuff in that time as well as rekindle the fire with my favorite artist.
  9. Stevie wasn't blowing it outta proportion when he said the concert world has drastically changed, at least for the next while. If what he says can be taken at face, then nothing about Bruce cancelling the so-called 2020 tour had anything to do with health, his mom, lack of material, he's worked his ass off for the last few years. It's exhausting watching it, as much I love every minute of it. On a selfish note, gives me another year to get some credit down coz I wouldn't have been going anywhere this year. No way, hose.
  10. I couldn't even get through all of Elton's performance, the vocals were so, so bad. I love that bloody song, and I love that artists probably knew they didn't sound or look their best and not the point of the cause, but both Elton and Paul were unbearable to my ears. For Elton it was wasn't just poor vocals, it was the he delivered the song, as if he couldn't get the words out without a punchy effect, so to speak. I dunno, I'd have to watch it again but that delivery was abysmal. I didn't think Elton had lost his voice as some other old codgers as that is what happens, but I knew Paul wouldn't sound that great to me. So Mick still takes top spot for old dude. Except for Stevie Wonder, his voice never seems to change one iota.
  11. Not sure Keith knows the words based on the way his lips were moving. But Mick does look and sound good.
  12. My favorite Queen song. Hers too seeing as she got part of her name from it. No need to worry about catching this broadcast, it's on a gazillion channels.
  13. For the telly channels it's only two hours, weird. Not much in the line up for music fans I don't think but good for everyone involved, such a great thing for Gaga to curate. I do love that gal. Hell even Bill & Melinda are making an appearance. Not that that is very surprising really.
  14. What time does the Gaga thingy start? Might as well check here first before confusing meself.
  15. I get that the times change but what happened to airing this stuff on good 'ole television? Sandy was at least televised but that was some time ago now. Seems as tho everything these days is on some kind of streaming service. When Dan mentioned ABC, I thought I was in luck as that is actually a channel on my cable box.
  16. The existentialists liked their berets back in the day.
  17. I dread a bow-tie. Some philosophy professors wear those. And a beret.
  18. They keep comin': https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-country/sturgill-simpson-tests-positive-coronavirus-982342/
  19. See, can't keep these things straight. It's am here and pm there.
  20. Oh and thank you, this one is very easy to follow. Jersey would be two hours behind moi.
  21. Definitely not. But if there were, there'd be older faces and glasses, just like Bruce.
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