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  1. Professors can be very attractive. Especially philosophy ones.
  2. No money for satellite. If apple offers a free week I'll have to go that route. I can't afford all these streaming devices!
  3. I get so confused at the time change. So if it's 7 there, is it five here or nine? Can't stand trying to figure this stuff out. Sure hope I have ABC, think I do.
  4. Doesn't look that way to me, his face still has some tightness and there's work done. Glasses are worn by all ages so that doesn't mean he's given up on everything.
  5. Oh, I can think of a few areas where he is at least in or surpasses Dylan's league. The writing, Dylan is likely the greatest lyricist that there's ever been really, and his contribution to social consciousness is likely also unmatched. But Bruce's voice, the power that can and has been there and his musicianship with guitar playing over the years has influenced countless musicians.
  6. No. There is no objectivity in art and it's subjective. You really think a non-Dylan fan is going to agree with that statement if they also love Bruce? No way. And their opinion is no less valid.
  7. I tired to watch Dolly but she's season two, it's not anywhere I can watch it yet. Can't wait to watch all of season two, with how good one is. I don't have to love an artist to love these type shows, musicians on musicians. Enjoyed the Joe Elliot episode as well, not a Def Lep fan by any means.
  8. Cliff Claven! There's a blast from the past. I love Cliffy, wonder what he's up to these days. Perhaps he's a regular on a bar stool somewhere offering those gems of wisdom he blessed us with.
  9. Also, I would never know these old codgers have the hearing loss from the way they talk - which might come down to the hearing aids that at least Roger and Pete wear.
  10. Looks like they can't get away from it then, younger and old, is Isbell even 40 yet?
  11. Yeah, ask Robyn Williams, Anthony Bourdain, etc., etc. Musically Chris Cornell, list goes on.
  12. Yeah, including Bruce. Doesn't mean it's easy for people or that anyone "lives" with it the same way.
  13. Simple as that? Not even close. And you're talking about someone who wrote the lyric "you've got to live with what you can't rise above."
  14. To quote myself, if Bruce came across as irritated, good. Many rich celebs are irritated that they get to work from home while others ain't so lucky and they're pissed that economic inequality leads to different outcomes for different people - they don't even test as many in the states if they don't have money, Bruce should be fucking irritated. He knows he can stay safe with his fortunes, others can't maybe including his own son working on the frontlines.
  15. People who have even more than Bruce can still be depressed, has nothing or jack shit to do with having resources. In fact, it can often be worse when guilt comes to haunt.
  16. It's the IEMs people were referring to, that they think they saw him wearing them at a show. And yeah, during the "Planty" episode, after the reunion show, reportedly the plan was for the band to start playing football stadiums around the world, would have been so much demand, but Robert Plant really had no interest. Sometimes money just doesn't talk.
  17. For many of us, this isn't actually true. "Downbeat stuff" is self-soothing for the soul.
  18. Aside from the fact that we all experience hearing loss as we age, I ask the question inspired by watching Brian Johnston's Life On The Road with Roger Daltrey. Great series all the way around, whoever mentioned it on here, thank you. Forgot about it but then saw it on amazon lately so started watching and it's fascinating. Anyway, watching Roger I thought how lucky we are with how Bruce has aged in the sense that he said he and Pete are almost fully deaf now and both wear hearing aids. I realize The Who cranked it up to all decibels but I don't know how much louder than E Street. Besides, it just comes with the territory, the loudness of the music over time will damage the ear drums. Someone said a few years ago they saw Bruce for first time wearing some sorta plugs on stage and they thought it was a new/age thing. Brian Johnston seemed to more than identify with Roger about the consequence of playing loud music over the years so it's so common, and reportedly, near the end of John Entwistle's life, he was virtually death and had to rely on the feel of the bass to play, something like that. People are capable of amazing things but I would imagine it would be a lot harder to tour with virtually no hearing. Episode on Robert Plant is just stellar for the record. My respect for him has shot up some, and I've always had a fair amount of respect for him. Loved how he talked about needing to grow and play with different people, he has his own Seeger Sessions' style band with The Shapeshifters and there'd be some great instruments and banjos in that band. That boy deserves respect for never repeating himself twice. He didn't even seem all that excited about Zep's "reunion" for the one off gig in 2007, if that year is correct. He is only finally starting to show his age now too, he's aged so well.
  19. I don't particularly disagree they're finished now. Coz of recent events though, not from desire.
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