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  1. No. If concerts can't be concerts then I don't even think they ought to happen. They're about being together, not stifled apart. Not much joy in that.
  2. I will have to catch the repeat as couldn't focus that much at work. Like this thread better however so far, don't have to read how old Bruce sounds every other post.
  3. Thank you Dr. Jimbo. I won't be wary at large gatherings going forward, except going forward in a year or so. Silly to think concerts or large crowds will be safe by then.
  4. I missed the first few minutes, any speak on the virus?
  5. Did not like that version of The Wayfarer he just played. Good stuff right now though.
  6. Wonder if Bruce will pay tribute to him tomorrow. He may be very sad for some time.
  7. Now when I read a musician die, young or old it's as if I gotta do a double.check.
  8. As if I didnt sing Sailing in the car as a youngster back in the day.
  9. Forgot about him but he did say that's the worst illness he's ever experienced.
  10. He is playing dging but this ought to satisfy those who think he doesn't care about his fan base coz he hasn't done his part to address the virus up to yet.
  11. Thought I'd put this here instead of the music forum as surely not all these musicians being diagnosed are Bruce's peers, as some artists are of course younger or much younger, but peers or not peers, they're fellow musicians and I'm sure as we all have fears for our own families, the music community cares about their fellow artists deeply and wish them the utmost safety and well-being. I know I'm so thankful Bruce doesn't have this and hope he never does, but others haven't been so lucky. I'm off the top of my head listing artists I know of, if you think of some, add 'em to the list. Jackson Browne John Prine John Taylor from Duran Duran Pink All alive for now, except for not so lucky Fountain of Wayne singer. And only 52 years old. Anyone else?
  12. Oh but be kind to everyone people! Forget the virus at hand which the question is asking, gotta think of those stinky casual and awful Morello fans, who are bitches coz they are rich or middle aged? I'm not sure, maybe they're just casual and Tom fans. My fucking God.
  13. https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/john-prine-covid-19-update-977746/
  14. That was the best E-Street Shuffle ever, was just thinking about that the other day. What a tragedy those performances are no longer available, all the Fallon performances were so damn good, weird that they're not available anywhere, not even on youtube?
  15. This is kinda starting to blow me away. A lot to absorb here, a lot.
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