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  1. Found out who is covering Heavy Lenny's Closing Time in TTW and it's Feist! Outstanding cover. Here's a clip of the song in the movie - soundtrack is just great from what I've heard.
  2. I ain't reading your lists as they're way too long. What are they? They can't be as good as Take This Waltz.
  3. Watched Take This Waltz last night and loved, loved, loved it. Cannot say enough good things about this movie. Guess it's considered a Canadian movie but don't be deterred from watching it people coz of that (don't think anyone likes Canadian films), the acting is just superb by Michelle Williams, boy does she play emotional characters well, and Seth Rogen. Sarah Silverman makes an appearance as well and is funny as hell in a pool scene singing the Parachute's Club's Rise Up, a cheezy but good Canadian classic. Growing up outside of Toronto, watching the film made me miss TO a bit, the film is shot in locations across a swath of downtown Toronto - including the Beaches, the Annex, Kensington Market as well as Little Portugal. Anyway there is so much beauty in this film and it is so full of longing and about the holes in our lives which we try to fill. I read an interview with director Sarah Polley where she said "we're all kind of ugly in our relationships," and there's a quote from Rogen, which I liked. "Life is inherently a little depressing. Some people fill that void with religion; other people fill it with constantly trying to find something exciting and passionate. Some people just accept it and find joy within those parameters. To me, that's what I think when I think about what this movie is about." You can see in this movie thee moment when a man and a woman no longer understand one another. The house in TO was artful. Wardrobe was bang on. The playfulness at the end of the movie was poetic. The love interest was beautifully obsessive and entirely desirable, yet shows the boredom and banality that come with new relationships no matter how sustaining we think they will be. I dont care about what parts of the movie didnt thrill me because there was so much beauty in the movie. I love beauty. And I simply must find out who was singing Len Cohen's Closing Time at a party scene. Best version ever.
  4. I Heart Huckabees I liked but it was a tad oddbally and lightweight in its philosophy indeed. Tho I appreciated the existential references. Haven't seen The Fighter. I didn't even think of SLP as trying to be a serious film about mental issues, or put another way, I didn't focus on that aspect, insofar as it was trying to be that. Saying that I liked the serious scenes in the film, such as the one where Bradley Cooper couldn't find his wedding video and seeing how that tore at his parents, and I liked how he refused the meds and why he did. I thought the film did get at some serious issues and I don't think that part was overdone, we've all got shit to deal with in this life, but of course it was cliched in all its romantic glory. I thoroughly enjoyed it nonetheless and enjoyed it for what it was. Thought the acting was great all around. Haven't seen Castaway or Fearless and prolly never will. Even on the weekend when Flight came up on my friend's screen while we were searching what to watch, we read the synopsis and my friend looked at me and said "we better not watch that" as in she knew exactly it wouldn't be a movie for me.
  5. Almost watched this on the weekend, glad I didn't going by this post. Like I need another reason to not want to fly ever again. Did however watch Robot & Frank--meh. Went to see Silver Linings Playbook --excellent and I now have a newfound respect for Bradley Cooper Watched Perks of Being a Wallflower and I just loved it. Some incredibly touching moments in the movie and some great acting by youngsters.
  6. Just watched American Reunion. Fromage at times, like I'm sure it's meant to be, but good for some hearty chuckles.
  7. See it yet? Such a good flick. Before Moonrise Kingdom this was my fave Anderson film.
  8. Right? I mentioned how good he was earlier on the thread. So were the kids and Ed Norton but Willis shocked me with how good he was. Loved the flick.
  9. Goats. I liked it, thought it was sweet (or maybe I liked how much pot was smoked in the movie). Sue me.
  10. Went to see This is 40 with my girlfriend over the holidays and while I really did like it, she being married for some years now, liked it even more. She's hit her 40s now and that's my next stop so we even wanted to see it in that sense. Most comedy has a definite shelf life - if not for topical reasons then just because the audience tires of the same old joke. I suspect the Apatow approach is simply wearing thin, reviews from what I've read haven't been all that kind. The acting from everyone is good, including Apatow's two young real life girls. Paul Rudd especially is a great actor I think and he doesn't really disappoint here. It's just that some of the vices the couple experience such as devouring cup cakes don't really seem like real bad vices to me. The soundtrack however is fab and good to see Graham Parker and Ryan Adams in the movie. Thought one of the best scenes was at the end when Rudd and Mann were at an Adams gig being the old fogies while everyone else in the room were young bucks. Who here hasn't really experienced that at a gig.
  11. Watched Moonrise Kingdom last night and hands down the best Wes Anderson film to date. Loved Ed Norton, Bruce Willis, Murray is always classic. And what great little actors all the kids were, especially the two main kids. The young boy just blew me away with his brilliant little acting. Also watched The Dark Night, my first viewing of any Batman movie. Liked it, didn't love it, and Christian Bale is hot.
  12. I don't actually have Netflix but a few of my friends do, is it good? Have never seen him act before and he is good. Good looking too.
  13. Saw this a while back, loved it. Didn't know who the main actor was but agreed, incredible performance. Not for the prudish is about right. Useless fact, especially to those of you who hate the band, but the girl who plays his sister in the movie is married to Marcus Mumford from M&S.
  14. Loved it too. Probably my fave acting performance by Brad Pitt. Not a fan like some people.
  15. Very good film Gonna watch this instead of Let's Talk About Kevin since I've been meaning to for weeks. Off I go with a report later. Thing is, I never see previews for movies and don't know what half of them are about so I overlook too many. Good thing I decided to read this damn thread.
  16. Well I guess someone saw it then. It it touching, there's no doubt about that, and shows depression for the terrible disease it is, but the ending just didn't sit with me well.
  17. Funny as hell is right. Had no idea that the movie even existed until two weeks ago when I was scrolling through my HBO archived movies and there it was so I thought I'd give it a go considering I laugh at every movie Jona Hill is in. It ain't no Superbad, one of the funniest movies I have ever seen, but it is funny as all get out. Am gonna watch Let's Talk About Kevin since I keep seeing in the archives, and just read on this thread good things about it. Anyone see Melancholia? Don't know if I liked it or hated it.
  18. I can't even comment on the ridiculousness of a three hour and nine minute show being short but in typical BTX fashion, I mean that in a positive way, there are so many threads and reviews on last night's show I can't keep up with them all. Threads are actually moving too fast but I will say from the reviews I've read not too many were disappointed with last night's show. The show was, according to almost every person's account, nothing short of memorable, special and off the charts crazy good. Sure the diehards loved the setlist but lots of peeps didn't even really seem to care about that as the band were just "tight as a drum". My fave line from one review: "Tonight, it was like he moved the stadium crowd into the Stone Pony. It was that intimate and powerful."
  19. Why are we seeing no pics, exactly? THK, I knew about Len's B-day, they did a tribute to him this morning on CKUA (my fave community radio station). Also, great story, some don't understand what a letdown losing the lottery can be. But it is. Glad to see you keep your chin up at the end of it all and be rewarded nonetheless.
  20. It is beyond nerve-wracking before they call that number. In Chicago we were even guaranteed the pit and I still saw people praying right before the number was about to be called. No one could have had worse luck than me and tramps though. That's the stress of a GA right there, losing the lottery.
  21. Getting Mary's Place in Joisey on a summer (still) night in what looks like a bad ass stadium. Jealous. Love all my beloved Rising tunes.
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