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  1. OK, I shouldn't have used the words "through these tough times". All I'm saying is, having a daily drink doesn't mean he's dependent on alcohol or is using it to treat depression. It's possible to have a drink because you enjoy it, and for no other reason than that.
  2. A lot of jumping to conclusions on this thread! Especially with regard to him using excessive alcohol consumption to treat his depression! He's said before on his radio show that he enjoys a drink in the evening - a small daily pleasure to get through these tough times. That doesn't mean he gets absolutely blasted every day because he's depressed! It is possible to have a drink just because you enjoy having one - this is from someone who rarely drinks. If he was really only at a quarter of the legal limit, then really it's a non-story. I'm not defending drink driving but I'm sure m
  3. Those were great days. I think I did O2, Paris and Oslo all on the same run. Oh to be 27 again!
  4. Great stuff, thanks for posting. Long Walk Home particularly poignant at this moment in time, you could see it in his eyes in the verse about the courthouse.
  5. I would agree that is the best interview I've ever seen with him. Zane Lowe did an amazing job with such thoughtful reflections. Such a refreshing change to not just hear the same old questions. Seemed to bring out so much in Bruce. Also loved the Nebraska moment and how good he looks.
  6. Yeah and I noticed the presenter wasn't as enthusiastic about that answer as she was about the others he gave
  7. Yeah I was impatient. Worth the wait though, words of wisdom as always.
  8. I agree. The lyrics make sense in that respect. Actually made me quite emotional watching the video with this in mind. He definitely seems to be very aware of his own mortality and his legacy.
  9. Yeah sorry, my musical knowledge isn't what it should be. I just mean the bit at the end where he goes up on "I'm going to tear it down and throw it away". Just love that bit.
  10. I'm in the SVZ camp when it comes to Crush on You but I do love a bit of Ramrod, especially live.
  11. Yeah that's a great song. The key change at the end is just brilliant!
  12. What's the one song you didn't appreciate or "get" and then all of a sudden, you began to realise what an incredible piece of art it is? For me, at the moment, it's The Time That Never Was. I didn't listen to the The Ties That Bind collection much when it was first released on the box set, but have been listening to it loads recently. Really some amazing "unreleased" songs on here (Stray Bullet is another). But at the moment, I just have The Time That Never Was on repeat! Love Max's drum beat, Bruce's wailing, the lyrics. It uplifts me and makes me sad at the same time. And how Loose
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