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  1. Based on Ron Aniello's Instagram - I don't think we're close to an announcement. It seems like they're solidly in the recording phase and I'm not aware of a situation where Bruce has announced tour details before having a "finalized" album when its for a tour + album. We need to be realistic with our expectations.
  2. We don't normally get confirmation of Bruce's plans to do an album and tour until an announcement - but the industry has changed. I suspect tour plans will become more concrete as the album begins to materialize. Bruce is a perfectionist in the studio. It seems unlike him to say that he's off to the studio to record and album and do a tour following that. Usually, he lets things flow and materialize. If he can bang out the album quickly, they can hit the road sooner and do those summer stadiums. If not, it could be an arena tour with 2021 stadium days.
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