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  1. My money is on carnage.Morning all. Haven't posted for ages, hope you're all well and merry Christmas. Wouldn't it be lovely if this went off without a problem. It could happen couldn't it? What a legacy for those two guys if it did.
  2. +1 - love Highway Patrolman. My dream is still Book Of Dreams and Sinaloa Cowboys!
  3. Agree - The River at Leeds Arena!! There is a God! Now that would make my year !!!Look at the evidence - testing WIESS and rarities from The River. Just gotta happen. Don't like to pour cold water on this but very much doubt it. If nay album happens at Leeds it will be Darkness.
  4. I have to say again because I don't think this has been stressed enough tonight, this is an amazing setlist!
  5. still a couple left eg Pony Boy Book Of Dreams would be amazing.
  6. The Price You Pay - first time played in Europe since 1981 and not played since MSG in 09! Lightly played for a fantastic song.
  7. The price you pay? Good grief!! Evening everyone by the way.
  8. As a starter? Interesting, could be a tricked up setlist tonight.
  9. Wow, congratulations where they are due, an exemplary command of the English language! :-)