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  1. Oh yes, I love it after just 1 listen!! Can't wait to hear the rest of the album.
  2. I had a ticket for Wembley in June 81 and my brother got a ticket for Bingley Hall Stafford a couple of weeks earlier and I could have got one as well. For some stupid reason I thought that seeing Bruce for the 1st time at Wembley would be more special. What a plonker I missed a great gig and he sang Wreck on the Highway that night & one song I've still never seen live in 50+ gigs.
  3. I have read somewhere that there are only 4 multi-track recordings from NJ 84 the other one being 19th August, is that correct or did they record all 10 shows? 1985 shows recorded are also limited to Giants stadium & LA which doesn't leave a lot to go for the BIUSA tour. I'm looking forward to this being released later today, should be another great one!!
  4. Just listened to Western Stars again and it's still stunning and an absolute masterpiece. There aren't many albums that just get better over time and I loved it when it came out.
  5. I wish that I could have written it along with the Bruce by numbers music (another criticism). It's a good catchy song and I love it and I'm bloody thankful that we are still getting music from the greatest band there is & ever was IMHO.
  6. After a couple of listens, I really like it and can't wait to hear the rest of the album. Hopefully 1 or 2 more tracks will drop before the album release date.
  7. There's not too many people actually featured on a download like you are in Manchester.
  8. I seem to remember that they delayed the archive release last August and we got the Bridge Benefit one which was a disappointment to quite a few.
  9. I just put them into iTunes and view them in Albums and play them from there on my Mac or Phone. Yes it is addictive I suppose but it's great knowing that I can just play any of these great gigs in top quality anytime & anywhere.
  10. I've got a mate who when I first met him and we got talking about music and I of course mentioned Bruce he replied that he'd seen him in a bar singing a Reggae version of BIUSA back in 1987 and that he was pretty good. He was in the Green Parrot bar in Neptune NJ with a gang of mates all drunk and he did say that Bruce's minder wouldn't let them near him at the end of the night and that Bruce was pretty hammered too. Bruce must have done ok as my mate isn't a fan but he was complimentary about him that night.
  11. I agree, when I bought that download I couldn't believe how good that version of Good Rockin' Tonight was. It helps that the archive is such good quality that you can just turn it right up and it's just full on balls to the wall Rock n' Roll.
  12. I must admit that after reading your reviews I’ve probably bought 3 or 4 downloads that I thought that I didn’t need at the time of release. You should be on commission!!
  13. You can find the new essays by Erik Flanagan if you click on the essay for 31/12/80 Nassau download. I did this last month and found the Stockholm essay early so this is probably the best place to see what's coming out on the First Friday morning.
  14. Sounds like Old Wembley compared to New Wembley.
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