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  1. Bought it on iTunes in HD for £8.99. Just watching it and up to the end of the River and it’s just brilliant.
  2. Until delays in June and July it was always a case of no news is good news when they were silent. Fingers crossed the archive release is on time.
  3. Don't forget most of the US soldiers were just kids drafted and told to go out there and kill. They had no idea where they were going and what horrors they were getting into. Can you imagine being shipped off in your late teens to what was hell on earth, frightening doesn't come close. It was a US politicians war and they let their people down by pursuing it for so many years. It was a terrible time for everybody involved on both sides. Goodnight Saigon by Billy Joel is a song that conveys the fear and desperation of the Vietnam war for the young soldiers/kids.
  4. Forgive me Father for I have sinned, up until this week I had never heard the Vietnam Veterans bootleg. What the hell have I been playing at for all these years?? This is one of, if not THE greatest concerts Bruce and the E Street Band have performed and I didn’t seek it out even though it couldn’t be more iconic. Unforgivable!! If this was an archive release it would have blown everything else in the series away, it’s off the scale. Thanks to @doesthisbusstop for the link to the really good quality audience recording and to those like me who haven’t heard it before I couldn’t recommend it highly enough. Also thanks to Paulo for his great review which made interesting reading as I was listening.
  5. Thanks for this, I'll download it and get listening to this one.
  6. I know that we're not going to get this as part of the Archive series from multi-tracks but hopefully there may be a soundboard recording in the vaults. I haven't heard a bootleg of this concert, what's the quality like of the best one/s that are available? I've got the Easy Rider track as part of a bootleg Bruce Live compilation but it was painful to listen to because it was such bad quality. I must admit with buying most of the Archive concerts it's spoilt me a bit and I very rarely listen to the "old" audience recordings unless they are brilliant quality.
  7. I hadn't listened to the album for about 6 weeks according to my iTunes and played it twice through yesterday and I still love it. It sounded great and fresh to hear it again after a bit of a gap. I never skip any tracks as I like them all, in particular Rainmaker which I can see that quite a few of you don't like. I love how it builds and builds and then hits its peak about 2 & a half minutes in. It's a great rocking track to my ears. Played Magic all the way through as well yesterday and still love that album, one of his best IMHO.
  8. I have loved every tour that I've seen Bruce perform since 1981, he can't do much wrong for me especially when touring with the E Street Band. I had a great time and saw some great shows in 2012 & 13 but this is definitely one that I wished I'd have seen. What a brilliant concert and set list and yet another fantastic addition to the archive series. You gotta love those horns!!
  9. Thanks Jim, this is fantastic to have a digital version of this great concert, in fact I’m doing it a disservice as it was an event. I have the tapes of July 4th somewhere but I haven’t played them for over 30 years. I also had Newcastle 5th June as I went to that show as well and I remember at the time when they got played a lot that they were really good quality. I can’t remember if there was a tape of the Leeds show knocking around at the time, my 3rd show of the tour. I was gutted to find out that they never recorded the Wembley stand but this will be the next best thing & I can’t wait to listen to it all again. I listened to the Giants Stadium release last night all the way through, nice & loud and these 85 shows were just massive and the band were on another planet turning out stunning performances. I’ve never understood the criticism that the 84/85 tour received I had an absolute ball going to my 3 shows and left each one in disbelief and with that concert high you sometimes get when the band is on it. Your stories of your time in London make great reading and I hope that you did ok selling these tapes back in 85.
  10. I think that they started at 4pm on Saturday at Wembley was due to them starting at 4pm at Roundhay Park in Leeds on the Sunday. I went to that one and it was odd having a concert finish so early and in broad daylight. I was at the Wembley show on 4th July and was still blown away by that when I was at Leeds and didn't think that it was as good which was probably due to the atmosphere lacking compared to Wembley. The set list at Leeds was great but Wembley was just on a different level.
  11. For me the best opening song is Born in the USA. I have watched the fan made videos recently of the BIUSA tour from 84 & 85 and it’s obviously featured several times and it shows just how big that song is and just got the crowd straight into the concert plus the way he stood there holding the guitar up, just iconic.
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