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  1. Hahah ok not that shocking but he could look better....:):)) even though he always looks like the boss!
  2. I find it hard to believe that this was intended to be posted on his official Instagram page. It’s not at all the kind of picture you would see there. It looks like a very private picture that you would send to a friend. I’m in shock. Also I doubt that he’s the one handling his Instagram publications. I’d be surprised he would send this pic to be posted at all.
  3. Oh! Ok! Thank you! I just sent you a message before reading your reply:)
  4. Sorry if somebody already asked it, but something seems to be wrong with BTX. Is that correct? thank you!
  5. Aahahah that’s right! Thanks I’m looking for FRIDAY 11th October!
  6. Hello! im hoping to get ONE unwanted / spare / orphan ticket for the Western Stars Premiere in London on Thursday 11th October. Fingers and toes and everything crossed! thnaaanks:)
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