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  1. 1976-08-22 Domino (Dasuye-Odeon - Silvers) is another audience bootleg from bosstrade about 5 years ago on abms.
  2. ok will put up link when done ok here ya go 1999-05-18 Earls Court, London, ENG (An Evening At Earls Court 1 - Piggham Records)!fqpWASQD!5LDHutdM7pYoGcqwZLA9Ug link good till 11-20
  3. Download came with analysis jpeg's and since I have no idea how to read them here is my disc one for you
  4. I have a version I got from abms about 10 years ago but never unpacked. want me to upload and you guys can compare? It's flac
  5. I had a request on J/L and cant seem to find it anywhere nor do I have it. The guy is looking for May 5, 2005-Oakland It was on g101 in lossy format but no longer. Does anyone have it? Thanks!!!
  6. Thanks so much BTR. I'm such a sucker for Bruce vids!!
  7. Flynn Magic Tour Compilation It's About Tricks!ny4TiKCZ!WimuziaNsH9O_-fo7TciPg Link good till 11-16
  8. Did you want The People Have Spoken part one or It's About Tricks?
  9. Looking For A Moment When The World Seems Right from Ev2!XqYygK5B!rdTgDEylp96YBdl3OR4r-w Link valid till 11-16
  10. Flynn 2001 Holiday Compilation!H6ISRSLY!dVHVat5JMF0dirmX5Tc1eQ Link good for 3 weeks Valid till 11-16
  11. Hi It was not for me but for foreveryoung. It's his decision if he wants it or not But thank you!!
  12. Did you ask Edge directly? He sometimes has files that no one else has. I'll go to his blog and ask him too