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  1. Afternoon all. Someone uploaded The Promise Vol 3 a bit ago. Thanks for that. Pics are good. I can't seem to play the bonus video files though. Any help on that from anyone? Cheers Amber
  2. I have the Godfather version I'm uploading to mega now Here it is!CrABkSqA!t6t0r3q6tEMyI4AR-tMBbA good till 9/27
  3. Thanks so much Twink!! Yeah it's time to reorganize.
  4. So I have another boot that got corrupted in pc crash and if anyone has it I'd be so grateful The Promise Delivered vol 2. Seems to be the only Reunion compilation that mucked up. It's weird but all titles (movies too) I had in plex for streaming got mucked up. I usually have the original files to back up from but not this one. Anyway thanks in advance if someone could share. On a side note, how does everyone keep their files? By year, month, date etc?
  5. I'm seeding. sounds good to me but then again...LOL..should i upload here?
  6. I just found it on J/L downloading to see what it is
  7. Hi all..Been away for a small vacation just saying hi!
  8. ok. I'm really a noob. I have a second flac version of the album I found on my hard drive!26hnHITQ!xmMofO4xZWTvFW8NlIyBdBxj2cW6gqZ8JTtQnZgd6A4
  9.!X7hB2SRR!65RR_ORGxr5dosvFeN-QGjdA3wqb6fa_24rHiAEXzds Thunder road acoustic wma
  10. dunno. I'll upload one and you can look at it before I convert. Gotta install the codec anyway
  11. Mine is good but in wma. I can convert to flac with dbpoweramp and upload if you want