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  1. Never mind just saw bosstrade's jl link ugh..more coffee!!
  2. ok..who broke mega..still not working for me
  3. yeah my version had both nights, one good one not good sorry for confusion
  4. sorry one of the shows is official so forget this post
  5. I'll unpack it and look at it. If it's not bad I'll up. Just saw this Uggh never mind just saw it was upped
  6. 1985-01-15 Hampton (Hampton Rocks) Is this still wanted? Been working all week and going thru the forum and I have this version Let me know I'll upload
  7. ok here it is MP3 only with all artwork There's no Place Left to Hide. The Born to Run Tour/Chicken Scratch Tour https://mega.nz/folder/zr423YYZ#c36ENB1sTYdkdfQrzmjKlw link good till Oct 26 Enjoy!
  8. ok I opened up my zips. It's MP3. Do you still want it?
  9. I have No Place Left to Hide BTR Chickenscratch compilation but its still in zip files. I'll unzip and check it out. If it's ok I'll up it
  10. I've uploaded a different version that I think is flipping fantastic 1975-10-04 Walk Like The Heroes (Anubis Records - Silvers) https://mega.nz/folder/vupkQb4Q#dTIuUt1FyWHe4XaqLwNWMA Link good till Oct 19
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