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  1. Yeah just have not been able to go downstairs to the big pc yet ;( but I've not forgotten.
  2. 2008-07-04 4th of July Godfather silvers https://mega.nz/folder/iq5lEC6b#3xSRgsoHHW61HgVOa19YdQ Link good for 2 weeks
  3. It should. I'm upping your 4th of july now
  4. Godfather records A family affair Link good for 2 weeks https://mega.nz/folder/KywVjIIT#4J7NdeNK05eFBPflHLACjQ
  5. Tore my meniscus in 2 places going down stairs..ugh!! Not sure about therapy yet but I'm sure there will be lots. Thanks
  6. I have a few to do before this and am going for knee surgery tuesday so wed I'll upload for you
  7. Monk I have your last few requests. I'm uploading a big dvd right now when done I'll up them
  8. 2009-10-09 Giants Stadium, East Rutherford, NJ DVD NYCBC Link good for 1 week enjoy https://mega.nz/folder/j3oSzSpI#XgWQKglYvF7YrMvqep42UQ
  9. I have the dvd. It's still in ISO format. Can you unpack it or should I unpack then upload?
  10. Thank you so much for this awesome share Jim.
  11. 2013-07-18 Cork Ireland Link good for 2 weeks Enjoy https://mega.nz/folder/rj4SBJTA#OvrxuQcsK0M5Ka2w6ZoZ5w
  12. Ok. Was not home yesterday uploading now.
  13. I only have the audio flac RMAS version. Been looking for this dvd for a while. If I find it I'll upload
  14. 2009-04-24 Wild Thing https://mega.nz/folder/m2Ih1Cpa#6h_RzF_oOiaJv6iioRXkBQ 2002-11-24 Florida Uprising https://mega.nz/folder/r7ARwApa#WKjbhwLBCoivO41TOfujtQ Links good for 2 weeks
  15. I have the wild thing boot from fanatic records. will upload
  16. Bruce Springsteen - 2016-03-19 - Los Angeles, CA (Audience FLAC) Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band March 19th, 2016 Los Angeles Sports Memorial Arena(The Dump That Jumps) TomMc Tape Time: 3:46:10 Is this what you want?
  17. I think this show was requested. 2007-10-05 Philadelphia, PA (Master DAT) (traviz) Folder says traviz text file inside has this info: Bruce Springsteen & The E Street band Wachovia Center Philadelphia, PA 10/5/07 Schoeps MK4V’s-> Schoeps VMS5U-> Edirol R-1 Got from abms a while ago and opened yesterday for a look. https://mega.nz/folder/6moWTIKC#zLmPSN5mOsvNT9zO7jPRjQ link good for 2 weeks
  18. 2003-12-08 Christmas Soul Night Soundboard Edition https://mega.nz/folder/y2gkgJ7A#UtQPYzoBFjMUnH1qPq89oQ link good for 2 weeks
  19. I got back from vacation late last night and heard it on E Street radio this morning. So sad!
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