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  1. alive and well and consuming small galaxies.

  2. A beautiful melody,crunching rhythm guitar,hard drum hits and a blistering solo that never should end.
  3. Is this supposed to be mean spirited? I can't stand the ass bags on their crotch rockets. I don't know if there has ever been a more troglodite,closeted group of people in the history of mankind. Just me. "Hey...wanna see my bike? The colors match my jacket. My head is empty."
  4. I seriously need to get organized for bonarroo. I'm dragging my feet.
  5. Scrap that Caramel Delite or Thin Mint? (Girl Scouts out in force today)
  6. Hamburger,though out late...hot dog stand is salvation Carolina or Texas Style BBQ
  7. Very true. We are not owed happiness simply because we come into this world with tears.
  8. Lost in the Flood I had a guy wreck his bike in front of me today. I was heading east on a road you wouldn't know when I saw out of the corner of my left eye ahead of me a Harley hit the concrete median and come across ahead of me. 4 lanes on my side,I jerk my truck to the right to avoid the bike and see bike and rider separatein my mirrors. I pulled over and went running over. He had a hood over his head. There were 3 others there. He moved his head and you could see the blood stain where his head was. He pulled the hood back and his face was covered in blood. Never felt so helpless in my life. You don't want to touch somebody and hurt them further. No helmet. After I made sure the police didn't need me I left. When I came to the intersection I saw another rider-no helmet. I started crying. I don't cry at real life. Movies-sure. Music-sure.Books-yeah. What the fuck shook me up? Lost in the flood came over my MP3 a bit laterand it reminded me of that. I think that they will be forever intertwined. Sorry
  9. On a 45 minute drive I have to liten to Outlaw Pete over and over to please my son
  10. Thinking about somebody I haven't seen in 27 years and just got back in touch with. I was looking for her sister,but have bee chatting with her
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