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  1. Danny's The Man!!!

    He adds the touch to the sound, really. That's it! Danny is the E Street Sound!
  2. Danny's The Man!!!

    I'll do my best!
  3. Danny's The Man!!!

    Thanks for the words of reassurance mate - you're right of course. I get to see him 7 days from now anyway!
  4. Danny's The Man!!!

    This thread has gone a bit quiet! Surprising, as Danny is still the man!
  5. Danny's The Man!!!

    I doubt it - he's the man!
  6. Danny's The Man!!!

    As the Fonz was said when someone said he looked great, 'Hey, some things are just eternal'.
  7. Danny's The Man!!!

    Precisely! Danny is the man!
  8. Danny's The Man!!!

    Yer, Danny is the man, regardless of where he is. Sounds like he really cares about his of the people.
  9. Danny's The Man!!!

    I second that...I remember last Monday when I was leaving Gothenburgh, and it rained...but as my friend put it, it wasn't rain, just the city crying 'cause Danny had left... That's very nice. We in Europe must be positive, and remember that in order to sgare the gospel of Danny, we must share him with other areas. Also, everybody gets homesick and Danny must be looking forward to seeing NJ again.
  10. Danny's The Man!!!

    Yer, a Danny report would be appreciated!
  11. Danny's The Man!!!

    This thread is our public service. Our service to the Greasy Lake nation.
  12. Danny's The Man!!!

    Please be gentle with him. LOL, I reckon The Man can take a little stalking! I think he'd relish it!
  13. Danny's The Man!!!

    I'll just miss you!