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  1. We moved down the front once the show started for a better view so sadly missed out dancing with the better Pauline. Lovely to see you all though, albeit briefly.
  2. Loved every minute. Sound was better than London and had a better spot too. Band are really enjoying themselves. Great night. Fab to see a few Lakers too.
  3. Here we go Eileen. This is my interpretation of the set list cos I only know about 3 songs so you might have to work a few out. I got summit down for all of them though. Show started at 8.25 and finished at 10.55. No special guest and pretty much the same set as London save a different Beatles song. Tom Petty song Call me when yr ready soul summitDesperate times n hungry eyes im going backNo politicsBlues is my business etta jamesBye bye baby - shoop shoop song - ssj songUntil the good is goneAngel eyesSome days just dont changeLast lover standinstanding in the line of fireHeavy metal bit - insaw the lightTemporary sanctuary The city weeps tonightDown and out in NYCityPrincess of Little ItalySolidarity Say pray songAnd the river opens for the righteousIt doesnt have to be sohard on youRock the night awayBitter fruitLove me foreverIts yer birthday for MaureenI dont wanna go.homeOut of the darknes
  4. I know, I know its a long, long, long shot. But you don't get if you don't ask. 2 tickets pref. but if one comes up, my husband will love me forever.
  5. Getting the fred back on track a bit, who else is going to the Leeds show?
  6. Oh boy I wish I'd known you all were there. We were too. What an incredible night it was. Loved every minute.
  7. You can read his thoughts on the verdict here
  8. Really sad to hear this news. One of the great characters of the Lake and the only person I ever put on ignore. That didn't last long though as his posts were so compelling and entertaining I kept sneaking a peek anyway. My deepest condolences to his family and friends. The Lakes shines less brightly tonight.
  9. Know of him through him producing Frank Turner's forthcoming album. Just had a big Spotify session checking out some of his other tunes. Liking a lot of what I hear. Thanks Kay.
  10. Watched this last night. Great film. Dunno which facts they fabricated, but either way he carried some burdens with him I'd say.
  11. I love the Song of Ice and Fire books. My eldest read them some years back and passed them on to me. Currently reading 'Falling & Laughing- the restoration of Edwin Collins', and also Roddy Doyle's 'Two More Pints'