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  1. I tried to scope but the signal wasn't sufficient
  2. Yes I thought using Bruce's head on the piano was hilarious. Great moment.
  3. Thanks everyone for the laughs, the scopes, and the set lists. Enjoyed that :-)
  4. We were there on the Monday behind the stage, which turned out better than I was fearing!
  5. I dont think its folks full of their own importance. There have been many, many, complaints on FB and Twitter which are seen by members of the band so it is feasible that he has taken heed.
  6. Friend who works in Dublin radio just put on FB that she had a guest pass for tonight but couldnt get there for the start of the show so went to another gig. WTF???
  7. Had it on my laptop earlier, but can't get any of the links to work now. Wasnt too bad quality.
  8. If anyone gets a periscope capture of Point Blank that would be very very most marvellous!
  9. Im on Gary Murphy's periscope and the sound is excellent. Think the sound thing was to do with the upper stand where it bounces off the roof or something.
  10. I'll be happy with half of that set list in Coventry.