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  1. A shame, I was hoping they would get through. And get knocked out in the semi.
  2. A strong last four. All capable of winning it. Shakhtar could be the dark horses.
  3. Nervy right until the end but if you watched the highlights tomorrow it would look like we should have won 5-0. Martial was superb again, all night threatening to do a John Barnes at the Maracana! He’s been incredible since the season resumed.
  4. Brilliant win, even more so not having to rely on Stokes to lead the run chase single handedly for once.
  5. Not a fan of the Toby Scott mixes. Altschiller is far from perfect but he’s better than Scott. I recall the 5th August ‘84 show having the sax so distant it sounded like it was being played on speakers in another room. Great show, but this one rarely gets repeat listens for me. Unlike LA 85 which has tremendous sound. 20th August ‘84 I like a lot more than 5th August. That version of Drift Away is superb.
  6. Would love to complete the Passaic ‘78 set. Logically you would expect them to have it in stellar multi track quality to complement night 1 & 2.
  7. Bayern Munich are going to take some stopping in the CL. Experience and class.
  8. Set aside a few hours to play July 9 1981 through twice. It’s absolutely phenomenal.
  9. 9 in a row Serie A champions Juve have now gone 25 years without winning the CL. Incredible.
  10. Good. A step closer to getting real football back. 5 subs is farcical. The drinks breaks could have turned into a broadcasters dream with tv adverts creeping in. No doubt they have been having them in the US broadcasts already.
  11. I think there’s a fair few archive shows I haven’t listened to all the way through and there’s many more than that I’ve only played through once. A week extra to catch up is no hardship whatsoever.
  12. That dancing in the dark video is the reason I became a fan. I vividly remember watching it for the first time on Top of the pops in the UK. And I bet there’s plenty like me who can say the same.
  13. I think if I could only have 2 discs of Bruce Springsteen they would be my Tempe blu ray, and my Hammersmith ‘75 blu ray in 1080i which is a far clearer picture than the official DVD, dubbed with the vinyl audio ripped at 24 bit digital. I must have watched both shows about 5 times each during lockdown. Absolutely brilliant.