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  1. Gotta hope the film gets a blu ray release like Western Stars did. I guess it depends how long Apple TV have it for.
  2. I’d say Western Stars is perfection and this album is near perfection. No other artist could achieve such contrasting brilliance though with consecutive releases.
  3. The really encouraging aspect of the chart topping is the streaming numbers which would indicate younger fans are also listening. All good for the Springsteen legacy.
  4. Agreed. It’s the best I’ve ever heard Patti and her voice is perfect on that song. Am gonna have to work out how to do an audio rip of the film.
  5. I noticed on the nugs pages that $2 from each purchase of No Nukes ‘79 Archive will be donated to Musicians United For Safe Energy. So no reason why same couldn’t apply to the video as well...
  6. Most studio albums take a back seat for me once the tour starts and I then seek out live recordings of the shows. I’m going to be playing this for a year or two unrivalled so I’m just glad it was recorded almost ‘as live’ with the band present together.
  7. Must have played it 5 or 6 times today. The breakneck pace of it, the intensity, it truly has got show opener written all over it with that intro build. Ghosts would work better later in the set I reckon, probably straight after Priest as per the album.
  8. So it seems the album and film were recorded last November, just a few short weeks after I met Bruce on October 11th. No wonder he was so keen to announce that next up for him was E Street, at the Western Stars film premiere. Zimny and Bruce clearly knew when they talked on stage in the Q&A what was very soon about to be recorded.
  9. Love it from start to finish, especially the way he sings a thousand guitars repeatedly after the band finishes playing at the end. Amazing vocals.
  10. I reckon 2022 if covid vaccines go to plan and enough people are protected. But I feel sure that an E Street tour will be the next live project for them all, and the hunger for live music from each and every band member, as well as the fans there in the arena or stadium, will make every show a ‘new world’ life affirming experience, for us all to behold.
  11. Slightly behind Priest for me, but still very, very good.
  12. We’ve seen different footage and camera angles not seen before in the Ghosts video and Letter To You film. We’ve had both full sets released in stellar sounding multi-track HD audio in the archive series. We’ve seen those sublime performances of The River and Thunder Road and arguably the greatest few minutes of rock and roll ever captured on film in that frenzied, epic finale of Quarter to three. If Tempe 80 was restored to HD for blu ray disc then surely these sets from No Nukes can be too, as is often the case with professional film. Maybe it’s a rights issue with MUS
  13. It’s a belter, as I said in another thread, a perfect show opener. And that high pitch guitar sound, just incredible. Has to be played at full volume.
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