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  1. I would definitely save the brand spanking new vinyl album of BTR which I bought 12 days ago and Bruce signed for me personally 11 days ago
  2. I can’t quite believe that LFC side had won every league game this season. Still the showcase fixture of the premier league calendar though with an impressive 13 premier league titles shared between the two clubs.
  3. Biased view of course, but thought we deserved to win that. LFC were poor and only played for the last 10 mins.
  4. Taking my wife and my mum and dad to the cinema to see it. I’ve sold it as life changing. And it is.
  5. A controversial view but the film made me think Bruce was thinking of when he was ‘seeing’ Patti whilst he was still married? If he was? Not that the later issue of “kids and bills” would have been a problem for him mind.
  6. The strongest song live (of 13 all strong) for me was The Wayfarer. Brilliant live performance. Can’t wait to listen to it on cd next week. edit: 14 including Rhinestone Cowboy!
  7. Bruce’s hair was considerably more grey than that this time last week
  8. You might be surprised by your car Aux-in. The car is receiving an already converted analog signal (which your iPhone Onkyo app has already processed as digital). Analog is not 16 bit/24 bit, it’s as good as the original converted signal.
  9. Agreed. A good example is American Land from the Seeger Sessions Band. It then became the regular ESB encore show closer and was performed brilliantly.
  10. I’m with you but this is why I never get bored with Bruce’s music and don’t need to have lots of favourite bands. Whether it be 70’s ESB, Tempe 80, BITUSA archives, Stockholm 88, Joad and D&D acoustic, Seeger Sessions Band, Western Stars orchestral beauty, or of course more ESB music. There’s always so much to play and thankfully so much still to look forward to.
  11. Thinking this through, if an iPhone supports Amazon music playback at 24 bit 48 kHz, then It should follow that any of its Ultra HD music (which is at the top end 24 bit 96khz/192khz) will be downsampled to 24/48 by your iPhone, which is still high resolution ‘Ultra HD’ sound. So would a converter really make any difference?
  12. What do you use Steve? I’ve only ever played 24 bit audio (Ultra HD in Amazon speak) through my high res Fiio Digital Audio Player. This Amazon HD music streaming free trial is the first time I’ve played high res music through my iPhone.
  13. I only started my 90 day trial today, so far it’s been via the Amazon music App on my IPhone X, through my Bowers & Wilkins PX headphones (which I cannot recommend highly enough by the way). Just read this from Amazon: Which iOS devices support Amazon Music HD? Most iPhones and iPads released since 2014 (devices running on iOS 11, or later) can support HD/Ultra HD (up to 24-bit, 48kHz) without any additional equipment. In order to play songs at higher sample rates (96 or 192 kHz), iPhone customers can connect an external DAC capable of supporting those higher sample rates.