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  1. Nice offer. I’m looking forward to our first trip to their new stadium in a couple of weeks after being successful in the united away ticket ballot.
  2. Fernandes suits the Scholes 18 shirt very well. It’s early days in his United career but he looks the real deal. As for a change of Manager, it depends what happens for the rest of the season. Ole’s buys have been good. It’s in his own hands. If we have a storming end to the season and finish 3rd/4th or win the Europa League then it would be madness to sack him and start all over again with another manager. But if we miss out on the CL, the Glazers will probably be as ruthless as they were with LVG.
  3. Bruce’s hair went from grey to near black in a matter of hours In October. Naturally grey in the afternoon when I met him but considerably darker on the Graham Norton TV show and BFI film festival, all in just over 24 hours apart.
  4. Not a bad draw in the Europa, plenty of decent sides left in it though. If we progress to latter stages I hope we can get Rashford back. Would Pogba even get in the team now?!
  5. I got my first season ticket in 1991 when we trailed 18-7. I think the 30 year wait to get to 19 is what must be unbearable
  6. Buy an OLED or QLED tv to get the full 4K benefit if you can afford one. A lot more expensive than a standard 4K tv but a dramatic difference in picture quality. Then watch Live in Hyde Park official blu ray and Olli’s new HD versions of Live in Barcelona, Live in NYC and Hammersmith ‘75 unofficial blu rays on a 4K upscaling blu ray player. The picture quality is incredible!
  7. Well done Olympiakos. Can’t believe they’ve struggled so much in their league this season. Their away form in Europe is usually dreadful.
  8. Bruno Fernandes the fastest player in years to settle at United, and Fred the slowest to! But both together right now are making us hit form at the right time. Really tough game now at Goodison on Sunday. Wish we had signed Fernandes last summer.
  9. Well the outbreak of covid-19 in Italy is concerning. Whilst a Bruce show without knee slides and jumping off pianos is nothing to miss, his involvement with the crowd most certainly is part of the experience for fans in the first few rows. Bruce is 70 and he always clutches hands with fans and wipes his eyes so he would definitely be putting himself at risk.
  10. Has Bruce actually been quoted as touring in 2020 though? At the BFI film festival he was asked if he was going to make any more films and he said no, instead he will be returning to what he does best with the ESB. I still think the ESB will tour in 2020 it will just start later in the year than we were hoping.
  11. I think that is spot on. If they had the show in multi track quality then I think it would have been released by now. But they did a pretty good job polishing up Winterland Night 1, even though it sounds nowhere near as good as Winterland night 2 multi tracks.
  12. In my opinion, definitely if you have a high resolution digital audio player. Ever realised you are watching TV in standard definition and then turned over to continue watching that same programme on the HD channel? It’s the audio equivalent of that difference.