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  1. The Manchester United thread

    Jose knows he will never be bigger than Sir Alex. He just wants to achieve as much as possible before he is done here. And he’s made the best start of any united manager.
  2. The Liverpool FC Thread

    I will drink to that.
  3. The Liverpool FC Thread

    How long before he gets as frustrated as Coutinho wasting his career without ever winning a single medal at Anfield ??? Admittedly he won two medals at Chelsea.
  4. The Manchester United thread

    Enjoyed Jose’s press conference last night. You have to respect what he’s won in the game and it was a defiant response to his haters. He is up for the fight and the challenges ahead. Looking forward to going to the game tonight. I reckon the faithful will be right behind him, especially after we’ve spent all afternoon on the beer so it should be a great atmosphere.
  5. The Liverpool FC Thread

    Both matches are inside 7 days and during that time LFC go to Goodison and City play United. Obviously both United and Everton will go easy on them, and not put in any tackles at all
  6. Champions League/Europa League 2017-2018

    City will beat LFC over two legs but they will still have a huge task to win it. They will first have to get the better of a Barca / Bayern / Madrid / Juve over two legs, and then one of those sides again in a final. But if they want to be compared with United 99 that’s what they are going to have to do.
  7. The Liverpool FC Thread

    With the Road to Kiev this May looking about as likely as ever ending their PL title wait, I think Klopp may be regretting that unfathomable Anfield exit to the hapless West Brom.
  8. Premier League Prediction Game

    Week 31 March 17 Bournemouth 2 West Brom 1 Huddersfield 1 Crystal Palace 2 Stoke 1 Everton 0 Liverpool 2 Watford 0
  9. Champions League/Europa League 2017-2018

    Very pleased to see that LFC or City have to get knocked out. Looking like Barca, Bayern and Madrid will be waiting in the last 4. Can’t see it being a PL club winner now.
  10. The Manchester United thread

    Got what we deserved tonight for starting far, far too slow. No urgency first half and you could tell complacency was evident. Not a great Seville team so clearly we were never going to win the competition anyway and it doesn’t even hurt to be out after that as we werent even unlucky. Maybe it’s because it showed we were never going to lift that trophy. Just totally deserved exit. No complaints whatsoever about that result tonight and the team has to show the right reaction for the rest of the season - starting this weekend.
  11. Premier League Prediction Game

    12 points! If I hadn’t forgotten to do three match weeks during the season I might be in mid table obscurity by now
  12. The Liverpool FC Thread

    Scrap heap? Not every full back will be successful even if they study every detail of Youngs performance. But he has given them an example of what can be done and you can bet they will all try to replicate it.
  13. The Liverpool FC Thread

    The Mirror online obviously offered more money to the family than Carragher did himself when he asked them to delete the video. Disgusting behaviour and if Sky kick him out he can have no complaints.
  14. The Liverpool FC Thread

    Yep, I think we also saw a glimpse of what Salah’s second season syndrome might be. If Ashley Young can keep him in his pocket, there’s hope for all those better full backs in the league next season.
  15. The Liverpool FC Thread