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  1. Ok two viewings now with audio through big headphones. The blu ray is DEFINITELY a different audio mastering to the CD. Hello Sunshine: On the CD, Bruce’s voice clearly “breaks” as he sings “no one” on the line “those empty streets no one around”. On the blu ray, it is smoothed out and perfect. Stones: Patti’s second individual line (of the three at shared mic) “only the lies you told me” is a little harsh on the CD. Again, no such issue on the blu ray. It’s smoothed out perfectly. Moonlight Motel: No obvious differences but Bruce’s voice doesn’t sound quite as ‘old man’ and again, Patti’s vocals are more subtle. I’d be interested if others spot more differences. They are all the same takes of each song, but clearly more work has been done on mixing / mastering the blu ray than went in to the audio only release.
  2. The sound is better somehow on the blu ray. The test was Patti’s vocals on her lines in Stones. Definitely a lot smoother than the recent audio release. A few subtle differences with the audio, no applause after western stars. No chuckle after Hitch Hikin’. No spoken intro to Chasin’ Wild Horses. And I didn’t notice Bruce’s voice break in Hello Sunshine like on the CD. Just a better sound overall or so it seemed to me.
  3. Blu ray arrived this morning. That’s tonight’s entertainment sorted.
  4. Bruce is clearly in character mode with this line. Which is the best line on the album for me. As for Bruce himself, it’s completely untrue. He’s not The Rolling Stones, for them perhaps it’s just again. Bruce constantly stretches and challenges himself musically. Western Stars as an album is all the evidence we need from him that’s it’s most definitely not, “just again”...It’s new, it’s fresh, and it’s absolutely brilliant.
  5. Next release Friday 20th Dec I reckon. Can’t see it being Xmas eve or randomly appearing one day next week.
  6. Interesting, if it’s being used for concerts this summer it makes sense Bruce would be a target, especially with Wembley the stadium in use for Euro 2020. And the Spurs chairman will want the stadium used as much as possible in the summer close season.
  7. Well they shared a few glasses of Red together on Saturday after Pep blew his last hope of becoming the only other manager to ever win 3 titles in a row in this league (since football began).
  8. Greenwood again proving he’s already the best finisher at the club. More good news from the academy supply line with several impressive displays tonight.
  9. The Manchester derby was so one sided it was erased from comment
  10. That has to be Rashford’s best performance in a red shirt. Absolutely unplayable. Best we’ve played this season as well. Going to blow hot and cold all season with this young team. Hot tonight....expecting cold on Saturday!
  11. Drive all night Tempe. The word epic is not even close to describing its magnitude.
  12. it’s a head wobble frenzie on the Tempe blu ray. Head wobbles were definitely better in ‘80 than ‘78.
  13. My wife suggested we do a trip to New York City in 2020. I agreed. I said I’d book it as a surprise with no indication of when. So naturally I’m hoping for a Bruce announcement of dates at MSG!
  14. Watching my Tempe blu ray now with my big headphones on. Stevie’s vocals on Two Hearts are incredible. And that’s something you can’t say too often.