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  1. Fair play to palace with wins at Etihad and Old Trafford on their last two visits to Manchester. A first ever PL win against us.
  2. I’m already looking forward to a fan made “songs only” edit of the album start to finish as in the Darkness Paramount theatre performance.
  3. I’ve witnessed Racing six times in my 47 shows, so not too bad. Every single time it was mesmerising but none better than Hyde Park 2009. I love the different versions of the song as well including the alternate Racing in the Street ‘78 from The Promise album. The live performance of that version from the bonus feature on The Promise: The making of darkness blu ray is also spell binding. The one version which really struck me as to how great it was though was the acoustic performance from the Freehold 1996 archive release. The violin from Soozie in place of the usual piano outro is absolutely fantastic.
  4. Considering stand alone physical disc music blu ray releases are rare these days, i guess this will be available for streaming on Netflix or Amazon only, soon after the cinema run?
  5. I think a point a piece was about right tonight but at half time I would have been disappointed with a draw as we looked very, very good. A brilliant equaliser by wolves and they would have expected to earn at least a point before the game with their home record. Loving the pace and movement going forward which simply wasn’t happening last season.
  6. Saw the film at the cinema on Saturday night with my wife. I loved it and so did she. She understands my Bruce devotion much more now. Might make it a little easier for me to tell her I’m doing at least 5 shows on the next Bruce tour.
  7. Because your lot are top? I think that’s happened a few times or so over the last 30 years...
  8. Be careful everyone if United win on Monday.....Leicester went top of the league after a couple of games a few years ago
  9. Only just had chance to play the HD files on this one. What a great show. Brilliant to have such different versions of what, on paper, seems an uninspiring set list today. Love the Rock away the days style Seeds. Darlington County is enough to make anyone who dislikes it, love it. Mansion on the hill, just beautiful. And who could believe Dancing In The Dark and Glory Days would be better than hundreds of versions I already have. To top it all, a sublime version of my favourite all time Bruce ‘cover’, Follow that dream. Hardly a cover though, it’s a Bruce original in almost every sense. Great, release. An absolute treat and easy to listen to this short set through all at once.
  10. I get the logic in that. LFC’s best ever PL team is being overshadowed by City. In a couple of years time this emerging, young and hungry United team will be ready to win it and Pep will have moved on. That will likely coincide with this LFC team having missed the boat.
  11. Yes, Super Cup twice (winning one) plus 4 Champions League finals (winning two) Plus one European Cup Winners Cup Final (won) plus one Europa League final (won)
  12. I have to agree that it is unlikely to be 14-0 in PL titles this season
  13. A team with a top keeper, solid back four, average midfield and relying on their front 3 can do quite well in the premier league.