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  1. The European tour finale of the Magic tour deserves to be released sooner or later. That epic Camp Nou weekender in Barcelona with 15 song changes from Saturday to Sunday. Either or both of those shows should come out at some point.
  2. Please can anyone help me with links to the Crystal Cat and Godfather versions of 2007-11-28 Milan Datchforum. I have the Anubis version which I shared on here some time ago. Many thanks!
  3. It seems to be just select songs / artists at the moment, but it is excellent. I’ve got the Amazon version of songs in 3D (available if you have Amazon HD). Anyone who wants to hear what 3D does to the song, listen to Rocket Man by Elton John on high quality headphones. You may not like the song but the sound in 3D is outstanding.
  4. These two pics below are either 3rd July (second set) or 4th July. All I know is that they are 100% not from 6th July.
  5. Those above are muddled up, the Saturday 6th July show was definitely blue sleeveless jeans shirt (first set) and red sleeveless shirt (second set)..pics from both sets here:
  6. Those photos of Bruce, are they from the 3rd July show?
  7. Agreed, if residency was the way forward, it would be London for England/UK. As much as I can’t stand the place. For accessibility and appeal from Europe more than anything.
  8. Yes I think so!! Thanks so much for this! edit; yes it is - just seen the notes. Thanks again! Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band Villa Park Birmingham, England, UK June 21st, 1988 Source: Type I Normal Position TDK SA-90 Tapes -> Teac W-860R Double Cassette deck -> Xitel USB INPort -> Wav -> CDWav (Track Splits) -> Goldwave 5.58(Track Editing) -> Flac FrontEnd 1.1.4(Level 8, Align on SB, Verify) Upload will include .md5 verification file, .flac fingerprint, spectral/frequency analysis, and PAR2 recovery files(for ABMS only). Disc 1(73:11) 01-Tunnel of Love 02-Boom Boom 03-Adam Raised a Cain 04-Two Faces 05-All That Heaven Will Allow 06-The River 07-Seeds 08-Vigilante Man 09-Cover Me 10-Brilliant Disguise 11-Spare Parts 12-War Disc 2(76:21) 01-Born in the USA 02-Tougher Than The Rest 03-Ain't Got You-She's the One 04-You Can Look (But You Better Not Touch) 05-I'm a Coward 06-I'm on Fire 07-One Step Up 08-Because The Night 09-Backstreets 10-Dancing in the Dark 11-Light of Day Disc 3(47:14) 01-Born to Run (Acoustic) 02-Hungry Heart 03-Glory Days 04-Bobby Jean 05-Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out 06-Sweet Soul Music 07-Raise Your Hand 08-Twist and Shout Notes: Once again, much thanks to Bickle for the tapes. BITUSA would not fit on D1 if you were burning so I moved it to D2. Warps at the start of Cover Me and Backstreets. Otherwise a clean tape. Originally I was not going to convert this tape. There is an exisiting silver by Mainstream named Express to England. There was also a tape done by KM recently(thanks)of the same show. When I was converting the June 25 tape I accidentally copied the wrong side of the tape which was the last 4 songs from this show. Upon comparing to KM's tape it sounded much clearer to me. I think it is the same tape but a lower generation. Also, to my ears, the existing Mainstream boot to me sounds distant and maybe a tad slow, so I decided to do the rest of the tapes for this show. I think this one blows them both out of the water! Compare for yourself, you'll agree. Enjoy, Ivan. 2016 update:tags added
  9. Yeah I’ve watched that footage countless times and always wish it had been much, much more.
  10. Some people prefer ‘78, others prefer 84-85 or other periods of Bruce’s career. What I love most of all is having both multi track archives and atmospheric fan made recordings. I don’t think I’d want one without the other to be honest.
  11. Clearly several negatives for travelling fans (not least cost) but some positives would be: No upheaval for the band and crew in terms of stage set up and transportation. Lower costs should keep ticket prices more affordable for fans. Easier for the band and crew to remain in a covid secure bubble and so less risk of shows being cancelled at last minute. Whenever I’ve been to London shows I’ve found myself surrounded by fans from Spain and Italy and all parts of Europe. That’s a minority of course and would be very harsh on fans who cannot travel. Single city residencies must be something being considered at the planning stage.
  12. I’m also experiencing problems with mega at the moment. Please could anyone who has successfully downloaded the 24/96 version of Jim’s 1985-07-04 Wembley split the show into two WeTransfer links? Many thanks in advance.
  13. Great to know that those recordings will be getting the exposure they deserve, and once they are out there in the data cloud they will outlive us all. I remember sharing cassette tapes with friends in the 80’s by copying them ‘tape to tape’ on my twin deck cassette recorder. The problem was, the duplicate tapes were inevitably lower quality than the master tape after the copying process. Nowadays, with the digital remastering tools and skills of people like Hrubesh, it’s incredible how a new production can now actually be better sound quality than the original master recording was to start with. There was a reason why those master cassette tapes survived in storage for 35 years!
  14. PS: If anyone does ever find the “Ivan Transfer” apparent best version of 1988-06-21 Villa Park, please PM me!!
  15. Thanks so much, really appreciated. I’ve often thought about collecting recordings of my shows over the years but I couldn’t quite get to grips with the torrents, seeding etc that was required. I did have a few on cd but now I play everything digitally through usb or sd cards. Thanks to this forum and the time of yourself and others to share their collections, I now have a personal collection of my 47 Bruce concerts to treasure and back up to my external hard drives. And I’m most grateful for making it so easy to collect my shows.
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