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  1. It's my favourite Bruce 'cover' if you can even call it that. The rockabilly Elvis version is unrecognisable and incomparable. It is sheer genius from Bruce to take a song like that and not only radically change the whole melody but in doing so convert it into a masterpiece, completely in its own right. Because that's exactly what this song then became.
  2. The Man City Thread: The Pep Years

    City losing 1-0 thanks to Rooney and now down to 10 men. If city turn this around to win the game then they are worthy of being title favourites this season.
  3. Next Archive - Any Rumors?

    J, info as per above post which came from Brad at nugs on E St radio a couple of weeks ago.
  4. The Manchester United thread

    We definitely need more guile to go to the latter stage of the CL. But the PL early signs are good considering we scored 54 goals in 38 PL games last season and it's already 8 in 2 without conceding any.
  5. The Arsenal Thread

    If Arsenal do their usual powder puff capitulation at Anfield next weekend and Wenger loses two out of three you can see the knives being out for him again and it will still only be August
  6. The Manchester United thread

    It's early days yet but we look so powerful. When you think we drew 15 games last season you can see how this team can now turn most of those into wins. That will put us in the title hunt.
  7. Premier League Prediction Game

    Ok as Roy is top of the league and has thrown down the gauntlet I'm in a week late... swansea 0 united 2 bournemouth 2 Watford 2 burnley 1 wba 0 leicester 2 Brighton 1 liverpool 1 Palace 1 southampton 1 West Ham 0 stoke 2 Arsenal 1 huddersfield 2 Newcastle 2 spurs 2 Chelsea 0 man city 2 Everton 1
  8. The Manchester United thread

    Shaw and Young both fit and play for the U23's on Monday. Squad looking ready for everything.
  9. The Liverpool FC Thread

    £113m bid rejected! Coutinho will be so inspired to stay now, his back must be twinging more and more by the day.
  10. Favourite Archive Series Release?

    I clicked on LA 88 by mistake I meant LA 90 night 1. LA 88 is a great show, but I don't like how Bruce's vocals sound through his distorted microphone. I am hoping there is another ToL release on the 25 show schedule. I have got them all in HD and my top 3 would be: LA 90 night 1 Upper Darby 75 Buffalo 09 But my favourite live Bruce ever is the Tempe 80 blu ray audio rip with the nugs missing ten tracks blended in.
  11. Next Archive - Any Rumors?

    Not long until 1st September. The best thing about this 25 show release schedule is not knowing what's coming next or even knowing from what tour it will be. I'm personally most looking forward to a Rising tour show but I'm glad I don't know whether that will be the next release or number 25 on the list. Adds to the anticipation.
  12. The Liverpool FC Thread

    And Van Dijk appears to be going nowhere
  13. SD card slot in car audio

    Thanks guys, much appreciated. Looks like I will need to still use my portable HD player then via Bluetooth or Aux-in lead for playing gapless live Bruce downloads.
  14. The Liverpool FC Thread

    A fair assessment of Klopp?
  15. The Manchester United thread

    With Shaw, Rojo and Young to return, and probably Zlatan by Xmas to put pressure on Lukaku and Rashford and give a different option.