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  1. Kane ankle looks dodgy, he will rest up for the euros as he’s probably got no interest in saving Jose’s job anyway as he’s definitely leaving.
  2. Finally had time to put the HD files of this show to the Bowers & Wilkins headphones test and the sound is a MILLION times better than the awful Toby Scott mix of the show a few days earlier. Altschiller, all is forgiven. You are no Bob Clearmountain but you are a million times better than Toby Scott.
  3. If so, would make for a tasty UEFA Super Cup match with fans back at Windsor Park in Belfast in August. But hopefully it will be United v PSG or Real Madrid.
  4. Should be two good semi final games against Roma, keeps the season ticking along nicely.
  5. The 5-0 at home wasn’t too bad though or the PSG away win. But we didn’t have many injuries in those games though so that was a massive advantage.
  6. My money is on a Real Madrid v PSG final at 4/1 which is a great bet to make a few quid.
  7. Good run in the CL given their injuries (has anyone mentioned that?) so now they can focus on the race for 4th. Tough game at Leeds next up.
  8. A PSG v City semi would be interesting. PSG are menacing on the break and if they watch how United won 2-0 at Etihad this season they will see the recipe to go through. PSG is probably the worst team to face when City lose the ball. PSG will play both legs like away legs.
  9. The top 4 race is going to be fascinating until the end of the season. Realistically two places are left up for grabs and it would be fantastic if West Ham and Leicester got them.
  10. 10-15 unreleased albums is probably a huge exaggeration. Would love that to be true though and if so I hope they get released in my lifetime, if not Bruce’s own.
  11. The comebacks have been needed far too often. 2nd place is ok and only 4 defeats which is the same as City, but there would have been no unbeaten away record all season without these regular comebacks.
  12. An absolutely stunning second half performance from United. As good as we’ve played all season. Sort our first half performances out and this will be some team.
  13. As it’s my 50th birthday in early September 2022 I’m hoping it coincides with a show or two in New Jersey, possibly at MetLife stadium. That would be a dream trip to plan for.
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