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  1. No Surrender from live in Hyde park. The sheer adulation in the eyes of Brian Fallon is just brilliant.
  2. Villa are another wild card chance for the top 4 or at least a Europa place. Really like their manager and he’s done an unbelievable job with a team who looked certainties to go down last season.
  3. I think the top 8 to 10 teams will take plenty of points off eachother as they all scrap for the 4 CL places. It’s going to be the lowest points total to win it in many years. Leicester, United, Spurs and Arsenal have the insurance of qualifying via the Europa if they choose to play strong teams in that competition as well.
  4. De Bruyne out injured for a month with a hamstring so he and Aguero will probably miss the game at Anfield on Feb 6th.
  5. I was being too generous, it’s 0 goals in 6 hours...
  6. 1 goal scored in 6 hours of premier league football is quite extreme I must say.
  7. Even Arsenal’s best teams never retained the premier league. Not many teams do.
  8. Make that 3 points from 15 and 1 goal scored. Transfer deadline deals should be interesting..
  9. Stunning vocal, sung with fitting style for the occasion.
  10. Incredibly, Cavani has started only 4 league games all season. He should be the first forward on the team sheet now for the league matches. His experience as a winner is needed.
  11. Another away win after going behind. Cavani has to start more often if we are going to have our best chance in this title race. Pogba goal deserved to win the game but you just get the feeling we are getting the luck that you need as well. Injury time deflection from Bailly past the post, and the Rashford injury time deflection the other side of the post v Wolves. 4 point swing just on those two moments.
  12. Had United not dropped those 6 points we would have taken all 36 points from the last 36 available, and be far clear at the top. That’s not happening from anyone this season.
  13. Pogba is in great form, and he knows he should have walked off that pitch as the match winner yesterday. But his position of most influence is still a conundrum four years after re-joining the club.
  14. I don’t think the quality is great. United lost 3 of their first 6 games and somehow sit top of the league so we are absolutely delighted with it.
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