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  1. The Manchester United thread

    Yeah City will win 5 in a row and have no challenge. An ABU’s dream.
  2. The Manchester United thread

    City are undoubtedly the team of the moment and there to be shot down. United and Chelsea won’t let them have it their own way for the next few years. The rest can forget it.
  3. The Manchester United thread

    I’m not convinced there will be another dynasty in the modern game. The fact that no club has even managed to retain the premier league title in the last 9 season’s suggests that will be the case. City will be favourites again next season but it doesn’t mean they will retain it.
  4. The Manchester United thread

    That may be true in terms of the clubs primary aims. But speaking as a fan, I want to experience that feeling of winning. Being there at Nou Camp 99, Moscow 08, and going home and away throughout 13 PL titles is the ultimate. But the winning feeling remains the same always, and it is like a drug. Wembley and Stockholm last season were two incredible experiences for me which I will always treasure. Until the next one.
  5. The Manchester United thread

    Great post, the ABU’s have been much quieter than last season because we came 6th. We were an easy target. 2nd so far but we are safely far enough away to know that the title is beyond us, so great timing. Some lesser clubs would consider this season “improvement”. But if we finish 2nd and win nothing, I would take last season’s success all day long.
  6. The Liverpool FC Thread

    Now this is ironic given tonight’s opposition...
  7. The Man City Thread: The Pep Years

    I really don’t have a problem with city’s wild celebrations. A smalltime club (handed a bottomless pot of cash to make them bigger) had just beaten one of the biggest clubs in the world. The celebrations were perfectly fitting.
  8. The Manchester United thread

    After tunnel gate the next Manchester derby will be a tasty affair. I really hope we play them in either the league cup or champions league this season before the league return fixture.
  9. Premier League Prediction Game

    12 December Burnley 1 Stoke 0 Crystal Palace 1 Watford 1 Huddersfield 1 Chelsea 2 13 December Newcastle 2 Everton 1 Southampton 0 Leicester 0 Swansea 0 Man City 2 Liverpool 2 West Brom 0 Man United 4 Bournemouth 0 Tottenham 3 Brighton 0 West Ham 1 Arsenal 1
  10. The Manchester United thread

    Well done City, they cannot fail to win the league now. As for United, I can’t see anyone else finishing 2nd so we need to consolidate in the league and make sure we win a trophy.
  11. Since there is no Chelski thread

    So, for the 9th consecutive season the reigning champions will fail to defend their title. That is unheard of in Spain, Italy, Germany or France.
  12. The Manchester United thread

    Classic Jose mind games ahead of the derby. “City are a very good team but I don’t like the way they fall over every time a little bit of wind blows”. I think that’s how to get around the issue of not being allowed to comment on the referee before the game
  13. The Liverpool FC Thread

    Yes Klopp now says LFC are “not far behind City”. Well 14 points behind. And 6 behind United. Why doesn’t he just wait until he wins a trophy before saying things like that?! Or is that the reason....
  14. New Archive.. Jazzfest

    This is beautiful. But would love a pro mix.
  15. New Archive.. Jazzfest

    I absolutely love The River from the SSB tour. Shame no official recording exists of it.