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  1. I hope you’re right but what looks tricky or easier fixtures in normal football conditions is out of the window now. There will be lots of strange results and no team will fear going to any ground away from home in particular.
  2. Going to be strange watching our first game back on TV behind closed doors but at least it’s a good one v Spurs. My unused match ticket for the original game on March 15th will probably be worth a few quid when my kids are grandparents. Got a refund but didn’t have to give the ticket back to united. As much as I disagree with the 5 subs rule I think it will suit us as we chase top 4 and two trophies. Ighalo, Rashford, Greenwood, Martial, James, Pogba and Fernandes is a good range of options to utilise. I think James needed the 3 month break but could be a really useful impact player now.
  3. I was expecting an acoustic show or Seeger show for this months release but I’m not now. An ESB show with American Skin is a sure certainty.
  4. Definitely me. Watching the DITD video on top of the pops was first, then this whistle test show. There was no going back. I remember recording it on VHS tape and watching it every day after school for months.
  5. If anyone has this show in FLAC at all please as a mega or wetransfer link that would be terrific. Thanks. Nassau Coliseum 2005-10-09 Uniondale, NY
  6. That’s outrageously poor given they don’t exactly rush to send them out.
  7. After this shite I will take Swallowed up (in the belly of the whale).
  8. It’s midnight in the UK and I can’t take anymore. I’m going to have nightmares. Horrendous.
  9. Ha ha you can’t blame him though. It’s a legendary show in Springsteen history and most of us would love to have been there.
  10. I felt sure it was filmed for a tour blu ray. All the extra cameras were there. 10 days later I went to see Bruce at the Santiago Bernabeu in Madrid which was a much, much better show.