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  1. Hi all, is there a high quality boot out there for 1992-07-13 Wembley Arena? Thanks
  2. It’s also been a game changer in terms of doing multiple shows as you want to experience more of what you see. Before the internet I thought one show per tour was all I needed. Wrong.
  3. Matt Busby almost never became one of these Kings. He was read the last rites twice in Munich. He was preparing for a European Cup semi final just hours earlier. Instead he had to rebuild a whole club and wait 10 more seasons to win the European Cup just once.
  4. According to Nils, Bruce has 10 to 15 albums in the can so it could be a lucky dip.
  5. Congratulations Chelsea on stopping City winning The Treble
  6. An absolute shambles of a performance. Never looked like we wanted it as much which is staggering really.
  7. I wish we were getting 6,000 tickets for Gdańsk instead of 2,000 as I’d have a much better chance of getting one.
  8. Only those who write the honours lists in match programmes.
  9. Both clubs will be hoping United win tonight, that’s for sure. Then after the cup final they’ll be hoping West Ham don’t win at Brighton.
  10. Big game tonight. A win guarantees a Top 2 finish for a staggering 37th time.
  11. No more so than saying the 2006 SSB tour is one of my favourite all time versions of The River. A much needed addition I’m hoping for in the archive series.
  12. Suddenly top 4 by no means guaranteed for Chelsea after tonight’s defeat to Arsenal. They might need that second bite of the cherry in the CL final.
  13. Won’t play on my phone but I suspect B if it’s a full song you’ve posted. I’ve got all the archives in 24 bit and most official albums, and the sound is definitely sharper, fuller and clearer. Once you get hooked on high resolution music there’s no going back to cd quality or mp3. It’s a game changer.
  14. This is without doubt the definitive live version of Living Proof. Can’t stop playing it. Absolutely stonking.
  15. Are you seriously suggesting that United would rather Leicester be in the CL than LFC and that Ole would rather see LFC playing Thursday - Sunday next season, also possibly impacting their summer transfer strategy, as well as their title ambitions for next season?
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