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  1. Ragnick to manage the first team until the summer, then move upstairs into a consultancy type role.

    An interesting appointment. You’d expect our summer Manager / Head Coach targets like Poch and Ten Hag to have approved through intermediaries a willingness to work under that structure, otherwise it would be a very strange move. 


  2. I’m ready for a tour, absolutely. But it does seem that Europe is currently in the midst of a Covid wave which the UK had three months ago. The issue seems to be with waning immunity and unvaccinated people.

    I caught a bad case of Covid five months after my 2nd jab, and I have my booster shot booked in for this Saturday. But I’m still going to Stamford Bridge in London to watch a premier league football game the day after. 

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  3. 3 hours ago, BossMan13 said:

    Or pull a Hammersmith move and do a whole separate audio release. 

    Which in theory is still viable given that nugs could withdraw their 10 song release at any time, as they did with No Nukes. 

    Tempe deserves a full show release. The patched in fan made versions are great but there is still a distinct sound difference between the blu ray tracks and the nugs additional tracks. The nugs 10 are fuller, crisper and slightly louder. Sony really should release the full show which has obviously all been mixed by Bob Clearmountain and ready to go, but you wonder when an appropriate time would present itself now.

    The River box set was the obvious opportunity which was sadly missed. 

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