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  1. Will be interesting to see what league position Newcastle are in come late December and how that impacts on the January transfer window.

    Plenty of clubs will be rubbing their hands knowing that the asking price for their fringe players has just sky rocketed as soon as Newcastle make an enquiry. £100M for Anthony Martial would be very nice :D..

  2. 2 minutes ago, Eileen said:

    As a Toon fan you hang on to moments like that. Just as well, eh?

    Absolutely, so you should. I was there the season before as well on the Monday night 1-0 Cantona win that tipped the title our way. Newcastle should have scored 5 that night as well. One of Peter Schmeichel’s greatest ever games. 

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  3. 8 hours ago, Shaun said:

    Only thing I don't agree with is you thinking City would have won.  No guarantee of that with Liverpool sitting deeper with 10 men for 10-15 minutes, whatever it was.  Mind you Klopp is so gung-ho he'd probably have brought on an extra striker and gone for it!

    I think it would have remained as a draw regardless. The same as when Chelsea knew they couldn’t afford to give LFC the 3 points when they went down to 10 men in August. As said on another thread, the 18 points available in the “top 4” head to heads home and away, will be crucial. 

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  4. 1 hour ago, Patched Tube said:

    After the blowback for not starting "he who must always start" this weekend I'm looking forward to their match against Liverpool late this month.  If Liverpool play 80% as well as they did this weekend and MU puts a statue in the starting line up they will get ripped to shreds.  

    Bookmarked for October 24th ;)

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  5. A better result for city especially having gone behind twice. They’ve taken 4 points from Stamford Bridge and Anfield and will be pleased to have those two games chalked off already. The 18 points which are available from last seasons top 4 head to head matches will be interesting. 

  6. The international break has come at a very good time and the table could have looked a whole lot worse tonight. We were 15th after 7 games last season. 
    For a team that hasn’t lost a PL away game for literally ages, the home form needs addressing urgently. The goals against Newcastle and Everton were identical breakaways.

    LFC, City and Chelsea coming up soon so will be interesting to see how they play against us. If I was them I’d defend deep and let us have the ball as they would probably win. I don’t understand how home teams don’t do that to us, they might win one. 



  7. 11 hours ago, Breakaway said:

    I asked Arthur Rosato about video and film on BITUSA tour and this answer came this morning:
    "Hi!! It was all shot on video. We used mostly 3/4 inch NTSC standard. In Europe we used 3/4 inch PAL standard. When we did special event recordings we used 1 inch NTSC standard. When it came time to edit I had all these different formats so it looked different from each other so maybe it looked like film on occasion. Sorry for the technical stuff but that explains the different looks. Thanks for checking in. Hope you're well."

    Thought so, given the amount of BITUSA tour footage on the Born To Run live video. 

  8. On 9/27/2021 at 9:03 PM, davemunday said:

    Boston 77 would make me very happy 

    If multi tracks exist then yes absolutely, but I'm not sure they do. In any event, the Steve Hopkins remasters in 24/96 are incredible. The sound quality captured from those audience bootleg tapes captured with basic 70’s equipment is bordering on obscene. 

  9. An incredible night. Villarreal must be in disbelief at how they lost that game. They are a decent side, make no mistake. Our makeshift defence on the night looked like they had never played together before, and it really showed. Thankfully De Gea continued his inspired form. It’s been a brilliant reaction from him having been written off in the last year or two. 

    In truth, we barely deserved a point let alone all 3. It looked like a defeat when we went behind in the second half. But for the umpteenth time under Solskjaer, we came back from behind to win. Over 38 PL games you cannot be so inconsistent but in the CL cup format, who knows. The knock out stage is still a long way off and this group will go to the wire, but we are in there fighting. 

  10. 33 minutes ago, bdw said:

    If you thought Messi would have all the attention with his first goal for PSG you didn't count on Ronaldo getting the winner five minutes into Fergie time.

    As soon as Messi scored last night, you just knew that the GOAT would upstage him tonight in the most dramatic fashion imaginable. 

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