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  1. It's one of two ways to stop people camping out and roll calling from two weeks before. The other way is to defuse the whole situation by announcing there is no pit then only those who are desperate to be front row will bother lining up days before
  2. After all the hype about Leeds, and having a precious GA ticket, I just hope I feel as exhilarated leaving the concert as I did leaving the Bernabeu last summer. If I feel half as elated then I know it will have been a magnificent concert.
  3. 25/1Born In The USA 1/2 fav It's interesting that the rumour on BTX even before the 2013 tour started and we had no knowledge that full album shows would happen on this leg, that BITUSA was said to be pencilled in for Leeds. It's looking quite likely the way the UK shows are going..
  4. Concur. Fair enough if you never had any intention of going to Cardiff, but to decide to sell your ticket (like many will have done) just to get a few feet closer is bonkers.
  5. I wonder how Bruce will react when he sees the sign they are putting up in Spanish on the arena front doors a week before the show? Apparently it translates to: "Finally, a UK crowd is worthy of Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band".
  6. Yeah but what's the point in missing Cardiff just to be a few feet closer to the stage? Unless of course you are willing to spend a week roll calling in the hope of being one of 300 numbered people a few feet closer than those who went to the Cardiff concert and turned up at the Leeds GA at 6pm!
  7. Just a thought on the pit of 300 which is as much room as there could be for one. That is one tenth of the size of the wembley pit and the line started on the Tuesday before the Saturday concert for that. If they are allowing camping at Leeds, this could be the earliest pit line in Springsteen history! How many days prior to show is the record?
  8. Great pics! Now I don't care if they section off a pit or not, the view at the back of the GA will be incredible and just about safe from Bruce's snot rockets. I'm certainly not rushing up from Cardiff to queue up as it will make little difference. Bring it on.
  9. Apparently there is to be a pit at Leeds but there is only room for 6 people. Numbers will be allocated and then a dice rolled to determine which number will be granted entry first. A photo of the pit area being prepared is attached.
  10. Or Hammersmith Apollo - the GA floor was tiny
  11. There were no pits at the 9 shows we went to.So if there was no less than 2500 people standing surely same would apply to Leeds.
  12. Were there pits for the SSB shows? I never queued up for any wristbands at Hammersmith Apollo or wembley arena and I know I was about 5 rows from the front at the side of the stage
  13. Great, taking wife, son & mum Please please can you ask them if they intend to segregate the standing area into two parts with a metal barrier - dont say a pit it will confuse them! I really think that will be doubtful, these are normally used to control large crowds, not going to needed. I'd be amazed if they do. I would be amazed too but if they intend to only let say 500 in section one (pit) and 2000 in section 2 behind barriers it would be helpful to know before the day of the show!
  14. Great, taking wife, son & mum Please please can you ask them if they intend to segregate the standing area into two parts with a metal barrier - dont say a pit it will confuse them!
  15. If the NYC Serenade sign makers travel to Wembley or Paris, there must be a decent chance of it being played. Especially now Bruce and the band have 11 days to reflect on the doubtless relentless twitter comments discussing it from now until their return.
  16. 3 HOURS onlyAlmost 3 quarters of an hour less than last June. Bruce Springsteen might just be human now after all..
  17. BTR would be my choice Interesting, I've been convinced wembley would be BITUSA but am now thinking BTR and then BITUSA in Paris. Probably BITUSA Olympic park.
  18. I was going to arrive at Wembley about 10am.....now I'm thiking 9am latest!
  19. ...Anyway tomorrow morning at 8.00am 2000 bracelets will be given out, and at 12.00 the lottery will take place. May the gods be with you. Same as last year, got my number 9am and got my wristband before 12. Why can't we do that everywhere else, even without a lottery, rather than keep having roll calls until the wristbands finally come out at 4pm? Those who want to stay in line all day to keep their entrance in number order can still do so after 12.00
  20. If you have the front row of the 100 block seats it's still not as good as a GA so I don't care if we get to Leeds an hour before show time from Cardiff. Any GA view will be incredible and that for sure is guaranteed.
  21. to put the size of the arena into perspective, the entire seating and standing area is exactly the same as the WIDTH (not length) of the old trafford football pitch. In that space there is a GA standing floor, and 3 tiers of seating. So not much room really.
  22. It would be ridiculous. If it's really true that the furthest SEAT is just 68 metres from the stage (that's row Z of the 300 Blocks) then why on earth reduce such a small GA area by going to the trouble of segregating the standing area? We all know that any pit is never full right to the back of the barrier so with the lost space around the edges of the pit, and the space taken up by the barriers, it would reduce the number of GA tickets they could sell by possibly a few hundred or more. I can't believe the common sense of having a pit - bruce could crowd surf to the back, all 12 metres of it.
  23. why segregate a GA area already so small when another 100 tickets could go on sale in the space occupied by a metal barrier. No need.
  24. Will anyone at the venue confirm before the day of the show that there is not going to be a GA pit? Seems obvious there isn't room for one but would be good to know for certain
  25. ahhh.. a man you fan being cocky and yes "Toon are plummeting", our 3-0 win against you last year to help Man City win the league must still hurt. Your defeat at home to city in last seasons penultimate game was worse for us. Don't worry toon will stay up - just. Pardew out of his depth now his direct SAF advice line has been cut off.
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